Does the Karcher Pressure Washer Really Work?

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Does the Karcher Pressure Washer work?A Karcher Pressure Washer is billed as an industrial-quality washer that’s been made specifically for residential use. The idea is that you’re getting a pressure washer that is on par with what the pros are using, so let’s see if that’s the kind of experience actual users are getting.

Pressure washing is a pretty reliable way to get things clean without a lot of effort on your part, as it basically involves pointing a suped up water gun at the thing you’re trying to clean. Of course the mechanics behind it are important, since not just any company can perfect the art of pressurizing water to the point of having it blast off dirt, grime, and anything else in its way. It’s only a matter of finding a washer that can withstand all of that pressure and provide quality results over the long term.

The Claim
Karcher promises that their pressure washers are state-of-the-art and are employing new technology so that they’re better than competing models, and worthy of the cost. They also state that while the product is under warranty they have a “no hassle” rapid exchange program so that you can send the unit back and they’ll send you a new one without bogging you down with red tape.

The Hype
There isn’t much hoopla surrounding this product, and it basically makes standard claims that most any pressure washer would. Most of their pitch comes in the form of stating why it works the way it does, and what sort of research went into the technology behind it. This is meant to separate it from other washers out there that might not have all of these mechanical bells and whistles.

The Cost
You can get their X-Series model at Amazon for $270 which includes shipping. Of course there are more expensive washers out there, and less expensive ones as well, so it’s a matter of finding one that is priced at a level that provides you with what you need at a price that you feel comfortable with. We go over some of your options in greater detail in the Our Recommendation section below.

The Commitment
The point of getting a power washer is so that you can get done with tough jobs more quickly and easily, freeing you up for more pressing matters, or more relaxing time. Instead of having to use elbow grease or harsh chemicals, you should be able to use this pressurized water to blast through what otherwise would take you several minute to an hour or more of scrubbing and detailing. It’s especially good for big jobs, such as the siding on your home, and spacious decks. They also say it’s a great window washer, which is doubly true for those 2nd story windows that can be a real pain to try and clean.

Overall users seem pretty satisfied with their Karcher pressure washer, with similar feedback coming in for their different models. What we would have needed to see in order to award this our highest rating is a nice lopsided love for this machine and the company, and we’re just not getting that. Seems that there are a few performance issues that some users experience, and basically if you’re going to drop more than a couple hundred dollars on a pressure washer it should be able to win people over every time.

They do offer a fast exchange program if anything should go wrong with your washer. That being said, some users say that the exchange isn’t as fast as they make it seem. With so much pressure involved there does stand the chance of having some parts break down more quickly than others, so it’s important to realize that you might have to get replacement parts or in some instances replace the whole unit. There may be some down time in order to get the machine replaced. And of course the unit would still have to be under warranty for them to honor it.

We did notice that in this price category you have plenty of power washers to choose from, so it can be a bit overwhelming to choose since they all have similar features and are basically producing the same pressurized water. Durability and longevity play a key role here, and because of the industrial background of Karcher it seems their units hold up over time.

Final Karcher Pressure Washer Review

Karcher is getting the Solid Try rating from us, based on the results people are getting, and factoring in competing products at this price point. Of course it won’t be able to perform as good as the industrial products they make, and this is a more watered down version to get it into the realm of what consumers are willing to pay, but many agree that for the price it does live up to what you’d expect from a pressure washer like this.

Our Recommendation
For the cost conscious out that that want a reliable pressure washer that clocks in at a substantially lower price, here’s the AR Blue Clean. It is $152, is well reviewed, and most agree that it can tackle a lot of the everyday jobs you’ll actually be using it on. It’s easy to think that you need a super powerful pressure washer, but in reality you can sacrifice some of that power and performance and still get a unit that does 90% of the jobs that you need it for at a more manageable price.

What do you think? Does the Karcher Pressure Washer work or not?

Customer Review on “Does the Karcher Pressure Washer Really Work?

  1. My husband has the Karcher pressure washer. It is a bit costly, but it does work pretty good. It is one of those products that we rarely use. We have had family members borrow our pressure washer and they all say it works great. It has plenty of power and gets dirt off quickly. The price isn’t to high if you use it a lot, but we don’t.

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