Does Light Relief Really Soothe Aches and Pains?

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Does Light Relief work?Light Relief promises to be the cure for all of those various aches and pains you get. It basically functions like a heating pad, except that it uses infrared light to do its job. Many people tout the benefits of using infrared, and far infrared light on the body, but is this something that really works, or is it just something cooked up by the alternative medicine community?

If you’ve got miscellaneous aches and pains, you’re probably looking for an all natural solution so you don’t have to take pain medication every day. And while you don’t want to be dependent on painkillers, you also don’t want to use a device that could be potentially harmful either. The Light Relief system is basically a high tech heating pad, but it’s supposedly using infrared in order to sooth your muscles and joints, and provide added circulation to these areas.

The Claim
Light Relief says you can relieve pain and stiffness basically anywhere on the body quickly with their therapeutic system. All of the claims they make include the word temporary, so they are very upfront about the fact that this is not the cure for any condition. They are basically providing temporary relief, the same kind that you’d get from a heating pad, but using infrared light, which may or may not be better for you than other heating elements.

The Hype
The hype comes from this using infrared lighting to produce the heat. Some all natural promoters say that infrared light has special properties to it that can help the body. For example, many sauna manufacturers are now using infrared light instead of conventional heating units, and saying that it’s healthier for you because it penetrates the tissues in your body and warms you throughout.

The Cost
Light Relief is $100 including shipping, and they break it up into two $40 payments, but you’ll have the $20 shipping charge on your first payment. They give you a full 60 days to try it out, so you don’t have to fret if you’ve made the right decision or not. With something like this there has to be a trial period, or no one would want to buy it.

The Commitment
They say that all you have to do is hold the Light Therapy device on the spot that ails you, and the machine will do the rest. In order to make it easier for you, there is a strap you can use to hold it in place, for example on your shoulder or your back. This would mean you just have to get it where you want it, and then you can enjoy another activity, like reading a book or watching TV, while it heats up the area.

There are mixed reviews for Light Relief, but it is slanted toward favorable. With a product like this you can expect there to be a divide, because there are varying levels of pain, as well as certain conditions that can’t be treated with this but people will expect it to anyway. There are also a considerable number of people saying that you should not buy this, and that it doesn’t work at all. We tried to get to the bottom of it.

Is This a Scam?
A lot of people are saying that this is a scam, and that the company behind it is shady. They say that the product is a rip off and that you shouldn’t try it at all. We spoke with their customer service to try to get to the bottom of these accusations, and they were pretty adamant that they are not a scam. But of course, what else would they say? Scam is such an easy word to throw around if you’re disgruntled with a product, but you have to take into consideration that there will be faulty units, because these are probably made overseas, and there will also be competitors selling knock offs.

Works for Arthritis
The one condition that most people were in agreement on was arthritis. They said that it worked well for aching hands and other joints. It’s easy to see why adding heat to the area would help, especially if you live in a cold climate, and your arthritis acts up when it’s cold. The infrared nature of the product is also at play here, and you wouldn’t get the same sort of relief from an ordinary heating pad.

Final Light Relief Review

There’s no way for us to speak on this product’s ability to treat your specific condition, so we evaluated it from a safety aspect and are giving it the go ahead for an at-home trial. You basically are just risking the $20 shipping fee to try it out, and they give you 2 months to use it and see if it has the desired effect. Be sure to deal direct with the manufacturer on this one, because if you find it for much less somewhere else there’s no way you can be sure it’s the same thing.

Our Recommendation
If you have arthritis, we recommend picking this up, because that’s where it seems to shine. If you have any other condition, this may or may not work for you. It seems that there isn’t a huge hassle in getting your money back. You will be out the $20 shipping fee and an $8 restocking fee, but that’s pretty typical with most return policies.

Official Website: Light Relief

What do you think? Does Light Relief work or not?

18 Customer Reviews on “Does Light Relief Really Soothe Aches and Pains?

  1. I used it for my shoulder and it really worked. I was pain-free. Will buy another one as my machine no longer works.

  2. I bought one in July 2010, and often use it on hand, wrist & wrap the flexible pad around my elbow.
    Lesser amounts of ‘stiffness’ ~pain in those parts after using. I suppose arthritis, but had discomfort that is reduced by pressing the infrared lamps onto/touching the places.
    I would find a way to pay for it again. 🙂

  3. I have had the device for several years and I will tell this thing WORKS. I have had many reasons to use this. Most recently I suffered a upper abdominal injury…I was in great pain for 2 days, as soon as I used the device for a few treatments I felt relief for the first time in days.

