Does Sneakertub Really Work?

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Does Sneakertub Work?Nowadays there is just about a club or subscription for everything. But one thing that was missing until recently was one for sneakers. Now one may think that such a subscription may not be all that popular. But Sneakertub has changed all of that.

Sneakertub is a subscription that focuses on sneakers. Although other items are added to these well that are sneaker appropriate. It is a membership club. Each month subscribers will receive a sneaker package in the mail. It is one that is loaded with some very impressive items. Of course it includes sneakers, but a lot more.

The Claim
The promoters of Sneakertub claim that the products contained in the packages are of the very best of quality. The majority are comprised of top quality products. The sneaker brands include Puma and Adidas just as an example. The clothing is no less impressive as well as all the other accessories that may show up in an order.

The Hype
The hype around Sneakertub is the convenience of online shopping with no effort. Plus the reasonable pricing. Especially when one sees the famous brands that are included.

The Cost
The cost for Sneakertub is really going to vary on a couple of factors. One is which subscription one is subscribing to. The other will be on the packaging chosen. For example, sometimes the packaging may be comprised of a really neat wooden crate. Pricing  for Sneakertub will also depend on whether one is ordering from the US site or the Cdn. Site. An example is the latest arrival which is the Limited Edition Grail.It doe not include the crate and sells for $129.99. It contains one pair of quality sneakers (name brand) a premum tee shirt, and a premium dad hat.Plus a pair of quality socks and a shoe cleaning kit. Also a drawstring bag. Not bad for the price.

The Commitment
The commitment for Sneakertub is going to be staying on top of the Sneakertub membership. There is the opportunity to cancel any order before it is delivered. However, usually they are not refundable or returnable. So members really want to stay on top of this, if they don’t want to receive a package every month.

We suppose that Sneakertub is a good idea for those who don’t want to be bothered with shopping and personally picking out items such as this. At first this may be a novelty but there is a fear that this may soon wear off. However, for those that want to buy all their family members a gift this may be the ideal way to go about it.

Final Sneakertub Review

We are prepared to give Sneakertub a try/buy. We have no doubt about the quality of the items. Nor do we dispute the reasonable pricing. Our only issue is that it may be a novelty form of shopping and the intrigue will soon wear off.

Our Recommendation
If you are not sure if clubs and memberships are really for you, then you may want to check out what we had to say about them.

What do you think? Does Sneakertub work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does Sneakertub Really Work?

  1. My first two months were fine, then I didn’t receive my third pair of sneakers, which they claim they sent 5 months ago. After multiple emails they said it’s going to take 4 months to resolve!! I’m still waiting. I asked them for a refund on the renewal of my next subscription, they said they would do it, NOTHING. They see my messages and emails I’ve sent but are now refusing to answer. The concept in hind site is good but poor and incompetent customer service gives them a -5 star rating.

  2. I tried this service. First 2 monthes was fine got my stuff delivered no problem. 3rd month I got the same lime green sweater I got the first month. Okay fine the next month nothing came. I emailed as there is no phone number to call. 2 weeks into the next month I got the last monthes order. Ever since then I have got nothing. I emailed 2weeks into the next month to ask where is my package. They said they will look into it and follow up. They then took another payment before emailing me to tell me what happened to the last monthes order. So finally they got back and said the first order will ship end of the week and the second order they billed for after not even sending the first would be sent the week after. NOTHING HAS BEEN SENT. They will not even answer a email now. I have never been rude to them just asked what has happened and I have gotten no reply after a dozen emails now.

    I have now cancelled my subscription. I should have a long time ago. I was trying to support a Canadian biz and got screwed over. They have over $400 of mine that they have not refunded or sent the product.

  3. 1st i was looking forward to this subscription because i am Canadian. However, i received a pair of shoe Kids model and kids size while i paid for a women size.
    There is a subscription for kids which is cheaper, i would have choice this one if i want a kids model.
    For me it does not worth it. I got a pair of shoe that are in any sport store (airmax 90) at the moment and i got 2 random « Reebok » tshirt. When i choose that subscription i was hoping receiving a box as advertised on Instagram. Nope… the shoe are detail at 129$ in the store and 2 tshirt. The subscription was 191$ does not worth it

  4. I have to say that I will not use this service again!! The customer service is dreadful!!! I ordered this as a gift for my son and was very excited about the concept. He loves shoes and he too was anticipating great things!! Upon receipt of the box, one pair of shoes did not fit. He typically always wears a size 10 but the brand of shoe he received was a new brand, and the shoes were too big. I contacted customer service and waited several days for a response. They then sent a shipping label and said I could exchange the shoes BUT only once. I expedited the parcel immediately and they received it November 12 2020. It is now December 8 They have not shipped the shoes. I have contacted customer service 5 times. When I finally got a response they said they would ship the shoes Dec 2 BUT they could not guarantee the same shoe as it might be out of stock!!!!! I said the whole purpose of the return and changing the size was that THAT SHOE did not fit as a new brand to him!!! IF they send a shoe that he normally wears (Like Nike or Adidas for instance) he will need his normal size 10. I have asked for a 9 since this was a Puma and they fit big. Now they tell me that they can’t guarantee this same shoe AND they will only let me exchange once!!! The onus was on them to return the shoe in the size requested and the brand they shipped!!! They won’t let me exchange again and I have no idea what they are shipping as they did not tell me!! This process has been exceedingly difficult and frustrating. I would NOT recommend this company at all. The customer service is terrible!!!!

  5. SneakerTub has been the most time-consuming, frustrating & painful experience the past 6 months. My husband & I both signed up for 6 month subscriptions and every single month, something has been missing, they’ve sent the wrong size or a box has been missing. Without fail, one of us has had to write in every month with horrible customer service response. In some cases, it has taken over a month with at least 5 unresponded emails and we’ve had to call them out on instagram to get a response. As our 6 months came to a close , we opted not to renew for obvious reasons and my husband is missing his 6th and final box along with his replacement that we returned to the ring size from the 5th box. I have emailed in 6 times for the past 5 weeks and no response. We have paid for the 2 last boxes for my husband with nothing and no response. This company is a fraud and has wasted so much time of ours and frustration. They do not have a phone number, you can’t message them through facebook chat and they do not respond to emails. The only time we’ve gotten a response is when we comment on an instagram post (and then they promptly delete it and hide the others who write in about poor service). The concept is a really cool one and i was impressed with their shark tank pitch but their execution and customer support is horrendous.


    I made a subscription to sneakertub… biggest mistake I ever made . They did not send me what I paid for and they didn’t honour their word about the shipping time listed on their website . Among all the lies I have received via email about them “shipping my product shortly” … I still haven’t received my first box .. after a month and a half . On top on not receiving anything I PAID FOR .. they took out a second payment for my monthly subscription . They have now taken $350 from my account and given me nothing . They are very unorganized and very deceptive .. hence why there is NO PHONE NUMBER. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!! Such a scam . Spread the word , don’t let your friends and families by duped .

  7. Poor service and explanation of how the system of delivery in UK works. No forward notice of trying to take money from bank account (unauthorised)…………. over £500, Boxes and packaging always ripped open, ignorant staff. The list goes on. Buyer in UK BEWARE!!

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