Do It’s a 10 Hair Care Products Really Work?

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Does It's a 10 Hair Care work?It’s a 10 hair care products have been creating a buzz due to their ability to turn hair around and get it to behave. If you’ve got 99 problems and your hair is one, then you have probably gotten your hopes up before on hair products that were hyped up but didn’t deliver. We’ve been there, and we made a promise that we’d never go back unless we did our due diligence first. And with that, we present to you our review:

Don’t you just wish there were a hair care company out there that tried to solve all of your hair problems? One that was socially conscious enough to support worthy causes, one that didn’t test their products on animals, one that priced their products at an affordable level so you could continue to use them if you liked them. That sort of company is a rare breed these days, but every once in a while we come across one. We looked all over the place but couldn’t find any dirt on them, other than being suspiciously excellent.

The Claim
It’s a 10 claims that all of the products they offer will work on your hair no matter if its straight or curly, thick or fine. They also say that they will condition your hair and give you noticeable results. They can even help strengthen your hair if it’s been stressed out, and you can use it on color treated hair with no problems. For economical shoppers out there, they say that these products can reduce your dependency on a bunch of other products. And finally they say that they’ve been tested out in salons, but they are really easy to use on your own at home.

The Hype
Hair care and beauty products play a double edged game when it comes to hype. People can either get really excited about your product and create a buzz about how well it works, or they can get really disappointed in your product and create a downward spiral of poor feedback. In this case there’s definitely enough awareness building going on, and people are either enjoying this already or wondering if all of the hype is justified or not.

The Cost
Prices for It’s a 10 hair care products are reasonable at the very least. They fall somewhere between high end brands you’ll find being pitched in salons and the budget brands you’ll find on the shelves of most grocery stores and supermarkets. Most users say that the price is definitely right for them, and they’re priced competitively for how well they work. It’s refreshing to see that they’re offering salon-caliber products but not charging salon-inflated prices.

The Commitment
Many of their products are leave in, which means that it makes it that much more convenient to use. If you end up reducing the number of products you use, this could save you a lot of getting ready time. All in all this should reduce the amount of time you spend taming your hair and getting the right look.

The feedback for the It’s a 10 lineup has been resoundingly positive. If you look at the reviews it’s been getting you see what in statistics is known as a long tail. That means that the bulk of the people are giving it either 5 or for stars, with a few stragglers giving it 3 stars, and a few oddballs giving it 1 or 2 stars. With the volume of reviews that have come in, this is statistically significant, and all else being equal there is a 90% chance or higher that you’ll like what you get from them. We definitely like those odds.

What we then noticed was that it’s not just one or two products that people like, but rather their entire portfolio of offerings. This means that you can shop with confidence and try a combination of their products without worrying that they just hit a home run on one or two of them. This is an example of a company that is bringing their A game and putting out products they can be proud of, without taking advantage on the price.

Final It’s a 10 Hair Care Review

It’s a 10 Hair Care products get our Thumbs Up review. The evidence is overwhelming, and the chances of you enjoying them is very high. We’ve looked at a lot of beauty and hair care products and have yet to see ones with such a biased amount of happy users. What you’re seeing is that a lot of people are saying that even with all the hype it still delivers on several of its promises. For some it might live up to their expectations, but for others maybe it was a little too well recommended, but when it’s all said and done most everyone at least likes it.

Our Recommendation
They have a rather extensive line of products, and it’s worth the time spent to read through each of them to get a good idea of what your choices are. By crossing off certain products from your list due to it not being right for you, you’ll eventually come down to a handful of products worth trying. Start with your favorite and go from there. The great thing about hair products is they get used up eventually, so it’s easy to try out new ones and just keep the ones you really like.

What do you think? Does It’s a 10 Hair Care work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Do It’s a 10 Hair Care Products Really Work?

  1. I purchased It’s a 10 Miracle Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. I purchased these products because I wanted to step up to what I believed was better for my hair quality products. After using the shampoo and conditioner daily for approximately one month, my hair has become very dry and unruly. Very lack luster. I am highly disappointed and feel cheated. Retailer refuses to allow me to return the unused portions of the shampoo and conditioner, which means I am OUT $40! Tried getting onto the it’s a 10 website, to voice my displeasure, but unable to register my complaint.

  2. I wouldn’t use any other product. It’s a 10 works well on damaged hair. It’s amazing!

  3. I was also curious and I checked out some user reviews on the web and what I found out is that is that you’ll have a tough time finding negative reviews about the product. I’m talking about user reviews by the way and not reviews by bloggers. Who knows how it’ll work for me but I’ll be giving it a try.

  4. I have a serious hair splitting problem and so far nothing that I’ve used has been much help. Has anyone actually tried the 10 hair care for hair splitting problems? Is one thing to be good at maintaining healthy hair and it’s completely another to restore already damaged hair you know.

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