  4. I just recently purchased after my friend let me try hers for my post knee surgery pain. I had knee surgery 2 months ago where they removed a significant amount of meniscus tissue. I stopped my medications cause they were no longer working and causing side affects. I didn’t think this light would do anything but after even an hour of using it my swelling and pain had gone down significantly. This could not just be from heat relief as I have used a heating pad which actually aggravated it even more with the swelling. I went online later that night to buy one and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. My knee is healing much faster and have a lot more relief.

  5. Well I have to say I am purchasing another one the first my son has.. I am someone that really resists pharmaceuticals.. I used my light therapy not really expecting it to work… oh my word.. I do not think I could have made a better purchase.. it did not take my pain away completely but next to it… I love it

  6. I bought one a few years ago and used it a few times. Just took a 3 week trip to Greece with family. Put it in my packed items without too much thought. I was in a cave and walked straight ahead. I dropped suddenly about 3.5 ft on my right leg. Very painful. I could not walk without the shoulders of my husband and son. My foot felt damaged on one side.. My leg, knee and arm. I spent the whole next night switching the light sensor on all over the spots. And bought an ankle brace. Along with
    Arnica. I continued to use it for several days. I
    Am grateful that I took it along. It saved my leg and trip. I have some residual foot pain at times so I need to use it more.

  7. I have had mine for over 15 years. It still works great. I use it on my achy hands and feet and my knees and shoulders. I also propped it on support pillows so I can use it on my injured back./they say not to lie on it so I don’t.

    One thing never mentioned in review is that you can use with or without the heat and that ahs 3 settings. I use it without most of the time and get the great results I wanted. I originally got it for my hands which have a disease called Dupuytrans disease. It works for that and the arthritis. I highly recommend you give it a try.

  8. My husband had a torn rotorcuff in his shoulder and the doctor said it needed surgery. After hearing my husband complain of pain for weeks, finally ordered Light Relief from an informercial. After about using faithfully 3 weeks the pain was gone and the tear healed. So pleased. We have used it for many pains since then. After about a dozen years the lights no longer work. Will look for another one.

  9. I love it. It works great. Does what it claims to do. I was lucky and bought it at a yard sale and saved about 99% on it.

  10. dose it work it dose I broke my neck in 2004 lots of pain and stiffness in my neck I got mine from a shopping network and it work. My neck would sound like there lots of cracking and stiffness in my neck after using this for a week the noise and stiffness is gone I use mine almost every day on all mine aches and muscle pain. All u have to do is try it and u will like it . worth the money.

  11. i forgot to say that i had trouble with the adapter and they had sent me a new one. I think the company is now out of business now because i cannot find the large pad any where.

  12. i have had mine for several years now and use it for many things. Right now i am using it for rib pain from so much coughing. It even eased my inside pain from chest/bronchial infection. It actually loosened the tightness in my bronchial tubes. i am finally resting after two days of constant coughing

    i am looking for one of the large pads because the wire going into my pad broke. i don’t blame this on the company, for price it is made really well, but things wear out.

  13. I bought a unit at least five years ago. I suffer from an auto immune condition that causes an occasional flare up of painful joints similar to arthritis. It was very helpful. If you are expecting instant total relief you will be disappointed. But a flare up is abbreviated using this. Recently I injured my foot and was told it may require physical therapy and or light therapy by my orthopedist. So I’d say there must be some advantage to light therapy.

  14. I have lost the owners manual. My unit does not produce heat, and I would like to check any possible trouble shooting that I could do.
    If you could email anything that would help me to be sure it is working correctly I would appreciate it.
    thank you

  15. I use Light Therapy and it does help take away pain and the tightness I feel in my neck and back.I have been getting epidural shots for inflammation in my back for years and I think this machine helps extend my procedure dates. I’m thankful for this machine and its easy to use.

  16. I can see how this would work just based on the heating aspect, because heat helps me with a lot of aches and pains, from back pain to menstrual cramps to muscle soreness. I don’t know much about infrared light’s ability to ease pain, but it appears from Rhonda and Davietta’s reviews that it does work. I think, though, that with the steep price commitment, you would need to be having major or continual pain in order for it to be worth trying this out. I guess the costs could be recovered in terms of less pain medication being taken or less heating pads being bought.

  17. I purchased the Light relief as I suffer with a lot of neck and back pain. I take many different medications, but still get no relief. I was skeptical because the price is a hundred dollars, but I started using it and it really does help. It hasn’t taken the pain away completely, but I have noticed some relief. I use it in the morning before I start my day, then in the evening so I can relax and sleep. It is easy to use. I’ve only been using this for a couple of weeks and it does help. I am hoping in time that it will work enough to get me off some of the pain medications.

  18. I have used the light and I can truely say that is a great device and yes it really works. I had sever knee pain; I used the light twice a day and I don’t have any pain and I don’t use the light any more. I also had a joint knot from arthritis and my finger would lock up; I used the light twice a day now the knot is gone and no more finger locking. I also us it when I perform therapy on my patient’s and they love it.

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