Does the Go Go Selfie Stick Really Work?

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Does the Go Go Selfie Stick Work?There is no doubt that taking selfies is a big deal with almost everyone. It can be easy or hard to do but there are a lot of resources that can help with this like selfie stands and selfie sticks. One of these that has gained in popularity as being the best is the Go Go Selfie Stick.

The Go Go Selfie Stick has gained the title as being the #1 Selfie Stick. It connects easily to bluetooth and works well with most phones like your smartphone or Android as well as many others.

The Claim
The promoters say that the Go Go Selfie Stick is wireless, has great extension qualities and allows for the taking of perfect photos.

The Hype
Wha has really earned the Go Go Selfie Stick as the number one selfie stick is because it is lightweight, easy to use yet strong and durable. It is built to last with top quality materials and components.

The Cost
While there are many other selfies out there and they range in different prices, the Go Go Selfie Stick is really reasonably priced at $17.95.

The Commitment
Of course you can just take your selfie photos freehand, but if you truly want a great picture to create memories for years to come then you need to put a little extra work into it. Some selfies can be really cumbersome to handle but it appears the Go Go Selfie Stick doesn’t fall into this category. You just need to remember to take it with you when you are out and about. You never know when it might be selfie time! When you first get your Go Go Selfie Stick you will need to charge it.

Many people really thought that selfie sticks like the Go Go Selfie Stick was a fad that would quickly die out. It has proved them wrong. Selfies is a big thing and as such so are selfie sticks. The Go Go Selfie Stick has received 711 reviews on Amazon giving it a 3.5 star rating

Final Go Go Selfie Stick Review

We are going to give the Go Go Selfie Stick a Thumbs Up rating. We are trusting the positive impressions about it that others have shared. It seems to have addressed all the potential complaints that come with other selfie sticks. Complaints like they are too heavy or too awkward to carry with you, or too cumbersome to use.

Our Recommendation
When you first get your Go Go Selfie Stick you may want to practice with it a litte bit before you start taking some of those important images that you want as a keepsake. If you are into selfie videos then another option for you is the Pic Stand. No matter which form of selfie you use you want to take your time in choosing the one that you think is going to work best for you. Also, something else to keep in mind is that the Go Go Selfie Stick might make a great gift for a new graduate or a birthday that is coming up. It is something that most everyone would enjoy receiving and it is reasonably priced.

What do you think? Does the Go Go Selfie Stick work or not?

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