Do Jumpsoles Really Work?

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Do Jumpsoles really work?If your dream is to join the NBA or just be able to dunk to impress your friends or make the high school team, Jumpsoles want to help you get there. They are specially designed shoe attachments that are supposed to maximize the muscles the help with your vertical leap. There are specific exercises they recommend you do while wearing the shoes, and it’s all supposed to get you jumping higher. But do they really work?

It’s no doubt that some people are just born with a natural ability for jumping. A quick look at some of the NBA greats like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or LeBron James makes it easy to see that they don’t owe their success to something like Jumpsoles. But what about those of us that weren’t born with the natural gift of mad ups? Is it possible to train the body to jump higher, and if so, does a pair of specialty shoe enhancers like Jumpsoles make the process more effective?

The Claim
Jumpsoles says that their specially designed plyometric shoes will increase your vertical anywhere from 5-10 inches or more. They say that they have helped thousands of guys be able to dunk, and that the secret is in plyometrics. However, these aren’t the only platform training shoes out there that shift a lot of the weight and responsibility to your calves.

The Hype
There’s a lot of hype surrounding this, because the desire to have hops like your favorite basketball players is a strong one. But there’s also hype from all of the claims, and all of the videos where they show guys dunking and saying it’s from using Jumpsoles.

The Cost
It’s $100 for the basic version of Jumpsoles, which gets you the shoe attachments and the user manual. You can upgrade to the next level for $50 more and you’ll also get what they call a Proprioceptor which is designed to help strengthen your ankles and feet by creating instability. If you really want to go all out it’s $170 for everything plus they throw in some extra exercise videos and manuals so you can get the edge on everyone else out there. We recommend at least going with the upgrade, and not opting for the basic kit with just the shoes.

You can also add on a jump box, which is a 2 foot by 2 foot stool that is used in several of the exercises shown in the videos. That’s an extra $130. So for $300 you can own everything they make.

The Commitment
Jumpsoles won’t work if you wear them while playing NBA Jam on your Xbox 360, you have to commit to doing all of the workouts, and doing them every day or every other day so your muscles can develop.

Video Testimonials
The official site shows many people providing video testimonials saying that Jumpsoles is the reason they’re able to dunk. They then show several guys dunk basketballs. The assumption is that these are real testimonials, but unfortunately it would be far too easy to find someone that can already dunk and get them to say that they used Jumpsoles to do it.

A better way to promote the product would be to have documented the jumping ability of someone that couldn’t dunk, and then show that same person being able to dunk, or at least jump much higher after using Jumpsoles. Sort of like a before and after video.

Final Jumpsoles Review

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your speed, your vertical leap, and your athleticism in general, the Jumpsoles system will definitely help get you there. It puts your legs and feet in a position that enables your calves and smaller muscles around your ankles to take the brunt of the load. The result is that you’ll have more spring to your leaps, allowing you to jump higher than before.

Our Recommendation
If you know you can be dedicated enough to use these on a regular basis, and put the time and work required to get where you want to be, definitely get them. While you may never reach the NBA, few do, and you’ll have a lot of fun trying and seeing all of your progress. Even if this just lets you be able to dunk when you wouldn’t be able to otherwise, it’s worth it.

What do you think? Does Jumpsoles work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Do Jumpsoles Really Work?

  1. Well I bought my first pair in 9th grade back in 1997 and was barely touching rim. Did the exercises consistently for 3 weeks out of 6 (at that time) and gained I would say 5 inches in Vert and was dunking that summer going into 10th grade. So I can vouch, Jumpsoles definitely work! I even let a teammate use them and he ended dunking two hands from not dunking before.

  2. I am in 7th grade and am 6 feet tall and I can duck at 9’3. I use them most days or sometimes every other day and do a full workout. How long until I will be able to dunk at 10.

  3. They work but you must follow the workout plan. If you don’t ease into them, you will get hurt. Example: Start at week 4 instead of week 1. Follow the manual or instructions to prevent injury. Follow resting rules as well! You will see results after the first 8 weeks. After the 8 weeks and a week or so off, you can restart the program. The second time around you won’t see as good of results. I recommend getting a weight vest after you do the first 8 week workout regime and start over from week 1 (after a short break, week or two off) to get the best results. Like all weight, agility, and explosive training make sure you are doing the exercises properly. Form matters and so does effort. Those that don’t see improvement from this product usually aren’t doing it right or staying on schedule.

    Jumpsoles strengthen your ankles, Achilles, and calves. I think they help more then doing SLDL, shrugs, squats, power cleans, and snatch. Every time I use Jumpsoles I feel great and they improve my agility, speed, vertical, and cardio.

    I would not use these for basketball drills like shooting, running long distance, or playing basketball in. That’s an injury waiting to happen.

  4. All they do is shift your center of gravity and balance over the balls of your feet. You can just walk around with your heels elevated without the clunky shoes (all of them Strength Shoe, Skyflex, etc). The clunky platform will ruin your proprioception to where you have to adjust to the shoe and not your real foot. The exercises are nothing different from the warm-up that sprinters do and maybe some martial arts styles. People will see gains with these because most of us weren’t doing those types of hopping exercises before we bought the shoes. There are plenty of studies that show doing the extra workouts with normal trainers yields better, safer results.

  5. I bought these for my 7th grade son and he has been trying with them for a year now, and I definitely see a huge difference in his speed, jumping and all around athleticism. The key is not using them all the time, and abiding by the rest recommendations. Of course they aren’t the only training that we use, you must use this as part of your strength and conditioning. Great product!!!

  6. I tried these. I followed the full program and gained about two inches. The only problem was they gave me shin splints and I had to take 6 weeks off by which time I had actually lost a few inches on my vertical. They were uncomfortable to train in and more trouble than they were worth. I wouldn’t recommend them.

  7. I used these back in 2005 while I was still in high school and they work pretty well. Added height to my vertical, as well as slight speed and agility improvements. The ONLY “side effect” that I experienced was hip discomfort. If you don’t use them properly by using your muscles to maneuver around, the weight puts strain on your hips because you end up swinging your legs while walking/running. It wasn’t a lingering effect, as once I realized that I was swinging my legs rather than using my muscle to walk around and stopped doing that, the discomfort also stopped.

    Great product, overall. I lost mine in a move but had recently considered buying a new pair and using them again.

  8. It’s not really a new product. It has been around for a long time but I don’t see them anymore on the basketball court so I’m not sure if they work or not. They don’t look that comfortable and that safe.

    If I was to use them I would only use them to practice drills on my own on own on the basketball court or at the gym but I would never use them during a pick up game with people playing to win. I don’t think they are necessary anyway. Regular exercises can probably provide similar results minus the risk of injuries.

  9. I was wondering the same thing, chime. Since this is a new product, there is probably a lack of statistics regarding ankle injuries and muscle sprains. They look like an accident waiting to happen to me – and for the amount of money you’d spend to get the whole package it seems like a personal trainer could spend an hour or two showing you regular exercises that could do the same thing to those muscles. Years ago a company made boots for kids to simulate space walking, which were basically shoes on springs. They also did more than simulate a few trips to the emergency room.

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