Do Grout Brushes Work?

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Do grout brushes work?When doing epic battle with your bathroom tile, you might be wondering if grout brushes work, and if so, which ones. It can seem like you are being sentenced to cruel and unusual punishment when you are up to your neck in dirty grout and no one wants to help you with the task. Having the right weapon for battle is key, but most people come to a gunfight armed with a knife in the form of an old toothbrush. You are grossly underestimating your opponent if you think that will get you by. Let’s explore some better options.

Dirty looking grout has been a problem for some time now, and there are tons of different methods out there that promise to either cover it up, or clean it off, and even products that can seal your grout so it doesn’t get dirty as fast. Most people still end up using their favorite bathroom and shower cleaner and an old toothbrush. While it may seem a little like MacGyver, and could do in a pinch, it’s not a permanent solution to your needs and you should choose something more effective, like a dedicated brush specifically designed to clean grout.

The Claim
Grout brushes don’t make many claims other than being able to clean up your grout. Some specific brands may tout their features, but most everyone knows the score when you’re looking for something to clean your grout. You want it to be easier, faster, and not set you back very much money. We wary of any over the top claims being made, such as cleaning your grout in minutes, or never needing to clean your grout again, or watching stains disappear before your eyes. Most of the time it takes a brush a while to work on the grout, and might require several sessions to gradually wear down the stains over time.

The Hype
Some of the grout brushes out there really trump up how good they are and make it seem like they make the task a breeze instead of a nightmare. Keep a level head and know that with most brushes grout ends up winning the battle in the end.

The Cost
Grout brushes are usually pretty inexpensive, and can last you quite a while if you’re just using them on your grout. Cheap ones can be had for a few dollars, and more expensive ones can be $20 or more.

The Commitment
No matter how you choose to solve your grout problem, you will still need to make a project out of it. Whether you’re cleaning the grout, or you are applying a sealant or cover-up, you still need to take the time out of your schedule to do it. Since most bathtubs have a considerable amount of grout lines, this can usually chew through a lot of time. So in addition to being tiresome, it’s also tedious and time-consuming, which is why you see so many different companies try to be the problem solver here.

Grout brushes are nice to have around for the weekly bathroom scrub down, as they make your efforts more effective, and allow you to use less elbow grease on that stubborn grout. A lot of people designate an old toothbrush as their official brush, but this is not the best choice for many reasons. Grout is not teeth, and most people use a soft-bristled toothbrush to protect their enamel. Grout doesn’t need to be babied, it needs to be taught a lesson. You want to go with a brush that has sturdy bristles that give grout what for.

A toothbrush is also a lousy choice because it’s not angled to be used on a vertical surface. This means your wrist ends up getting strained because it needs to bend all the way back to the toothbrush is flush with the wall. And finally, you’ll want something with a bigger handle so your hand doesn’t get strained from holding it for so long. Brushing your teeth only takes 2 minutes, but a grout scrubbing session will typically go far longer than that.

Final Grout Brushes Review

Grout brushes can usually only do so much, and even the best ones will leave behind some residue that builds up over time. Unless you are extremely diligent with keeping up on it, and let’s face it, you don’t really want to add that skill to your résumé, dirt and grime will eventually pile up so you’ll need to use some other method to get them back to their original look.

If you are unsure of which brush to go with, we’re throwing our support behind OXO Good Grips grout brushes. The reviews are excellent, and the price is fantastic. You can get two of these with sturdy bristles and angled necks, perfect for the job for just $6 at Amazon. The consensus is that these are far superior than using an old toothbrush, and you’ll have less wrist strain and pressure.

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Our Recommendation
We recommend going with Grout Shield when you have finished cleaning your grout with a grout brush and can’t get it any cleaner. This not only improves the immediate appearance of your grout, but will help to keep it looking its best longer. It provides a protective shield to your grout so that it is more resilient to things like dirt and grime, and should maintain its color so you don’t have to scrub as often.

What do you think? Does Grout Brushes work or not?

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