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Does Ink Box Work?There are so many young people that really want to get a tattoo. Much to the horror of their parents. Mostly because the parents feel that the kids will regret it when they get older. But its not just the kids that are into the tattoos, it’s the adults too. So maybe Ink Box is a great solution for meeting everyone’s needs half way.

Ink Box offers a selection of tattoos. But the big difference is they are temporary. So no need for needles. No worries about whether one will regret it later. However, these are not the temporary tattoos that used to come with the bubble gum wrappers. These are quality made.

The Claim
The promoters of Ink Box are claiming that their temporary tattoos will last for several days. Over time they will fade like in about eight to eighteen days. Aside from this what else makes them unique is that they are very authentic looking. The ink is able to deeply penetrate the first layer of the skin. Much like a permanent tattoo does. The promoters of Ink Box are claiming their ink is totally skin safe. They are saying it is made from all natural ingredients.

The Hype
The hype about Ink Box really focuses around the realism of the tattoo yet it is not permanent. This has some really great benefits to it.

The Cost
The cost for an Ink Box Tattoo can vary. But they range from about $16. and up.

The Commitment
There really isn’t much of a commitment that comes with Ink Box. Except that you need to decide on which tattoo you want. It is great that if you make a mistake in your choice that its not going to be permanent. This is a big problem with permanent tattoos. Then the other commitment comes with following the simple instructions to apply the tattoo.

We have to admit that Ink Box is a perfect solution. For all those young ones who really want a tattoo now they can meet their parents halfway. The parents will agree to a tattoo but only if it is an ink box one. The kids get to have that tattoo that they always wanted. It is a real testing ground for them. Perhaps in the future they may opt to go for a real tattoo. But at least for now they are able to enjoy the experience without the risks or disappointments that can come with the permanent tattoos. Plus for those that are artistic they can order the ink and create their own designs.

Final Ink Box Review

We are going to give Ink Box a thumbs up. We believe it is a real problem solver. Overall it has been receiving some good feedback. Of course there will always be some that are not satisfied. Some forget to realize that this is an alternative to a permanent tattoo.

Our Recommendation
If you happen to be one of those individuals that had a bad permanent tattoo experience then you may want to check out the Tat B Gone. It just might help you get rid of that unwanted tattoo.

What do you think? Does Ink Box work or not?

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