Does Big Top Cupcake Really Work?

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Does Big Top Cupcake really work?If your family loves cakes and cookies and the like you probably noticed the Big Top Cupcake ad and wondered if it actually works. Thinking of sharing all of that fun and excitement with your household would make anyone want to at least try it, but is it worth the money, and will you be able to make concoctions similar to the ones they show on the ads?

If your family has tired of the same old same old when it comes to birthdays and other family celebrations, you probably related to the people on the infomercial. They show everything turning around for them once they started using Big Top Cupcake, it all went from black and white to color. It’d be wonderful if the same happened for you and yours.

The Claim
Big Top Cupcake claims that you’ll be able to replace boring old cakes with giant over-sized cupcakes. They claim that the cupcakes that get produced are up to 25 times bigger than your average ones. Maybe mini-cupcakes, but not regular sized ones, surely.

They claim that all you’ll have to do is fill, bake, and decorate, and that that non-stick silicon inserts are way better than metal pans and nothing will stick to them.

Thay also claim that their magic center insert makes it easy to fill the cupcakes with any filling of your choice, really sprucing it up and making unique cakes. They claim that store-bought cakes are expensive, which they are, a store-bought ice cream cake can be just as much or more than the entire Big Top Cupcake package.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that the occasion to make a cake doesn’t come around that often to make this a product that has a lot of daily or even weekly use. Most of the time it will just sit unused, and only get broken out for birthdays. Supposedly if you had it you could find reasons to make a cake, or just make one for no reason at all.

The Cost
The ads show that Big Top Cupcake is $20 and they claim that with everything included it’s a $55 value. It’s always a little vague how they calculate the value of products, or why they’d let it go for far less than its value. Today you can get it for $10 on Amazon.

But what we recommend is going all out and getting all three sets made by the same company for $37 at Overstock. This gets you not only the Big Top Cupcake but also the Big Top Cookie and Big Top Donut kits. That’s about $60 worth of products if you would have bought from each infomercial separately, and you’ll be in baked goods heaven with these sets.

The Commitment
If you currently do a lot of baking the Big Top Cupcake set will be a welcome addition into your home, and you’ll no doubt get a lot of use out of it. If you always wished that you baked more, and you also wished there was an easy and foolproof method of making something that your family will actually want to eat, then this will be the product that gets you to do it.

The first time you try to pop the cupcake out of the mold you might have doubts, but these will all wash away when it comes right out. The silicon really is non-stick, but you’ll want to make sure that you spray it with cooking spray per the instructions to get the best results.

You’ll also have to go through some trial and delicious error as you figure out the proper amounts of filling to put in the molds. The instructions make it a little unclear, and different mixes and batters rise and fluff up a little differently from one another, but this rarely presents a problem to the overall look or taste of the cupcake.

Does Big Top Cupcake Really Work?

Yes, it succeeds at making a rather large cupcake. It might not be as big as depicted in the infomercial, but it is much larger than normal, and if you made a few of them they would definitely be enough to serve to a crowd of hungry onlookers.

Our Recommendation
Big Top Cupcake is a lot of fun. With the recipe book that you get with it, you can try your hand at a lot of different cupcakes, and even the ones that don’t turn out quite like you planned are still yummy to eat. They are a fun way to spruce up birthday parties, and are good at replacing the same old rectangular cake that we’re all familiar with.

What do you think? Does Big Top Cupcake really work?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Big Top Cupcake Really Work?

  1. Okay, this is awesome. Who doesn’t like it when you can make the things you already love a lot bigger? Or for that matter, smaller? It’s a strange fetish in many ways, the extreme re-sizing of existing and usually mundane items. “Aww look, it’s a dinner set, only it’s tiny!” “Wow look, a giant cupcake!”
    We love it! And I love this. I want a giant cupcake. And for once we have a product here that you really aren’t going to be able to find anywhere else. I mean, what would it cost to go to a bakery and ask them to make you a giant cupcake? Okay I have no idea, but i’m pretty sure it’s cheaper to buy this.

  2. This was great! I have a fun organization for firefighters and I made a few of these with this for valentines day and Christmas when they are stuck in the firehouse without their families and such. It is a great way to spend little labor and spread lots of love to lots of people and you can serve a few with like five of them to be realistic. Lots of creative ideas here!

  3. I am a huge cupcake fan. I love everything from the tiniest one-bite cupcakes to the massive gourmet ones that are sold in cupcakeries. So when I discovered this giant cupcake pan in my favorite craft store, I was super excited to try it out. I followed all of the instructions in an attempt to make a giant birthday cupcake for my husband. Unfortunately, I had to change the words of the birthday song to, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear hubby, I ruined your cake”. The cake stuck to the pan and then fell apart when I tried to ice it. I was hoping it was the cake mix I used, so I tried a homemade cake recipe. That went delightfully terribly as well. I’m planning on purchasing the Wilton version and hope it turns out better!

  4. I was intrigued by the Big Top Cupcake because it’s two separate pans vs. the connected pans that Wilton created. I also never had baked with silicon pans before and I was curious as to how well they would work. Since I’m always looking for a good deal, I found the Big Top Cupcake on eBay. It had never been used and I paid just a fraction of the original cost. I was sort of surprised to discover that both cakes cracked on top during the baking. This wasn’t much of a deal since I needed to trim off the tops of each cake to make them straight. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it was to pop the cakes out of the pans. I enjoy using the Big Top as a center cake and then I place regular cupcakes around it. It’s easy to do and I always get compliments on my cakes.

  5. Big Top Cupcake. .The name itself just sounds like it will be delicious! My daughter just loves baking! Mostly Betty Crocker, or other brands. We have been looking at different methods of cooking for a while now and finally found a good one!

    Being a smart consumer I naturally looked at the reviews 1st. Most of them said that they were good, tasty and even cooking. One thing I noticed as other reviews said was its SLIGHTLY smaller than the photos. But hey that just gives me an excuse for more daddy-daughter bonding 🙂

    Reccomended to anyone that loves family, friends, and a good Sunday afternoon.


  6. I bought and used one of these big top cupcake molds for making a super size cupcake for my mothers 50th birthday party earlier this year.
    Like most probably are i was pretty skeptical about this, as it the silicon feels really too flexible to hold the cake.

    I cracked on with the cake mix and loaded up the mold, in to the oven it went and hey presto out came a super size cupcake.

    I did try it a second time, but that didn’t turn out so well 🙁 Although i think that was my baking skills (or lack of) 🙂

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