Does the Instant Fisherman Really Work?

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Does the Instant Fisherman work?The Instant Fisherman is a rod that claims to be ready any time and any place you need it. Compared to your traditional rods, this one would require less time setting up the reel, and more time fishing, that is, if it works. We checked out this ready-when-you-are fishing rod to see if it lives up to its own hype.

Fishing is a pastime enjoyed by many men, and a few women. It can be really relaxing being out on the water, or just casting from the shore or a riverbank. The thrill of getting a bite is a lot of fun, and feeling the tug from a big fish will make you wonder who is going to win the battle. But having to set up and fuss with a regular fishing pole can take some of the fun out of it, and takes your attention away from the actual fishing. For some, it can be so frustrating that they end up not fishing as often as they’d like.

The Claim
The Instant Fisherman claims that it is strong enough to catch any type of fish, that it’s lightweight, and that it is precisely balanced so that you can cast with ease. They say that with the way it snaps together easily, and folds up compactly that you can get going and pack up faster than you ever could before.

This would be great news for those times when you get the urge to go fishing, but you don’t have a lot of time for it. Sometimes you can’t dedicate an entire day to go fishing, and a quick trip is all you can muster. If you spend the majority of that short time getting your rod ready, you’ll only have a few brief memories of the time you actually spent fishing. This rod hopes to change all of that.

The Hype
They exaggerate a bit when trying to brainstorm the places that you might need a fishing rod, and even suggest putting it in your golf bag, just in case. Unless you see some trophy size fish in a water hazard, we can’t see why you’d want to combine the two activities.

The Cost
The cost of the Instant Fisherman is a grand total of $63.74, which gets you two rods delivered to your door for a per rod price of $31.87. Grab a buddy to go in on it with you if you don’t really need two of them. Some people get the $19.99 price stuck in their head and are surprised at what the total comes to.

The Commitment
This should make your fishing trips easier, and more enjoyable, and allow more of your family to get involved with the fun. They say it’s so easy, a child can use it, so you can get your kids involved in something you enjoy and let them see a side of you they might otherwise not. If you can swing the wife to come out on a trip, you’ve now got the family time you want. However, if you use fishing as time away from your family, you might not want to introduce this rod to them.

For as easy as they say it is, it still seems pretty complicated for the total novice. The different setting are designed for different types of fish. The lowest setting is for the bigger, heavier variety, while the highest allows you to feel very subtle movements so you can outsmart them. Reviews on this are mixed, with a slant towards the negative. Many people say that the rod is fine, but the reel is junk. Others say it makes a good rod for trips and on the go, but they wouldn’t consider it as a normal fishing rod. Some love it, and others dismiss it as junk.

They makers of Instant Fisherman say that there is a 10 year replacement guarantee, even if the damage was caused by you, but we were unable to locate the details about how this works. You’ll likely have to pay an additional shipping charge of $12, but we don’t know what the process entails as far as the steps you have to take. They have a toll free customer service line, so it shouldn’t too hard to get your replacement if needed.

Final Instant Fisherman Review

With the fishing tips that come with the rod, the Instant Fisherman is a good buy, or at least a good try. It’s got a 30 trial so take it out and see how you like it, and you can return it if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. They can tout the benefits as much as they want, but you won’t really know if you like it or not until you test it out, see how it casts, see how it reels them in, and see what you catch. Just don’t blame the rod if you don’t end up catching anything. It’s a fishing rod, not a miracle worker so if they fish just aren’t biting, be sure to give it another go a different day.

Our Recommendation
If you’re an avid fisherman that is looking for a reasonably priced rod that you can add to your arsenal, this is a pretty good buy. If you’re just starting out in the world of fishing, this should also be a good rod to get you going, as it should reduce your learning curve. If you’ve been wanting to get your family and non-fisherman friends interested in joining you, they might appreciate that you let them use a rod that isn’t so complicated.

Official Website: Instant Fisherman

What do you think? Does Instant Fisherman work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does the Instant Fisherman Really Work?

  1. Received 2 pocket fishermen for Christmas gift. Did not go fishing until June 1. Very disappointed. Caught fish and could not reel it in,,,,reel skipped and skipped . I need phone number to call for replacement .

  2. I have purchased two rods and for years I have used them as part of my walking routine, I walk roughly 3 miles with a backpack, then sit down to fish for about an hour and a half, then walk 3 miles back, I love it, it cast remarkably well, and I find it very sensitive, I am 84 years of age

  3. I am needing to get ahold of this company as I purchased mine a few yes ago and one not even out of box yet . Took it out and it screwed up after a few casts and my other one lost a pin on the reel and the 800 number is no longer in service . I would like to have them replaced!! Any info?

  4. I bought the Instant Fisherman for my husband who loves fishing. I thought that would be great for him to carry in his truck, then anytime he wants to pull over and fish he could. My husband absolutely loves his. He took his took work and four co-workers fell in love with it and had me order them one as well. You can’t get an expensive fishing pole for this price, but you can get a descent one and this is great for those who want to have it in their truck for that instant fishing urge. I think it’s a great product and a great price.

  5. The Instant Fisherman is a complete rip off. I paid over $100 for that and when I received it , it was broken. It made of a bunch of plastic parts. When I took it to an outdoors shop they said it was worth nothing and could not believe I paid over $100 for that piece of junk. When I called Instant Fisherman, they refused to discuss my order with me until I found the old phone number I used when I purchased the piece of junk. When I told them about how it was broken when I took it out the box they told me they would replace it for $14 plus another $13 to ship it back to them; therefore I had to pay another $27 to get it replaced. I will report them to the BBB also.

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