Does Inogen One Really Work?

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Does Inogen One Work?There are a lot of individuals who require home oxygen but this is not always easy to find a provider who can assist with this in such a manner that it is convenient for the user. It often means they are faced with many restrictions. There may be a viable product on the market called Inogen Onethat solves a lot of the problems with home oxygen therapy.

Inogen One is an oxygen delivery system that is much more portable compared to the standard versions. This means that it is can easily be transported anywhere that the user wants to go. No more being housebound because the oxygen delivery system is too big and cumbersome.

The Claim
The promoters of Inogen One are claiming that this oxygen system comes with a lot of benefits. To begin with its lightweight and portable and most importantly simple to use. It has three flow settings on it that are easy to read and allows the user to quickly adjust the settings as necessary.

The Hype
The real hype comes with the fact that it is so easy to transport. This in itself opens up a lot of opportunities for the oxygen therapy user. They are no longer facing the restrictions that they have become used to because of the large and bulky oxygen systems they have currently been using.

The Cost
The Inogen One comes with a hefty price tag at $2,495. But when you weigh out all of the benefits and conveniences that it gives then over the long term this unit is well worth the money.

The Commitment
The commitment really comes from determining whether you want to put out a chunk of money which is what is required with the Inogen One. You have to decide whether this unit would be easier for you to use and cope with. Being as its so user friendly and provided by a reputable supplier it may well be worth the cost.

Inogen One has addressed all of the potential issues that can come with at home portable oxygen use. It has the capability of removing the nitrogen so the air being provided is oxygen rich. It is easily powered with a rechargeable battery or via a AC/DC power source. There is no requirement for oxygen refills so this may be a potential money saver.

Final Inogen One Review

We are prepared to give the Inogen One a thumbs up. It is being produced by a reputable company that specializes in this type of equipment. The Inogen Company Received the 2015 Company of the year, and has many accreditations.

Our Recommendation
When looking at Inogoen One you are looking at a serious piece of equipment as it relates to your health. This means that before investing in this it is imperative that you discuss this with your health care provider and receive their approval first before switching from your current oxygen supply system. Breathing clean air is important for everyone and even if you are not in need of a system like Inogen One you should consider units that will help keep the air you breathe clean like the Ionic Pro.

What do you think? Does Inogen One work or not?

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