Does Kettleworx Really Work?

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Does Kettleworx really work?If you’ve seen an ad for Kettleworx, you may have wondered if a kettlebell program could get you results like those shown. This system is one that is capitalizing on the growing awareness of the effectiveness of a kettebell regimen, and they’ve done a remarkable job on packaging and marketing. But does this translate to a system that actually works?

Kettlebells have been a part of the body building world for some time, but most of mainstream America is just getting introduced to them. They are gaining in popularity by programs like Kettleworx, and also from fitness promoters and other placed like The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.

They are basically like cannonballs with a handle on them, and the workouts you can find will have different muscle groups all involved at the same time, making it rather effective program in general.

The Claim
Kettleworx promises that you’ll get three times the results in one third of the time. This is a very vague claim because they don’t tell you what you’re comparing it to. Three times the results compared to doing what? One third the time it takes you to do what? Upon further searching they say that you are required to do the routine 3 times per week for 20 minutes each time.

Doing some simple calculations this means they are comparing their system to another unnamed program that recommends working out for one hour three times per week or for 20 minutes 9 times a week. It’s nearly impossible to determine if the results are three times more impressive.

The Hype
The hype comes in the form of the typical fatties you see at every exercise-based website stating that it was Kettleworx that got them to go from fat to fabulous. Of course there’s no way to tell if it was just this system that they used, and if they followed the instructions or did much more than is suggested. There’s just no way to tell, and the best way of dealing with this is to completely disregard their statements.

The Cost
Kettleworx is listed at 89.95 plus shipping and handling. They want you to enter your information in order to get to the real costs of the program. This way they can continue to pester your email address if you don’t order once you find out how much it really costs. The $89.95 price is for the smallest-sized kettlebell, which if you’re a woman just starting out may be all the weight you need. Anyone else is going to have to pay more not just for the larger size, but also an increased shipping amount.

For men that are used to working out and want the 20lb system you’ll have to shell out an extra $30 for the extra weight, and another extra $15 for shipping for a whopping total of $154.90. When you consider that you can buy kettlebells on eBay for about $1 per pound and find thousands of kettlebell exercise videos on YouTube, this is an absurd price.

The Commitment
You can’t sit there and have it work for you, and no one else can lift the weights but you. This is enough to kill it for 90% of the people out there. There’s no getting around lifting a kettlebell repeatedly, making this one of the higher-commitment level programs on the market. Good luck taking them up on their money-back guarantee.

Kettleworx is a sleek and sharp looking system, and looks well produced. They have nicely coated kettlebells so you don’t have to feel that you’re working out with a cannonball. The videos that are included show you how to use a kettlebell properly, but this is not proprietary information.

Does Kettleworx Really Work?

Does Kettleworx get you 3X more results in 1/3rd the time like they claim? Maybe when compared to a really ineffective workout program. There’s no doubt that this system will help you get fit, or that a kettlebell workout is a great way to get the whole body involved. But like so many exercise programs on the market today, there is a lot of exaggerated claims in order to get you to buy.

If companies would just stick to how their program works without trying to put people in a feverish buying state there wouldn’t be much need to evaluate them. Almost all workout programs you see will work to some degree, but you should never expect them to work quite as well as they claim, and you should not start out thinking you’re going to go from fat to fabulous in a very short time period.

Nor should you. If you take a relaxed approach to the system, and bring an earnest desire to learn how to use kettlebells, and a strong commitment to do the exercises they recommend on the recommended days, you should see some results and enjoy the benefits of being more fit and healthy. No need to take it to extremes and then get disappointed when you either can’t stick with it or when you don’t get the overly expected results you were looking for.

Our Recommendation
Kettlebell training is not just the latest trend in the workout world, it actually works when you do it properly. It’s not for the uninitiated though, and if you’re new to fitness and weight lifting and working out, you may want to consider going with a different program that doesn’t involve kettlebells. If you’re a pretty avid exerciser and you’ve had your share of gym memberships that you’ve actually used, you might consider Kettleworx if you’ve got the extra cash.

If you don’t feel like spending that much money, or want to try it on the cheap you can buy a kettlebell from another source, and look at fitness videos on YouTube that will show you some basic and advanced kettlebell workouts. If you find that you like it and want to give the Kettleworx system a try, by all means go for it.

Official Website: Kettleworx

What Do You Think? Does Kettleworx Really Work?

