Does Instant Zipper Really Work?

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Does Instant Zipper really work?We all have that one garment that has a broken zipper, and Instant Zipper has come to the rescue. At least that’s what they’re trying to do with this novel invention. It’s basically a replacement zipper that clips right onto your jacket, luggage, coat, and anything else that has a zipper that isn’t working. But as simple as it seems, and as cheap as it is, isn’t something you should buy, or take a pass on?

There’s no really good way to replace a zipper on your own, the only other alternative is taking it into a tailor and paying top dollar for the repair. If you stopped wearing or using these items because of the zipper malfunction, you will definitely be happy to have them back in your wardrobe. There’s little doubt that something like Instant Zipper is needed, but only if it works.

The Claim
They claim that it’s only a two-step process, snap it on and zip it up. It comes in 4 different colors, so you can match it up to whatever it is you’re fixing. Black is probably the most popular color ordered, but also silver, bronze, and gold are available. They also say that it will still work, even if your zipper is missing up to three teeth. This can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to having a non-working zipper, if a tooth or two pops off, the zipper itself can’t get over them and gets snagged.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that the Instant Zipper pitches itself pretty hard in its infomercial and makes it look like it works really easily, fixing the problem, well, in an instant.

The Cost
The total including shipping comes to $27, and if you order through the main website you can opt into their Instant Hem offer and pay $4 shipping to try it out. They also include lifetime replacement if your Instant Zipper happens to break and you need another one. This will definitely come with an additional shipping charge, but it’s still worth it if it’s working for you.

The kit comes with four different sizes so you’re pretty much assured that you’ll have the right size for whatever it is you’re trying to repair.

They also have a video explaining how to remove your old zipper, which can be stuck on there pretty good even though it’s no longer doing its job. This is pretty helpful, and can definitely help you if you’re stuck getting that old zipper off.

The Instant Zipper is simple enough in design and concept, it basically just snaps over both parts of your zipper, bringing them together and functioning just like the original. They show people installing it with just one hand, because it just clips onto your zipper. They show several different examples, including luggage, a purse, a pair of boots, and more.

What People Are Saying
Instant Zipper is getting mixed reviews from those that have bought and tried it. Some people say it works exactly like it does in the infomercial, while others say it didn’t work for them. Of course, it won’t work in every single situation, so there will be those that report back with a negative review. However, it’s definitely worth a shot before going out and replacing the item in question.

Final Instant Zipper Review

The Instant Zipper works for some, but not for others. The thing is that when it works, it works like a charm. When you consider the cost of a new leather jacket, or a new tent, or a new pair of shoes, it definitely makes sense to try it out before donating it to charity. It’s definitely not just a coin flip, with the majority of people saying that it did work, so chances are it will work for you too.

Our Recommendation
If you have an expensive garment or your favorite piece of clothing with broken zipper, it’s definitely worth a try to see if Instant Zipper does the trick. It’s got a 30 day guarantee which is ample time to try it out, and to send it back if it doesn’t work in your situation. We love it when there’s a high reward possibility with low risk involved.

What do you think? Does Instant Zipper work or not?

119 Customer Reviews on “Does Instant Zipper Really Work?

  1. Rating fix a zipper with 1 star would imply it was of some use , but this isn’t the case they are crap don’t wast your money, it was a drama trying to fit it and soon as you put any pressure on the zip the clasp came undone and fell off . It shits me they can sell this rubbish.

  2. Would give zero stars if I could. One broke in half when I tried to open so I could install it on the zipper. Another size went on and slid but didn’t close the zipper/engage properly. Third one wouldn’t stay snapped on. Cheap, shoddy plastic. Going in the trash. “Fix a Zipper – As Seen on TV” is total junk

  3. Utter garbage. I have the plastic ones purchased on a discount site (Cudo). Tried them on a few broken zippers and they didn’t work once. They are so flimsy that, even if they did somehow manage to latch on to the zipper teeth, they would click open and fall straight off again. Absolute, utter rubbish.

  4. I keep clicking on one star and it keeps giving it two. Is this a way to boost ratings?

    Tried one of these on my jeans and it goes on OK… but the first time you put a bit of pressure on it it opens up.

    If there was some way to permanently lock the zipper halves together after closing them this would work just fine. However in it’s currently form it doesn’t work very well.

    Worst part was my zip was working better before I tried the repair. Now it’s totally stuffed and will need an expensive repair.


  5. Pulled apart first time I used it on my jeans.

    If you’re going to put any pressure on the zipper the upper and lower part of the tab will separate.

    There needs to be a way of permanently locking the two halves of the zip together.

    Waste of money and time.


  6. I bought the metal ones. Zip closes nicely, but when I try unzipping it, the ‘jaw’ opens up and the whole zip drops out. Tried lubricating the zip to no avail. All hopes dashed! Waste of money. Zero star.

  7. I ordered the plastic ones cause that is all the ad offered. I tried them on several pieces of clothing and they do not work! The plastic opens up as soon as you try to zip it after attaching it to the garment. A waste of money!

  8. I tried two different sizes on two different pieces of clothing that the zipper had broken off of. It didn’t work on either one. The sizes it came with were either too big or too small and they wouldn’t stay on or zip up. Not impressed at all.

  9. Total crap,, save your money and buy some new cloths or whatever is broken,, junk ,, junk,, and more junk,,, Companys should not be able to sell crap like this and get away with it,,… Half will break putting them on,, then when you get one to work,, it will pull off after a couple of uses. Someone should give those 2 jerk offs a licken for promoting crap like this,,, up yours zipper fix,,

  10. Yeah this is great, but $27? Surely that is too much? It’s a pretty ingenious design, and I’m all for genuine innovation to be rewarded, but like for example, I have a laptop case with a broke zipper. It was a gift and it has a small amount of sentimental value, so I was interested in getting it fixed. I came across the instant zipper and was like, Sweet! until I saw the price. Because $27 is more than was paid for the case. That said, if you have a very expensive item, a coat or piece of luggage, say, then this really would be a life saver. It’s all subjective in the end.

  11. This product is a really great idea because zippers break all the time, and it shouldn’t mean you have to throw away your favorite sweatshirt or expensive bag. It makes sense that it wouldn’t work in every situation, because sometimes when things break, they have a hard time being fixed, but based on the video on this site, it looks like it only really works in one or two instances out of a bunch. It’s not very expensive, so it might be worth it to have a couple on hand so you can try to fix your broken zippers to see if it’ll save your favorite item, but I don’t think I would buy it with that kind of lack of success. It’s a gamble if it’ll work or not, and for $30, it’s not worth it to me.

  12. I tried the instant zipper because I found a $200 suitcase on sale for $60. The zipper that worked on the expansion section was broken (the one to keep the suitcase actually closed was fine). I was really banking on Instant Zipper and unfortunately it let me down. The large size is too big to pull the two sides together and the next size down is too small to clip on. I will continue to use the suitcase but will have to pack it really full to ensure the suitcase withstands the pressure of travel. Maybe someday they will come out with a slightly smaller large size Instant Zipper…

  13. I ordered the fix a Zipper for free and i should have known i’d get a complete knock-off. I got the plastic ones and they DO NOT WORK! I can imagine that the real ones, made of metal, could actually work. So IF you order the Fix a Zipper make sure u get the real ones.

  14. Worked great for me 🙂
    I was really impressed when i got mine.
    I ordered one as the zip on my rather expensive suitcase as broken and this looked like it would solve my problem.
    Sure enough it did exactly as expected. I used my suitcase when i went on holiday and it survived with the instant zipper no problems 🙂

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