Does Amazing Arms Really Work?

Does Amazing Arms Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Amazing Arms work?Amazing Arms is marketed as an instant slimming garment that covers your arms from wrists right up to your shoulders. It’s a way to get the coverage you want, without having to wear a full body slimmer, but how well does it stay in place, is it comfortable, and does it work?

The arms can be a tough spot to get looking the way you want them to because they can be hindered by any number of problems, including wrinkles, excess fat, saggy skin, and blemishes. They don’t typically get as much attention as the face, but they are a noticeable part of your overall experience, and under the wrong circumstances can attract negative attention.

The Claim
The makers of Amazing Arms say you can go from flabby to fabulous in mere seconds, and that you can get thinner and slimmer arms in an instant. It’s important to note that they are referring to your appearance here, and not the actual shape that your arms are in, which will remain the same.

The Hype
Many body slimming products out there get a lot of attention due to the instant slimming they provide, and are definitely riding a trend in recent years. Some people use them to cover up troublesome areas, while others use them as a catalyst to more physical activity and better eating habits, and reap the benefits of instant compliments and an improved appearance. But unless you are treating the underlying problem, this is just a temporary fix, and when you take them off you’ll be back to square one unless you are actively working on a permanent or longer term fix.

The Cost
Amazing Arms cost $35 for a three-pack which includes black, white, and lacy black. This less than $12 each with delivery included. Not bad as far as pricing goes, especially when compared to competing slimwear from major brands like Spanx. They have a 30 day money back guarantee on the $20 that represents the actual purchase price, the other $15 is shipping charges.

The Commitment
They really drive home that you don’t really have to do much of anything other than put these on. This is in contrast to dieting and exercising to try to firm up your arms, or getting surgical procedures like liposuction and skin tucks to improve the appearance. The drawback is that you’ll just be covering them up, so it’s not too feasible for the summertime when it’s simply not possible to wear long-sleeve garments.

Amazing Arms is interesting because it has the sole purpose of just making your arms look better. Spanks focuses on the legs so much, and there are many body shapers that work to slim down all of the other areas including the back midsection, and arms, but this is one that is just for your arms. At the same time, if you are having issues with other body parts as well, it might be better to kill more birds with one stone than to take this myopic approach. If your arms are your only trouble point, there’s no point in overkill.

The back of the unit helps to slim down any back bulges you might have as well, so you’re getting extra coverage than just the arms. Basically it wears like a bra, but with arm extensions, so you’re getting coverage on some of the most important areas without feeling like a human sausage in a full body suit.

Most people say it fits well, and they like that it leaves your neckline uncovered so it looks like you don’t have anything to hide. Some slimming tops make it look like you’re encased in it, and can’t show off anything. This at least lets you show off a necklace and your d├ęcolletage, and if paired with the right top looks very natural and sexy.

One thing that users of body shapers like these complain about is the psychological effect of taking them off. It can be nice putting them on and feeling better about the way you look while you’re wearing them, but taking them off can be another feeling altogether. It’s akin to Cinderella turning back to her real self at midnight, and the illusion is up. It can lead to feelings of lower self worth if you’re letting your self-image rise and fall with the clothes you’re wearing. Just be sure you’re wearing it for the right reasons, and not trying to skirt a long-term issue with an article of clothing, no matter how helpful it is.

Final Amazing Arms Review

Amazing Arms is getting our Solid Try rating because it’s a one-stop fix for all sorts of things that might be wrong with your arms. It coordinates well with many different outfits, as long as the season is right, and it help you get a jump start on looking the way you want to if you’ve started to work on the physical condition of your arms and don’t have the results quite yet.

The pricing structure is nearing the danger zone with $20 being the original purchase price and $15 being the shipping charges. This is one way for some companies to make sure that they’re still making a profit even if every single customer returns the product. But in this case it seems that more people end up keeping their slimwear than return it, so in all likelihood you’ll be set.

Our Recommendation
If your arms are the bane of your existence, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for, at a price you can live with.

What do you think? Does Amazing Arms work or not?


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