Do HD Vision Ultras Really Work?

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Do HD Vision Ultras really work?If you remember the ubiquitous BluBlocker ads the HD Vision Ultras commercial will seem very familiar. It’s basically the same pitch. Low-priced sunglasses that provide a clear view of the world instead of just darkening it. But do they really work the way they show on the ads, and can you really see the world in High Definition?

The market for sunglasses is pretty wide-reaching. It’s sunny at least a part of the year in most places in the United States, and people are typically aware of the importance of shielding their eyes from the sun and UV light.

There’s not much in the way of a middle-of-the-road pair of sunglasses. You have the cheap pair that you can buy off the rack in various places around town, or you have stores that are specifically for the sale of sunglasses and have models that range over $100 and all the way up to $400 or more.

The Claim
There is a laundry list of claims made by the makers of HD Vision Ultras. First they say that they reduce glare and give you an HD view of the world. They say it gives you the same High Definition you get from an HDTV, and that these glasses revolutionize the world of sunglasses the same way HDTV revolutionized TV.

Next they say that it enhances colors, and one man on the promo says that everything “pops”. The glasses don’t make things darker, the way that traditional sunglasses do. Text shows up on the ad that says the glasses off full UV protection.

The Hype
Almost all of their claims are pure hype in its rawest form. By comparing a pair of sunglasses to high definition television, you are make a giant, bold claim, and tapping into a comparison that most people know about. The different between standard TV and HDTV is pretty amazing, and to try and transfer this amazingness to a product is a clever ploy.

But eyes are eyes and there’s not too many ways you can upgrade them. True, you’re able to see more of the world because the sunglasses don’t shade things or darken them, but your vision is your vision and these sunglasses won’t correct them.

They do, however, make a wraparound version so that you can wear your prescription glasses and take advantage of the same features.

The Cost
The ads say they are “giving them away” for $10 plus shipping and handling. This is pretty true, since even the cheapo pairs you can buy on sunglass racks at local grocery stores or convenience stores are $10, $15, or even $20. You can get a second pair just by paying shipping and handling, and at this price why not? That way you get two pairs for just $10 each. Unbeatable price.

The Commitment
You’ll want to replace your current pair of sunglasses when you get your HD Vision Ultras. If you’re already in the habit of taking your sunglasses with you wherever you go, then they should fit nicely into your lifestyle. If you’re not used to wearing sunglasses, you’ll have to remember to wear them, and also remember to bring them with you when you leave a place, so you don’t lose them.

The commercials are quite sensational, and almost no product could live up to the amount of hype that is infused into the ads. Vision is vision so your eyes can only see what they’re going to see. You’re not getting an eye upgrade here.

As far as the performance versus a regular pair of sunglasses, they blow away anything else that you pick up from the supermarket or drug store, and they even perform well against big name brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban.

If they would just state that they are really nice sunglasses for a very reasonable price, without trying to say that you’re getting a new pair of eyeballs, it would be much more prudent. But being prudent doesn’t sell products in today’s world.

Do HD Vision Ultras Really Work?

HD Vision Ultras make things look better, but do they make things look as good as the enactments on TV? Maybe not. For the price, they are definitely worth getting so you shouldn’t be concerned about getting ripped off. You’ll definitely use and appreciate them, and if you do end up losing them, at least you didn’t pay five times as much for an upscale brand.

Our Recommendation
For the amount of clarity and glare reduction that you do receive, picking up a pair of HD Vision Ultras is a no brainer. You can’t find a better pair of sunglasses at this price point.

What do you think? Do HD Vision Ultras really work?

216 Customer Reviews on “Do HD Vision Ultras Really Work?

  1. I bought a pair of these after I had my cataract operation but I do not wear them during daytime. I prefer to use my polarised glasses which I got from the pharmacy. Are they safe for those who have had cataract surgery to use during daytime?

  2. These are cheap yellow glasses, they DO NIT WORK as advertised, save your money. 8 agree they’re complete junk. Moreover, the seller overbilled me by doubling the charge and I had to call and complain to get the overbilling deducted. BEWARE. Product gets a zero out if 10.

  3. This product does not work. Furthermore, your ad promised a $20 charge (one pair free),then you b8lled my cr fit card for $59.90. THIS IS FRAUD and I a: report)no you for mail fraud to federal authorities. Moreover, I am reviewing this product wherever possible to spread the work that this product absolutely DOES NOT WORK,
    Mary Ann F, Galante, Esq.
    Attorney at Law
    California State Bar no.87119

  4. You get what you pay for. I sell sunglasses outdoors at music festivals, street fairs, etc. The HD stuff I purchased on tv was lame. A fair price for decent quality HD shades is $20-25. HD glasses suit some folks better than others. It depends on your own sensitivity to light and glare. Some of my customers love them for day use and others for night driving. Some prefer them for golf, fishing, softball, hiking, hunting but not for driving. I know they’re cheap but if you can’t try them on outside to see how they work for you, I wouldn’t buy them. I carry 24 different styles of HD’s. I sell around 3000 pair of HD’s a year. There’s no way you’re going to get decent HD glasses for $10.

  5. Yea, you get what you pay for. The frame snapped in half on me at work.was about 95 degrees and i just hear a snap out of no where while i was wearing them. Pulled them off and noticed the bottom part of the frame broke n half

  6. This is another case of a product that is so cheap, you might as well take a gamble on it. You can get a pair of HD Vision Ultras for $10. They have a weird yellow tint, so you end up looking a little like you’re wearing a pair of stylish, sleek skeet shooting goggles. And they don’t give you the ability to see things in high def either. But they can effectively cut the glare and they won’t hurt your wallet either. It’s unclear exactly what is so “ultra” about these, but they work just fine and have a solid construction.

  7. I had 3 pairs in different strengths, 2 for outdoor reading and one for driving…I loved them. Loved the HD view so much that they were the only shades I used. They were durable until the screws fell out and I could not replace the screws. I want 4 pair now…2 brown and 2 black in different strengths.

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