Do Instant 20/20 Glasses Really Work?

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Do Instant 2020 glasses work?Instant 20/20 glasses are supposed to help you see better by letting you dial the glasses to your preferred setting.

If you’ve ever stood at a rack of reading glasses trying to decide which level of magnification you needed, you probably wished someone would make a pair of adjustable readers so you could simply change them to what you needed.

The Claim
The makers of Instant 20/20 claim that you just dial them in, and you can see instantly what you couldn’t before. They say they’re good for a multitude of situations, including watching TV, reading the newspaper or books, doing arts and crafts and other hobbies, sporting events, and more. They say if you ever break your glasses or lose a contact you’ll need something to function as a temporary back up, and these work for that too.

They caution that these shouldn’t be used while driving, or while operating anything big and potentially lethal. They also disclose that these won’t help with astigmatism, and that you should have your eyes checked by your eye doctor. They say you can get these without a prescription, and that they’re far less expensive than name brand frames.

The Hype
We’re seeing more and more products marketed at the baby boomer generation, and this trend is only expected to continue as there will be millions and millions of people with the same problems, leading to huge markets with disposable income to burn. What this means for you if you’re a baby boomer: you have to be doubly cautious about what you buy because there is a mad dash of new companies and new products and not all of them will be reputable and provide quality products.

The Cost
The cost of Instant 20/20 is $40 per pair, which includes shipping. These are pricier by far than many reading glasses, but offer the distinct advantage of being adjustable, so they should be the last pair you’ll need, and they should provide better eyesight than what you’d get with a cheap pair of off-the-rack readers.

The Commitment
You only use these when you want, and they should provide a better experience than ordinary reading glasses that only come in certain magnifying strengths.

Instant 20/20 says that they’re the first adaptive eyewear to hit the market, and we haven’t seen anything else exactly like it. They admit that the glasses aren’t quite attractive, and that might be the main drawback to them, but if you’re using them mostly at home or at a sporting even where nobody is looking at you anyway, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not as if you’d take these out on a date, or wear them all day at work. Maybe in a later version they’ll spend more effort trying to make them look better, but for now it seems they focused on getting them to work right.

What totally sold us on it is the ability to correct the acuity for each lens. That’s huge, as most of the time your vision will vary depending on the eye. Some people have just one really weak eye and one relatively strong one. This is why wearing ordinary glasses can be worse for your eyes, as it weakens the strong one. But here each eye is getting just what it needs to bring it back to perfect vision. That’s pretty great, and is essentially what the eye doctor is doing when he has you look through that machine and switch out the different lenses. Of course this is no substitute for that process, but it’s still cool.

It’s not everyday that you see an On TV product that seems like they really did some quality inventing, but these glasses seem to measure up. What’s nice is that they don’t inflate the offer by making you buy two of them, and it’s sold straight up at $40 a pair. Want two pair? That’ll be $80. Those sorts of gimmicks are just used to make sure that the company will make money if you return them. In this instance the shipping cost is only 25% of the purchase, which is within reason.

Final Instant 20/20 Review

Instant 20/20 is getting our Thumbs Up rating, as long as you understand what they are for and don’t buy them under false pretenses. Even though it’s clearly stated many times on their site that these are not meant to replace prescription glasses, or remove the need of a professional eye exam, many will buy these for this exact hope. What these are good for is a handy pair of reading glasses, or glasses to have around the home for certain uses, not as long-term replacements of your regular glasses.

In that regard they outdo reading glasses because you can set each lens separately, and get the exact acuity that you want, instead of having to settle for a pair of standard glasses where one eye might need more or less magnification than the other. The price is set up so that if they aren’t what you’re expecting you’ll get the majority of the money back and

Our Recommendation
These are a great for those that simply can’t get by without their glasses. Having a backup for $40 is doable for most people, and makes a lot of sense. You may even find that they become your go-to glasses due to the way you can zero in on just the right levels. Either way, with the guarantee in place and the good feedback, this is a strong buy.

Official Website: Instant 20/20

What do you think? Does Instant 20/20 work or not?

26 Customer Reviews on “Do Instant 20/20 Glasses Really Work?

  1. You should have turned them around , and then looked at your ill-kempt gardenn .. Everythnig woujld be smaller, giving you less ho’s to row .. ERRRR i mean: less rows to hoe !!!!

  2. Davy Jones – a medical site? Really? I came here looking for reviews on the “dial vision glasses” just like everyone else did. I learned what I needed to about the product – I’m sure other visitors did as well. The website is called *does it really work* – that doesn’t sound like a medical website to me. There was nothing wrong with Charles Smith’s comment, it was intended to give people a laugh – and he definitely succeeded there. YOU sir, are the problem. Too bad a sense of humor can’t be purchased – you desperately need one.

