How Well Does InstaHang Really Work?

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Does the InstaHang work?If you’ve always gotten fed up with hanging pictures and other items around your house, you probably don’t have an InstaHang yet. It can be hard trying to drive a nail or screw into the wall, getting it right where you want it, and having it be sturdy enough to hold what you want hung. The promise of the InstaHang is that you don’t have to struggle any more, and that just about anybody can use it with ease. So we put it to the test to see if it lives up to these promises.

This is a pretty innovative new tool that offers a solution to using a hammer and nails, or relying on adhesive hooks to hang up anything and everything you can think of. It supposedly saves you time and money because you won’t be damaging your walls, and you won’t have to worry about things falling off the wall. You’ll find it handy if you like to decorate your home, if you have a remodeling project coming up, if you just want to be more organized, or just as a way to simplify your life and make things a little easier.

The Claim
The makers of InstaHang say that it’s easy to use: all you have to do is place it flush up against a wall, push the button and that’s it you’ve got it hung. They say that it pretty much replaces the use of a hammer, and nails, wires or hooks that you’d normally be using to hang things around the home. Another advantage they mention is that the pegs it uses only leave a small pinhole, so you won’t be leaving pencil sized holes from large nails, just to hang a picture.

They say that their pegs are pretty unique. They have a “super grip” which puts them at an upward angle so that it can effectively hold up a 10 pound object. They say it won’t slip so you don’t have to worry about what you hang up crashing to the floor. There’s even a level right on it, so you can make sure that you get your pictures hung perfectly the first time. When it’s time to take the picture down, there’s a peg remover that pops them right out.

The Hype
The hype is that they make it look so easy in the infomercial, and you know that when it comes to these As Seen on TV products that most of them don’t live up to their hype, and don’t work at home the same way they show them working on TV. Either they use camera trickery, or clever editing, or create the ideal situation in the ad, and it just doesn’t translate to using it in your own home in your own situation.

The Cost
The InstaHang is $31, which gets you everything you’ll need in order to use it in your own home. It’s easy to get drawn in by the $15 price, but you have to factor in the shipping and handling not only on the InstaHang unit but also on the bonus. You end up with a laser level tape measure and 50 extra tacks so you can use the InstaHang twice as much.

The Commitment
This is very easy to use, and compared to hanging things using other methods, it should actually represent less commitment on your part. When you think about all the time it takes to do a lousy job with a hammer and nails, it is refreshing to think that you can just use something like this and with one smack you’re all set and can move on to the next task.

We saw the ad on TV and we just had to get one of our reviewers to put the InstaHang through its paces and give us the verdict. She said that it works just like it’s shown to in the infomercial, and actually demonstrated how easy it is by hanging an actual picture in one of her bedrooms. This picture was over her head, and if you’ve ever tried to hit a nail on the head when it is well over your reach you know it is no easy task.

Our reviewer shows the InstaHang in action:
Seeing is believing, and the InstaHang passed the test. It comes with plenty of hooks, so if you’ve ever wanted to hang something, but didn’t have the right tools, you’ll finally get it where you want it. You can also go around your house and quickly rehang any questionable nails you have so that you can have peace of mind that they’re stable and secure.

Final InstaHang Review

The InstaHang got put to the test and passed with flying colors. Checking other reviews we see that they came to the same conclusion as we did. There are some complaints lodged with the ordering process, but none with the product itself. As long as you know you’re total cost is going to be around $31 you shouldn’t be too surprised.

Our Recommendation
Pick up the InstaHang and keep it handy for all of your picture hanging needs. It really can help you transform your bathroom or bedroom, making it look much better with some nice decorations or pictures. Be careful when ordering from sites other than the official website, as there are cheap knock-offs being sold that don’t work, and there are also refill kits being sold for less that claim to be the full kit.

What do you think? Does InstaHang work or not?

23 Customer Reviews on “How Well Does InstaHang Really Work?

  1. Just rubbish I could not even work out how it loads? Plenty of stupid vids saying it is wonderful but no easy how to use anything. Shoddy product from shoddy people!

  2. My doesn’t work try ed everything nothing comes out:( help troubleshoot pls

  3. It has a “balancer”?!!! Its called a “Level”. If you are going to do a review you should learn the terminology first.

  4. I just bought this and put in one staple/pin and the second one is jammed. Can’t get it in or out. Tried taking it apart and doesn’t seem like you can without breaking it. Waste of money!!!!

  5. Glad I read your comments, as this product does claim to be some kind of miracle worker. While the commercials are certainly intriguing, it is the actual user reviews that I seek to get the truth about items like this one that are sold on TV. It is a shame that it does not work as promised, though, as it does seem like a really great and super convenient idea. Hanging things using traditional nails is no fun at all, but it does seem to be the only tried-and-true method that has worked for me, despite all these products on the market that claim to make the process simpler while failing every time.

  6. My husband bought the InstaHang for me as I always have a problem trying to hang my pictures. It looks great on TV. The problem is that the InstaHang doesn’t always go all the way into the wall and you have to finish off by using a hammer. The point in purchasing the InstaHang is to just press and done. The good thing if there is one is that it gets the hanger into the wall, but you still need to use a hammer. For the cost of over thirty dollars you can go to the hardware store and purchase nails and a hammer for under five buck. An expensive start to hanging a picture is what you get with the InstaHang.

  7. My husband and I have moved three times in the last year and let me just say that I ABSOLUTELY hate hanging photos and frames. I never seem to measure it accurately and I always have to try multiple times before I get it right. InstaHang must have been created by an individual who suffers from the same things I suffer from because it is like an answer to my prayers. It is incredibly easy to use and contains various nail sizes so that you can utilize it for different weights and sizes in frames. The all around total cost is not too bad. I’m happy to pay a little more for the convenience.

  8. Instahang was a waste of money. My husband wanted me to buy it so I did, It sat for about 6 months and I needed to hang something so he remembered he had it. First we couldn’t get it load then when we finally did it broke. Cheap plastic. Told him it was a waste of money so I will never buy this kind of crap again.

  9. Instahang…Does.NOT work…three people I know could not get one nail in the wall…& a tv. Station here zn kansas city tested it they gave it to three different house holds. & it didn’t. Work for them either. It is rxspencive. A nice $3 hammer & some cheap nails work just great & Au.lways has!!!

  10. We bought the Instahang plus 2 refill kits at a local store in the As Seen On TV section in order to hang a huge amount of mirrors, pictures, and such on the walls in a home bar we had just done. We have SHEETROCK!!! I do not recommend this for sheetrock. The Instahang barely drove the staple into the wall so we used a hammer to finish the job on each and merrily went on our way to complete the project… Till it came time to refill it! The spring got stuck and stretched so back it broke. I will continue to use what is left out of our refill kits but wont be buying anymore. I’m hoping others have had better luck with this as the concept is great, just not the unit itself.

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