Do Mizu Pods Really Keep Plants and Flowers Watered?

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Do Mizu Pods work?Mizu Pods are a pretty unique way to keep your plants watered, without really thinking about them too often. They are supposed to increase in size when you add water to them, hold that water, and release it to your plants and flowers as they need it. This would reduce your involvement down to a few minutes every month. This would be great for those that forget to water their plants, but does it really work?

Mizu is the Japanese word for water, which is how it got it’s name. Whether or not the technology behind it came from Japan, we’re not quite sure. It’s pretty remarkable that they’ve come up with something that retains so much water, and then time releases it over a period longer than a month. You’d think it would dry up sooner than that, or that it would just trap the water indefinitely.

The Claim
Mizu Pods make quite a few claims for such a small and simple product. They say that you won’t have to worry about your plants and flowers getting the water they need for weeks at a time. They also say that you can reuse the balls again and again, just by reactivating them in water.

They also say that they grow fifty times bigger than their original size, holding all that moisture in to slowly let it out over time. They say that it not only serve to keep plants watered, but it can be used to hold flowers in place by bracing the stem in the vase. They also claim that with the assortment of colors you receive, that it can help with the presentation of your plants and flowers.

The Cost
$24 gets you 2 five packs of Mizu Pods which includes shipping. Seeing how you can refill and reuse these again and again, it’s not a bad one-off purchase.

The Commitment
These should provide you with less hassle when it comes to watering your plants and flowers, as it has sort of a set and forget nature to it. If you’re used to watering your plants daily, you might have to break yourself of the routine and get used to tending to them less often. If you like them, but don’t want to go through the apparent hassle of reusing them, you might have to commit to placing a regular order.

Mizu Pods are great if you will be leaving your home for an extended trip, because they can keep plants watered for a month and a half. They’re basically little ball shaped sponges that soak up the water, and then are designed to release that water gradually. If you’ve ever given or received fresh cut flowers, you know how hard it is to keep them watered, and to keep them from withering so quickly. Submerging them in water actually gives them too much, so Mizu Pods are good at giving them the right amount and maintaining the correct moisture level.

These do lead one to wonder if the water is actually making it to your plant, or just evaporating over time. Also, they say you can reuse them, but if you are putting them in a potted plant, and they return to their original small size, wouldn’t that entail fishing around in the soil for bb sized balls? Doesn’t sound like a great way to spend the afternoon.

The Proper Way to Water Your Plants
Most plants don’t need to be watered the traditional way every day, so you might have been overwatering or underwatering them before. You should check what the recommended watering schedule is for a particular plant, and try to go with that. One rule of thumb for indoor plants is to give them a drink whenever their outside counterparts get one. When it’s a rainy day, water your plants. If you live in a climate that doesn’t get its fair share of rain, like Arizona or Las Vegas, you’ll have to develop a routine and be sure to stick with it. That’s why having something like Mizu Pods comes in handy, because it takes the guesswork out of the whole process.

Final Mizu Pods Review

Mizu Pods have a clever concept, but there are a few inherent flaws to them. They would work best for cut flowers in a glass vase if you want to reuse the pods. But for potted plants in soil we recommend going with Aqua Globes to get the same result without having to get your hands dirty.

Our Recommendation
You can try Mizu Pods, or you can go with Aqua Globes as a way to keep your plants watered. These are designed to release just a bit of water on a regular basis so your plants get a consistent supply. A combination would also work well, since Aqua Globes aren’t really good for cut flowers in vases.

What do you think? Does Mizu Pods work or not?

Customer Review on “Do Mizu Pods Really Keep Plants and Flowers Watered?

  1. Both the mizu pods and aqua globes look very nice. We have flower arrangements and pots all around the house and it becomes kind of tough to look after all of them every day. I don’t want to get rid of any one of them and I’ll probably increase their number, so I’ll probably have a few set up with mizu pods. I enjoy watering the plants too so most of them will stay as they are.

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