Does the Instant Trainer Really Work?

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Does The Instant Trainer Leash work?The Instant Trainer dog leash says that you can instantly turn your dog from a puller into a walker. If you’re tired of having your dog walk you instead of the other way around, you have probably tried a number of ways to get them to calm down and just enjoy the walk. But can a simple design like this really do the trick and make walking the dog a breeze?

A lot of dog owners have trouble keeping their pet under control on their walks. It’s hard to blame the dog because of course they’re excited, there’s so many smells to smell and sights to see on a walk that they tend to get a little overexcited. It’s not as if you’re asking them not to enjoy themselves, but the constant tugging can be a real drag when it comes to getting motivated to take them for a walk. This seems to be the answer, so we checked in to how people are responding to it when they try it on their pets.

The Claim
The Instant Trainer claims that your dog won’t pull or tug on the leash, or try to run and have you hold them back. They say that the way it works is by putting firm yet gentle pressure on the dog’s middle area so that they realize it’s in their best interest to just have a leisurely stroll. They say that it is veterinarian and trainer approved, which gives the feeling that this is a humane way to go, and isn’t causing your dog much pain, especially when they walk at a normal pace.

The Hype
The hype comes from so many people out there having a similar problem with walking their dog, and having so many products come out before this promising a fix. Any time a product comes along that shows a promise for helping a lot of people, there is going to be some buzz around it, at least in the dog owner community.

The Cost
For $26 you get a set of two Instant Trainers, plus they throw in some sticky rollers so you can get the dog hair off your clothes and furniture.

The Commitment
The major commitment that it going to come from you is learning how to put it on. You’ll have to come up with your own system for how to get it on correctly so that it is fitting right and doing what it’s supposed to do. Aside from that you’re are supposed to be able to walk your dog like normal and

They say the Instant Trainer is approved by vets, and it is easy to see that this is much more humane than a choke color that puts a lot of strain on their necks, sometimes to the point where they are actually getting choked. Compared to a body harness this works at not giving them more tugging ability. When you use a harness they are just able to pull more, since they are not being choked and they have more leverage.

The other thing that you have to remember is that there isn’t anything that you need to do in order to get this to work, aside from putting it on and walking like normal. Your dog should make the adjustments in just a few minutes once they realize that when they tug on the leash things tighten up in their midsection.

One thing that people seem to agree on is that it’s not as easy to put this on as is shown in the video. The directions leave a little too much to figure out on your own, and if you have a squirmy dog that doesn’t like to sit still you might be in for quite a battle. Nonetheless, once it’s on it is getting decent reviews on its effectiveness.

We just ordered this and will update this page with our take on how it works in a real world situation and on an actual dog.

Final Instant Trainer Review

The Instant Trainer is getting our Thumbs Up review, but it should be noted that this as the best results on small to medium sized dogs, and if you have a larger dog it might not work as well. You can still try it out because they make a larger size for larger breeds, but just be aware that you might not get as good results.

Our Recommendation
Dogs still need to be able to run every once in a while, so be sure to take them to a dog park or other area where they can get off the leash and have a good open run. This way they’re getting some good exercise and feeling the rush of being truly free.

What do you think? Does Instant Trainer work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does the Instant Trainer Really Work?

  1. I cannot find a single video to show me how to use this… can someone help me please! I can’t figure out how to get it on…

  2. We adopted a Boxer that at 1 year of age is still a very strong, active puppy but 60 lbs. of muscle. I struggled to teach him to “heel” every evening, till I found this training leash on eBay under $5. In just two walks, he’s learned not to pull away from me! The trick is to loop the leash just below his ribcage. Now if I can only get him to stop chewing my gloves. . .

  3. I wanted to try to train one of our dogs and I saw this on TV so I ordered the Instant Trainer. The concept is great as it does keep your dog restrained without choking the dog. I don’t know about breeds of dogs, but for our dog a wiener dog it didn’t work. He never would sit or walk when I tried to train him. He just wanted to do what he wanted to so the Instant Trainer didn’t work for us, but could work for others. It was a twenty-five dollars and we just use it when we take the dog outside for a walk, but not for training.

  4. I like the design, it’s got the best of both worlds in that it won’t hurt my dog and it would work as advertised. By having that freely tightening loop in the mid section of your dog’s body instead of its neck, it gives you more leverage to pull him and your dog less. If it’s a fixed loop in the middle it wouldn’t work as well, but that freely tightening loop is the key I think and this should work well.

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