Does Keypout Really Work?

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Does Keypout really work?If you’ve never heard of lock bumping, the makers of Keypout are on a mission to change that. Most of us will be blissfully ignorant of the technique, and rightfully so. It’s a lock-picking technique that requires a lot of forethought and preparation, and therefore is seldom used by petty thieves. However, that just won’t do when you’re trying to sell a lock bumping safety measure, so hear come the fear tactics.

Lock bumping requires what is known as a bump key. A potential criminal will have to know how to craft one of these master keys in order to try and use it on your door. If you live in an apartment complex where all of the keyholes are similar, an enterprising thief might take the time to make a bump key, because they can use it on all of the apartments in the building.

They would have to be able to do this without arousing suspicion though. It’s not as if you can just go from door to door robbing people with no one stopping you. Also, a thief wouldn’t know what’s on the other side of that door, and would be taking a big risk to just randomly break into people’s apartments.

So unless they have cased your place and sized you up, and really want to get into your house or apartment, and have gone through the trouble of making a master bump key, do you really think something like Keypout is going to stop them?

The Claim
Keypout says that their product will be able to protect you from lock bumping attempts. While this may be true, a person that is very determined to get into your place is not going to be deterred for long with this minor setback.

Fortunately 99% of people out there won’t ever have anyone even try it, so there’s no real need for it.

They make the case that if you live in a condo or apartment complex that the landlords can come in at any time they want to, as well as maintenance people and others that have access to your home.

Keypout is structured so that even if someone has the actual key they won’t be able to enter because it prevents the lock from being turned, as if you’re sitting there holding it in place.

The Hype
Keypout uses fear mongering in order to promote its product, and this is unacceptable. It’s great that you have a product that could make people more safe and secure in their homes, but you don’t have to go as far as they do in instilling fear into people, and overstating just how many times people try to break into a home using lock bumping.

The other ridiculous claim is that landlords and others will enter your home against your will. If you live in constant fear of people entering your home without your permission, then you probably have a lot of other unjustified fears as well, and are susceptible to any product that might make your life marginally safer.

Most leases have a 24 hour notice before a landlord or any other personnel can enter your abode, and they need to have your authorization. If you are living in a place where people can enter your locked home unannounced and without your permission that you don’t need something like Keypout, you need to consider moving to a new, more secure environment.

The Cost
Keypout is just $20 plus $5 for shipping but it’s guaranteed not to give you peace of mind. If you think that you’ll rest easier knowing that Keypout is keeping people out of your home, you’re wrong. You’ll just think of some other scary scenario, or fall prey to the next scary idea that someone plants in your head.

The Commitment
You have to put Keypout into place every time you want to lock down the house. It only works if you use it, and does not automatically put itself into position.

Sure, it’s simple enough to work, there’s nothing really genious about its function or design.

Does Keypout Really Work?

There’s no doubt that Keypout does what it’s supposed to and prevents a locked deadbolt from being turned. The key question is whether or not you want a product like this in your home. Not only are you keeping intruders out, you’ll also be keeping emergency personnel and others from coming to your aid in a time of need. This could cause undue delay and may result in a life and death decision.

So either way you cut it, you’re still looking an unwanted situation one way or the other.

Our Recommendation
Pass on getting Keypout. Your home is secure as it is, and if you think it’s not then there are larger issues here. Taking a safety measure like this is a slippery slope. If you start protecting yourself from all possible hypothetical scenarios then you open yourself up to always being on the alert, always being untrusting, and thinking that the world is out to get you.

Take reasonable precautions, and if you have an unwanted experience with your landlord or others having access to your apartment, make sure you discuss this with them and make your wishes known that they are not to enter without your permission under any circumstances.

What do you think? Does Keypout really work?

Customer Review on “Does Keypout Really Work?

  1. All I can say is my kids are in dorms and apartments and somebody has a key ! This product works perfectly and if fire/rescue or police want in , thay are coming in.. no lock stops them. This product is simple and our who family nationwide (19 of us…) us it !


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