Does the Kangaroo Keeper Really Keep You Organized?

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Does the Kangaroo Keeper work?Kangaroo Keeper says it can instantly organize any bag, so you can quickly make heads or tails out of your purse or other bag. It features a bunch of different compartments, sleeves, and other places for you to keep things separated, and create more room for bigger items that can’t fit in the panels. So how does this perform during a real world test? We got our hands on it and tried to use it to organize our relatively average-sized purse, so be sure to check out our video below for the verdict.

If your purse is a combination of bottomless pit and Bermuda Triangle you are probably hoping that this is your savior. Also, if you like to switch out purses, is apparently makes it pretty easy to do, and would allow you to quickly change out your purse depending on your fashion sense for the day. But there’s really only so much you can fit into a purse or bag, because physics will eventually dictate that you’ll run out of room. The real question is, do you really need 70 items in one bag?

The Claim
Kangaroo Keeper says that it can hold up to 70 items, and has pouches and pockets of various sizes, all contained in one unit. They say that this helps you find what you need quickly, and also change between different bags on-the-fly. Since it simply lines the side of your bag, it’s basically like your bag works as a decorative cover for the Keeper, and you just switch skins when you need to.

The Hype
This is one of those made for TV products and it has one of those infomercial that really talks up its different features and tries to come up with as many benefits as possible so that you are enticed to buy. Once you cut through the hype though, you see that it would only really work in the exact circumstances presented in the advertisement. This means that you will need a large sized bag like the one featured in the ad, and you would need a boatload of different items in order to make this effective.

The Cost
The official Kangaroo Keeper site sells them in packs of four for $27 including shipping. You get two large sized ones, two regular sized ones, and the mix of black and beige. We got ours from Amazon, where you’re not forced to buy four of them, and can get a 2 pack for $9.

The Commitment
You’ll have to commit to using this, which only really involves filling it up for the first time and getting your purse or bag organized from all the chaos. Once all the items are stowed away in the keeper the heavy lifting should be done. From there it should be a time saver, and something you won’t have to do again because it can be transported from bag to bag, or purse to purse.

Kangaroo Keeper is getting mixed reviews from those who try it, and common complaints that we can vouch for is the overpowering odor that comes with it, the lousy design elements, and the poor craftsmanship. We couldn’t get past the smell of these once they arrived. We understand that most of the TV products out there are produced in developing countries, but some sort of quality control needs to be in place. And although it is shown to have various pocket sizes that can accommodate any of the things you’d find in a purse or shoulder bag, the reality is that many of the pockets are all small in size, and can’t fit something like a hair comb.

How Much Is Too Much?
It can be tempting to want to bring a bunch of stuff with you wherever you go, but in all likelihood you don’t really need to bring 70 items of anything with you wherever you’re going. There is something to be said for simplifying your life, and one popular quote from Henry David Thoreau says that “as you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” You might find that if you simply get rid of or reevaluate the things that you’re putting in your purse, you could think more clearly and worry less about lugging all that around, and you might like the new thoughts that you have now that you’re not filling your head, and purse, with things you don’t need.

Final Kangaroo Keeper Review

Kangaroo Keeper is getting the Thumbs Down from us. They got the idea right, but the follow through leaves much to be desired. If your purse is similar to the bottomless one of Mary Poppins and you are trying to get more organized, you won’t be able to do so with this product. if you simply make a more conscientious effort to keep things more organized in your purse you would have better results than you will from the Kangaroo Keeper.

Our Recommendation
A weekly purse emptying session does wonders for keeping things more organized. Half the time you find things in there that don’t belong there at all, and you can get rid of those. Then, you can turn your attention on other items and ask the question of whether they really need to be in your purse or not. When you get down to the bare essentials, you’ll usually have a lot more room now that all the riffraff is gone. Also, when purse shopping, finding one that has a lot of built-in zippers and compartments is a good idea.

What do you think? Does Kangaroo Keeper work or not?

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2 Customer Reviews on “Does the Kangaroo Keeper Really Keep You Organized?

  1. This seems like a good idea, because women always have too much stuff in their purses and can never find the things they really need in them. There isn’t really much you can do except try to keep your purse organized and not packed with useless stuff. It’s really gross that it smells. I think this idea isn’t bad, especially if you have a couple purses that you switch around, so then you only have to move the inside pocket, but it won’t keep you organized unless you keep it organized. If you just throw junk in there, it won’t matter how many pockets you have. But I definitely wouldn’t buy this, just because of the smell alone.

  2. I had high hopes for this but I’m so disappointed it gets a thumbs down from you. I have five kids you see and when you have five children all under the age of 15, every time you go out is an adventure tougher than the one Indiana Jones has ever gone through. I don’t know, if it could help just a little at least.. there are so many things I need to have organized when I take all of them out together.

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