Does I-Doser Really Work?

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Does I-Doser work?The concept behind I-Doser is pretty mind-bending when you think about it, being able to elicit experiences just by listening to an audio track. It definitely has a sci-fi feeling to it, but is the science there to back it up?

It seems like sometime in the future humans will be able to virtually simulate all sorts of experiences, including ones that alter the state of mind. But are we there yet? The makers of I-Doser say that we are, and that if you follow their steps to a good listening experience you can start to fee; a myriad of moods and effects based on what your goal is.

If you’re feeling stressed they can help you relax, if you can’t get to sleep you can take an audio Ambien. The only limitation is your imagination, and without any of the bad things involved there’s not a lot of reason not to try it. Unless it’s a big waste of time and money.

The Claim
They claim that you can feel the effects of elicit, illegal, and pharmaceutical drugs by listening to the binaural beats with a pair of headphones. The result should be all of the desired effects with none of the dangerous side effects or addictions. They point to the large number of YouTube users that have recorded their experiences on camera as evidence that it works. They do say that 15 percent of those that try it don’t feel anything, and that a further 19% could only experience the full effect once.

The Hype
The hype is that they are setting this up as if they are selling illegal drugs legally at their website. Being able to put things into your shopping cart labeled marijuana, cocaine, and crystal meth is enough to make some people buy it just for the novelty factor. There’s also the big question of whether it works or not, and the debate goes back and forth on whether binaural beats are an actual phenomenon or just a digital form of snake oil.

The Cost
Costs for I-Doser beats vary depending on the format and the dose. You can choose MP3’s that come in packs grouped by the type of beats they contain and retail for $17. Or you can opt to go the software route which if $50 for the upgrade, and then you’ll have the option to buy packs of doses that can range from $6 to $60 for a combo pack with 30 doses in it. When compared to buying the real things it’s pretty inexpensive because if it works you’d be able to reuse it again and again to have the feeling whenever you want.

The Belief Factor
The mind is a very powerful thing, and it can be lulled into many different states under the right conditions. That’s why you see people in transcendental mental states, others that walk over hot coals, and groups playing games like light as a feather stiff as a board, or using Ouija boards. This can’t be underestimated and is a big reason why many people would say that it works, that they felt something, and would be able to repeat the experience because they expect to have it.

The overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the claims being made by I-Doser and other purveyors of binaural beats makes it a no-go if you’re thinking of trying these out in the hopes of getting an authentic experience from them. However, if you’re going to try these out, they do seem like one of the better choices available, claiming to put their products through a rigorous quality assurance process and only selling those doses that provide an effect for the majority of testers.

A product like this needs to have a trial offered so that individuals can see first hand what it’s like. And I-Doser seems to understand that, offering a free download of their software with pre-installed beat samples so that you know what you’re ordering before you order it. After downloading it and trying it out, we weren’t too impressed with it, but we weren’t really expecting much from it, so your mileage may vary.

Final I-Doser Review

The placebo effect is an undeniable reality, and in that respect I-Doser will “work” for some people, but not for others, and they put this disclaimer on their website. What’s really at work here is the power of suggestion, as you’re buying something that is labeled and sold as marijuana, you intend to get the feeling of being high from it, the beats induce feelings of relaxation, and your brain does the rest. But suggesting that it will give you the exact effect or that you’re brainwaves are being put into the same frequency as they are when you actually get high is a stretch.

Our Recommendation
This is one of those products where both skeptics and believers will be proven right. If you’re not really thinking this will work and are just listening to them to prove it wrong, you’ll probably come out of it with more conviction that it’s a sham. But if you buy into the idea and like the thought of getting the effects of taking illegal drugs by listening to music with no side effects and go into it expecting a payoff, you’ll also likely be happy with the results. Luckily they have a free download and samples to see which side of the argument you’ll be on.

What do you think? Does I-Doser work or not?

259 Customer Reviews on “Does I-Doser Really Work?

  1. Using brain entrainment successfully is not something that happens overnight. It’s assisted meditation. Anyone that has spent any time in meditation knows that it’s something that has to be practiced, much like any other activity/hobby if you want to get the most from it. After years of playing with monaural and binaural beats, isochronic tones, solfelggio tones etc, I’ve learned that the user’s mindset is more important than anything else. In to achieve desired results, the proper steps must be taken to prepare the mind for the journey. Otherwise, it’s nothing more than expensive noise that may evoke a placebo effect. That being said, the user with the proper mindset WILL achieve the desired results. Ive been able to go as far as keeping the roughest of withdrawal symptoms at bay using the mobile software. For those looking to enhance their meditation life or even merge their meditation and “play” lives, it’s bar none the best tool available. Learn how to use brain entrainment via the Oster curve and other available tools and you’ll note the validity of their claims. I have. It’s worth the time and money.

  2. LSD cannot kill you, it can permanently rewire your synaptic functions if you do too much. In the whole history of psychoactive drugs there has not been a single death because of the drug. It was usually the actions the people took or made while on the drug, like thinking they can fly and leaping off a building. Granted, they probably would not have done that if it had been sober, but it was not the drug that killed them. I have seen completely sober people do some really stupid s*** also.
    Your argument is about the same as me saying cars kill people, stay away from cars they are evil!
    Either do some drugs yourself or do some more research. Hey! Here’s an idea, why don’t you do a little bit of both?

  3. To be totally honest, I have tried the majority of the drugs that I-doser list’s at one point or another in my life.
    AND, I have been using binaural beats for meditative reasons for about 10 years. Out of curiosity I’ve tried several I-doses. The two are worlds apart! There is no way that your brain will be able to recreate the effect of psilocyn in a magic mushroom. Its a placebo, but, if my kid ‘thinks’ he’s getting high, where’s the harm in that? He certainly won’t get addicted to the thing and steal all my shotguns for dope! On that same vein, he also will not get all those Playboy magazines pregnant that he has stashed under his mattress.
    Somehow, someway all of us have altered our consciousness a time or two. If their drug of choice happens to be then more power to them, at least they’ll have a restful nap!

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