How to Avoid Getting Scammed

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avoid getting scammedIt can be a tough world out there with all of the people trying to make a quick buck, so does one avoid getting scammed?

There are thousands of products out there that are complete and utter scams. In fact, 99/100 times if you ask yourself “Does It Really Work?” about a product, the answer would be “NO!” The reason this is that way, is because most of the health products that people buy are unregulated, and the claims companies make don’t have to be proven. This makes it very easy for companies to create “Studies” for their benefit to back-up their false claims.

Not only is it hard to find a legitimate product, but it is also VERY HARD to find a legitimate review website. Why? Because 99.9% of review websites ARE SCAMS!!! I am not joking. This may surprise you, but it is true. Below I will give you tips on how to avoid scam review websites, and how to get the real information and consumer reviews that you are looking for.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed: How to Spot Scam Review Websites

Tip #1 Just Because it is “Personal”, Does Not Make it Real
Thats right. Scammers are getting more and more sneaky. They are now creating fictional “people” that want to tell you their story for no other reason then to help you “lose weight” or “find the right product”. WRONG! The “person” is fake and the only reason the website creator made the website is to sell you a product. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why Would They Do That?”. There is one simple answer, money. Which brings me to my second tip…

Tip #2 If They are Recommending a Product, It is Probably a Scam Review Website
Now, I am not saying the products they are recommending are necissarily scams themselves, but I am saying the review website itself is a scam, and therefore should not be trusted. Simpley put, the only reason they are recommending one product over another, is because they Make MORE Money promoting the specific product. Either because they make more comission per sale, or because more website visitors end up buying that specific product over products listed further down on their “Recommendations” list.

Tip #3 Look for Non-Biased Reviews
The only review websites that are legitimate don’t recommend specific products, and they allow website visitors to post their own review. The only reviews you should trust are from the consumers that have used the product firsthand. Look for reviews posted on “comments” sections, forums or website sections that the user gets to give input firsthand and in realtime.

Tip #4 If It Looks to Good to Be True, It Probably Is
If you enter a review website and the first thing you see is a headline in huge font and bold colors stating “I Lost 40 Pounds in One Month!”, then it is almost 100% certain that the review website is a scam. Only trust reviews that seem like the results could really happen. Don’t trust the review sites that make exxagerated and impossible claims.

Tip #5 99% of Review Websites are Scams
Use the above tips to weed them out and avoid getting scammed. Don’t rush into anything by buying products without finding legitimate consumer reviews first.

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Customer Review on “How to Avoid Getting Scammed

  1. We bought an Artic Air Ultra, at Bed Bath and Beyond. I does not work as advertised. To start with they make it appear larger than actual size. Then the fan does not blow enough air to feel even at close range.
    It was ten dollars cheaper than most vendors, but isn’t worth $9.99.

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