20 Customer Reviews on “Does Kettleworx Really Work?

  1. Kettleworx DOES work. As others pointed out there’s no secret to it, but like any exercise program involving resistance it will give you results. The best advantage to the kettle bell is that you can combine resistance and cardio for a super effective workout (maybe that is the basis of their “three times faster” claim.) Just doing the simple “sit and swing” motion is working a lot of muscle groups and getting your HR up at the same time. Other routines are similar to exercises we’ve always done, but incorporate the kettle bell for maximum effect. As for Kettleworx in particular, it can be motivating to follow along with the videos rather than just buy a generic kettle bell and wing it on your own. Having a video to follow is great for those who want to make sure they are using proper form and mixing up the routines to incorporate all the muscle groups but of course it isn’t absolutely necessary.

  2. I bought the kettleworx system. Tried it once and found i was done after five minutes. I saw the advert again recently, so i thought i would give it another go, as the gym had gotten boring for me and i had stopped loosing weight. I cannot believe the difference it has made. Yes my weight is the same, but my body looks so good. Its slim and toned like never before. I am very happy and yes it does work. Can’t believe i had it gathering dust for months on end

  3. I started this program at the local YMCA and work out on Kettlebells resistance, core and cardio. I started in Feb of this year. Could not keep up and had to use the lightest weights. It is now July, I turn 70 in 5 days. Today I am fit. Lost 24 pounds via Weightwatcher and working out with KB. I have my 43 year old body back. I lost 3 waist sizes, my man boobs and today have a body my wife can’t believe she is seeing.

    Love this program. Stronger, more fit and my testosterone levels are high and have great energy. Love the KB program and I feel like a kid again.

  4. Kettle bells may be the latest trend, and because of that, some people are wary, but let me tell you, Kettle bells work. But to be honest, it’s not the kettle bell itself that is the great thing here, but the way in which it is used. I mean, you can use a dumbbell in very much the same way as a Kettle bell, and get the same result, its just the dumbell doesn’t quite have the manoeuvrability of the kettle bell. The Kettleworx system might be small, but I promise you, unless you are very fit and muscular already, even this small weight, used in this programme, will kick your ass for weeks. Definitely recommend!

  5. It works for me. In two weeks I have lost 7lbs and an inch each from my chest, waist and hips. I do kettleworx, 5lb kettle, three times a week and cardio work (cycling, jog/walk) on off days. It is not easy, but it gave me fast results. I plan to repeat the program with a 10lb kettle once this round is finished.

  6. Hi,
    I am looking at starting the kettleworx,i walk 5 days a week and i do bootcamp between 3-4 times a week.
    I dont want to buy the program but i want to give it a go,i have 2x 4kilo kettle bells what size would anyone recommend for the program in kilos and does anyone know of a good site that has a program similar to the kettleworx program.

  7. It worked for me , simple as that.
    I booked a holiday in Thailand and only had 5 weeks to get in shape.
    I ate 5 small meals a day with minimal carbs
    i done the kettleworx workout 25mins 3 times a week.
    I supplemented my workouts with situps and pressups on my inbetween days
    I had one day off.
    Within 4 weeks the change was very visual and i felt great…..It definitely does work and i`m just about to start a 12 week programme…im expecting even better results.

  8. Of course it works! The average American is a slug, so any movement at all works. Kettle bells have been used in Russia for hundreds of years as a primary training device with documented results. If you use a 15 or 20 pound kettlebell to start and tell me this doesn’t work you’re one of two people: someone who watched a video or two and half-heartedly went along with the exercise and quit, or you’re a superfit juggernaut that isn’t phased by 20-30 minutes at 80% max heart rate. My guess is you’re option 1…

  9. At three weeks into it I’m pleased as I’m feeling a difference and am enjoying it. Similar to Crista (above) I am also walking 2-7 days per week for 1-3 hours at an average intensity. While I was somewhat athletic in my younger days, I would never have described myself as a gym rat and I’m having absolutely no problem learning the techniques. My fitness level keeping up with some of the exercises? Well that’s a different story but I’m quite confident I’m getting there. Will it live up to the hype? I don’t know but never expect hype to be real but the routines are surprisingly intense and as I get more fit, I know I can add to the routine.

  10. Kelleworx certainly does work, after three weeks of three 20min workouts a week and some static bicycle cycling i can see huge results, toned upper arms, a huge decrease in abdo girth, ABS that were very well hidden before and more energy than I’ve had in a long time. As an ex gym bunny I agree with Ryan that 20 min of three dimensional work gives far better results than long periods of relatively low intensity work.Compared with gym memberships the programme isn’t expensive.

  11. I have used Kettleworx as one of my primary workouts (I work out 5 days or more/week) and either run or do some type of cardio on off days and I can definitely see results. I haven’t been measuring myself but I fit into clothes better and can even see some abs which I have never seen before. I 100% believe that the kettlebell works and it is a GREAT way to tone and become stronger for a very low time commitment.

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