Do Infinity Lights Really Work?

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Do Infinity Lights Work? Spring is here but its still too early to get outside to start setting up the patio. So to fill in the time with an indoor project that could really make your outdoor ambiance absolutely smashing this year, you may want to make use of the Infinity Lights.


Most of us really like novel lighting as it can create almost any type of atmosphere we want. The problem is though, most of us head off to our local store and buy this year’s outdoor lighting sets for our patios or even the latest accent lighting that happens to be on the shelf. With Infinity Lights you get the chance to create your very own unique lighting, but that is if you have the patience to design it.

The Claim

The company claims that you can create your very own one of a kind light art with a choice of 9 beautiful colors to choose from and the opportunity to produce 30 different shapes.They say that it is fast, fun and easy. Now that may be easy for them to say but putting these lights together can be a bit of a puzzle, and in fact they are often called the puzzle lights. Surely you are up for a challenge though?

The Hype

The hype for the Infinity Lights is simple. They are focusing on this product’s uniqueness and lets face it we do really like to be a little different when it comes to our home decor. It isn’t too often that you can take one product and create a whole bunch of different looks to the point where someone says “Wow”. The company has kept their marketing message simple because the desire for great and interesting lighting whether it be for indoors or out, is already there amongst the consumers.

The Cost

For about $27. which includes the shipping and handling you can order your Infinity Lights Kit. It will contain 30 pieces of strips of the color of your choice,a 12′ cord and the instructions on how to make the different shapes.

The Commitment

Now this is where the real fun begins, or for some of you that don’t have a lot of patience the frustration. You are going to have to construct this light yourself by choosing from one of the 30 patterns available to you to get the look you want. Some say that it only takes 5 minutes to construct it. You also have to decide probably before ordering your colors where you are going to use the completed project. As mentioned it would be a wonderful and unique lighting accent for your patio but it would be most applicable for indoors in any room of your house where you wanted something a little different in respect to lighting.


We are all for anything that creates a hands on approach that allows for home decor to be a little different. With a product such as the Infinity Lights it makes it seem like you are getting real value for your money. It is giving you the chance to be creative with the end result being something that is really useful and is going to make a home decor statement.

Final Infinity Lights Review

We are going to give this product a Thumbs Up rating for these reasons. First it is fun and we could all use a little more of this in our life. It is something that could become a family project, especially if you were to let each family member make one of their own. It is useful as it can be used in any room or outdoors if preferred. It would make the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person either fully assembled or in the kit form. It really is reasonably priced. We also liked the fact that the Infinity Lights website has a good section for customer service. It is plain to see that they stand behind their product.

Our Recommendation

Whenever you are going to buy a novelty product such as the Infinity Lights make sure you set the right expectations for it. We talked about the Liberty Lantern in the past which serves an entirely different purpose so you may want to check it out too. Also, you may hear that the instructions for the Infinity Lights are difficult to follow or are in another language. You will find that when you visit their website that all the instructions are on the site in PDF form so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Official Website: Infinity Lights

What do you think? Does Infinity Lights work or not?

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