Does the GoGo Pillow Really Work?

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Does the GoGo Pillow work?The GoGo Pillow serves many different uses, including protecting and cradling your tablet, as well as holding up your head. It presents itself as the perfect accessory to house your tablet with in several different situations, but how well does it actually work when used in real life?

The evolution of computers has resulted in them becoming lighter and thinner, and they seem to have settled nicely into tablet form. The only problem is that a tablet is not really conducive to existing in the world we live in, and often finds itself in harms way, or unable to find a stable place so we can use it the way we want to. You definitely don’t want to drop an expensive tablet, but often it’s hard to get it into just the right spot for watching a movie, TV show, or video chatting with friends.

The Claim
The big claim made by the company behind the GoGo Pillow is that you’ll be able to use your tablet comfortably no matter where you go. It’s designed to totally encase your tablet so that the only part that is showing is the screen. The rest is surrounded by a thick, plush pillow, so you can rest it on your lap, on a treadmill, on the seat next to you in the car, pretty much wherever you can dream up.

They say that you can use this with any sized tablet, and that it doesn’t block the power sockets, or earbud ports, so you can still get to everything easily and quickly. There are also some added features like being able to use it as an actual neck pillow, like the kind you often see on airplanes, and also a backpack, which might make a nice day pack while on the go.

The Hype
Like many products of this kind, there is an accompanying infomercial that shows all of the different ways you might use this, and also shows just how bad the current situation is for tablet use. There’s typically a discrepancy between the fairy tale world of infomercials, and the reality of how things work, so just be sure to set reasonable expectations.

The Cost
You end up getting two pillows delivered to your door for $40, for a per pillow price of $20. You can’t buy it solo and they say that the offer is not available in stores at this time. This doesn’t mean that you won’t see it being sold at a Bed Bath and Beyond or other store for $19.99 or less one day, just not at this time.

Note: You have to be careful on this one, because it’s sold on a buy one get one set-up, and when you’re selecting the color of pillow you’re actually choosing how many *sets* of pillows you want. You don’t get to mix and match the colors, so you could end up with twice as many pillows as you wanted if for example you select one blue pillow and one pink, you’ll end up with a total of 4 pillows, two blues and two pinks, for twice the cost.

The Commitment
After you incorporate this into your lifestyle, it shouldn’t require any extra thought on your part, and it might even make things a bit easier and more convenient for you than they already are.

One pretty cool feature that many families would appreciate is the straps on the back that can turn your car into a home theater for your kids. You simply strap it to the headrest of either the driver or passenger seat and now you can play movies for the kids in the backseat, just as if you had the deluxe features of a luxury car.

There’s no stated guarantee listed, not even for 30 days like most products come with. You’ll be taking somewhat of a risk in getting it, but as long as you have a standard tablet you should be happy with the way it functions. It would be nice to see the stand by their product a little more, considering that the shipping alone is $20 so even if there was a guarantee they’d be sharing the risk 50/50 with the consumer. All of that aside we still think it’s a pretty good buy.

Final GoGo Pillow Review

The GoGo Pillow is getting the Thumbs Up rating from us. The clever design holds all sizes and shapes of tablets out there, so you don’t have to worry if yours will fit. We don’t recommend this for use with a smartphone, as those are simply too small. But most other tablets should work nicely with it.

Our Recommendation
If you saw this pillow and thought it would work nicely into your daily routine, you shouldn’t be disappointed by the way it actually works when you get it home.

Alternatives to the GoGo Pillow
Another highly reviewed iPad Pillow is the LAP Pro, with over 129 5-star reviews.

What do you think? Does the GoGo Pillow work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does the GoGo Pillow Really Work?

  1. Can you say over heating tablets. Your tablet needs airflow or your tablet is going to get real hot and with the ipads it will actually shot off the screen and say it’s cooling if a ipad gets too hot. Not sure about my Galaxy Note 10.1. The best place to get one of these is ebay. Sure you might pay a little more but you’ll get what you paid for in a decent time and not get scammed or have them try to sell you something else.

  2. I agree. I feel like the comments, and even that note under the Cost section, make this seem like it’s a little bit of a scam. The pillow seems like a simple and easy design, but it also makes me think that you don’t actually need this particular product. You can kind of just use a pillow or stuffed animal to prop up your tablet. That’s what I do now, and it works really well when you have a pillow that’s the right size. I wouldn’t invest that much money in a product like this because you can just use a regular pillow and get the same result. It’s a cute idea, but not worth it, in my mind. Especially if they’re almost tricking you into buying extra pillows. I don’t see why you would need more than one, if you need even that.

  3. Well, it seemed like a good idea but as I read the previous comments, it became apparent that this may not be all it is hyped to be. First off, if the main tablet on the market doesn’t fit (the iPad as Holly mentioned did not fit) than its claim to fit all tablets is way off base. Complications in shipping times and having to buy two just means that it is too risky for me to try. Plus it is really pricey and there are other alternatives out there.

  4. Also tricked into ordering 2 pillows as it stated buy 1 get 1 free but after entering credit card info the free one cost 9.95 to ship as well as the 1st one being 9.95 to ship plus since I needed it ASAP for a little girls upcoming B’day I paid an extra 2.99 I thought for even faster shipping. I never received an email confirmation like I was suppose to nor have I ever received my order. My account was charged 2.98 already and I have no idea what to expect now. No phone number was listed so I have no idea if i will ever see them. Now I’ve got to try to find another gift. Very very very disappointed as of right now.

  5. Let me know when your iDevices overheat due to lack of airflow. Without active cooling built into iPads, the batteries and processors are going to run extra hot.

  6. Order did not arrive in promised time. Tricked into buying 2 pillows because the website wont allow for just 1.

  7. Just advised by Go Go Pillow that shipment of my order placed about a week ago has been delayed due to huge demand.
    Company appears reputable and I am still looking forward to receiving my pillows.

  8. great idea, but my iPad doesn’t fit. very sad. so it won’t be any better than the pillow I was already using to prop it up. disappointing. my son has an older iPad version hopefully he can use one of them.

  9. This is sooooooo gonna be awesome to use with my ipad! I think every tablet users will agree with me when I say, NECK PAIN!!! And what about the strain on your arms and hands after holding on to the damn thing for half an hour? The truth is tablets are ideal for uses in short bursts and longer hour uses puts a lot of strain on the body. The idea behind the gogo pillow is so simple that it’s retarded, but I’ll be happy to get one since it’s perfect for my use.

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