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Does the Imagipen Work?With the kids soon going to be on their summer break its time to stock up on small items that are going to keep them occupied. Often they will want to have their friends over and perhaps you can keep the whole group occupied for a few hours with the Imagipen.

Imagipen is a pen that allows the kids to draw three D shapes. It goes from a gel to plastic withing seconds and there is no doubt the kids will put their imaginations to good use with this.

The Claim
The company claims that the gel from the pen will turn to plastic immediately and there is no heat source needed to accomplish this.

The Hype
If one can capture the attention of the kids with something new then it doesn’t take a lot of hype on behalf of the marketers to sell their project. There is no doubt the kids will be intrigued with the ability to create 3D art pieces. Although they always make it look easy in the promo materials.

The Cost
The Imagipen sells for $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping and handling. For this you will get the pen itself and a blue and a green cartridge. If you want to add an extra $8.99 to your order you will get the orange and glow gels.

The Commitment
With the Imagipen being considered as expensive especially when you add the shipping costs to it there isn’t much room for error. You will want to be sure the kids know how to use it as quickly as possible.

There is no doubt that the Imagipen is an interesting item. We all for interactive toys that allow a young one to be creative. The Imagipen allows the kids to create all kinds of nifty structures, but it may take more than one set to do all that they want to do. The interest is really peaked with the ability to create glow objects.

Final Imagipen Review

We are going to give the Imagipen a Try/Buy rating. It really is quite expensive and no doubt the kids will go through the gel quickly. Plus, when you look at the video it is true that the creations are really great but it takes several sets to create these. There is no telling how difficult it might be to get the gel cartridge replacements.

Our Recommendation
If you are really looking for a novelty item to keep a young one entertained then the Imagipen may be one to consider. However, you don’t want the kids to end up being disappointed when the gel runs out and that’s the end of the fun. There are plenty of other stimulating toys to be found on the market that are not as expensive and probably last a lot longer. We have talked about several of these projects in the past, and one that we found has been getting some favorable attention is the Sparkleez. This too allows the kids to be creative but may last a lot longer than the Imagipen.

What do you think? Does Imagipen work or not?

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