  3. Thanks–that settles it–I’m going to buy a pair for starting fires-when I’m go camping–and when reading my newspaper so when it goes up into flames and I am maimed for life with 3rd degree burns I can sue the co. and make millions—Give me a break–!!!!

  4. With two lenses per eye (the stationary lens and the moving lens), when I view an area which contains a light source (like TV, computer monitor, into sunlight, etc.) I see reflections or maybe refractions (bands like looking through a glass bottle). In dark areas the glasses are sort of OK. Also, dust can get between the stationary lens and the moving lens. That dust cannot be cleaned.

  5. Why does the site moderate my nice comment, but allow profanity and insults from another?

  6. You are so lucky the sun was behind you and not in front of you, you could have burned your face.

  7. In your evaluation, you refer to these glasses as “reading” glasses. Please note that these particular adjustable lenses (“Instant 20/20”) work for both close-up and distance sight. They are for near-sightedness and for far-sightedness. Thanks.

  8. Their claim to be the only adjustable lenses on the planet, as they say in their infomercial, is false. Eyejusters, which work on the exact same principle, have been around for a while, and they LOOK much, much better than these you’ve reviewed. They actually look GOOD, and they’re in the same price range, too.

    If I had the need for different strengths in each eye for reading, I’d buy two $2 matching pairs and swap lenses.

    And if I need glasses to correct nearsightedness, I’ll buy a $7 pair from Zenni.

    I’m not going to waste my money on these.

  9. I paid $40.00 and when i opened the box there was paperwork but no glaases. The Co. has not done anything .

  10. I looked into the Superfocus glasses and was turned off by the price ($800). In the HP tech museum in San Jose California there was on display a set of glasses with lenses that could be individually adjusted using water pumped into them with a syringe. Unfortunately they were for 3rd world countries and not available for purchase. I can’t believe this issue of glasses being individually adjustable has not been addressed before now. I’ll try these new “Instant 20/20” glasses and see how they work out.

  11. I would pay $40 for them …. the cheap ones in the supermarket or pharmacy have the same strength in both lenses and the only way they could help me would for me to buy 2 pairs and swap the lense from one to the other. It doesn’t work! They are cheap so cannot be manipulated.

  12. 29 August 2013 order # 6627- 11743 invoice no. 11743 ship date 8/8/2013

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I puchased instant 20/20 glasses and can’t see with them! I can’t adjust for my vision.
    I would like to return the c2 pair of glasses I purchased for an instant refund.

    Thank you,

    Charles T. QuartuccioI

  13. Got 2 pairs for my parents and it works for my dad, especially with his different prescriptions for each eye. Not great for my mom since she has a very high prescription.

    And wow Charles Smith, I’m glad you “through” the paper on time before (God forbid) you got seriously injured and your house went up in flames..
    People (trolls) like you make me sick, when others need help you come in with your nonsense, exaggerated crap which actually some take seriously and take into account. And that is especially sad when it’s done on some type of medical website where people look for answers.
    I only wish it happens to you too in your time of need.

  14. “Instant 20/20 says that they’re the first adaptive eyewear to hit the market, and we haven’t seen anything else exactly like it. ”

    They are not the first adaptive eyewear to hit the market. Superfocus was.

  15. I noticed after putting the glasses on, noticed the lenses focused a pin point beam of sunlight, while relaxing in my lawn chair outside, while reading the newspaper the sports section, I began to smell smoke and noticed the paper went up in flames which luckily i through down before getting burned.

  16. Yeah, these probably wouldn’t work for me…I doubt they go as high as my eyeglass prescription of -9! I think these are meant to be more like reading glasses for people who only need them occasionally. They don’t look too super stylish, not enough that you would want to wear them at all times or even when you’re outside. I don’t know, I’ve seen some pretty nice reading glasses in stores (and wished my prescription strength was low enough that I could just pick up my glasses over the counter at a pharmacy or supermarket!) so I don’t think people would want to pay $40 for these.

  17. I have low vision. I would love to test a pair of these instant 20\20 glasses for myself and other visual impaired people. Products made for us are always verry expenive.

  18. I really like these glasses. I realize however that they can only be made to certain powers. However, I have set another pair of glasses over the 20/20’s I have been wearing just as an experiment. I found that the maginification was incredible and I could read things well beyond what I should have been able to do. As a result I have a question. Is it possible to make these glasses as a clip on over other glasses. Or, could you make a clip on which would fit the 20/20 frames. This way you could continue to sell at the powers you sell, but allow for the people who are say, right at the edge of the reading prescription. Whatever you do, I am going to find a way to make a clip on for the 20/20’s I have purchased. Love the product either way.

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