Does the Kymaro Body Shaper Really Work?

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Does the Kymaro Body Shaper work?Body shapers are getting more and more popular as a way to instantly look slimmer and trimmer, and the Kymaro Body Shaper is no exception. A lot of women have already tried this one out, some of them love it, others not so much, so it’s up to us to try and sort it out and let you know if you should put your money into it, or let it pass.

The point of a body shaper seems to be that you don’t have to treat yourself well, but rather that you can let yourself go but still look alright. We like to look at it in a more positive and proactive way. You can use it help give yourself the confidence needed to stick with a diet and exercise program. It can be hard waiting around for the fruits of your efforts to show up, and in the meantime if you can get the positive feedback from others on how well you’re looking, it can give you motivation to keep sticking to it.

The Claim
The Kymaro Body Shaper specifically states that you can look about 10-20 pounds thinner, just by putting it on. It does this by smoothing out the bulges that usually show up in some of the most common problem areas. The result is a slimmer look, without actually changing anything on your body.

The first concern women have is whether or not this is going to be comfortable, or is it just going to pack everything in like a sausage and make it hard to breathe or move around. The clunky designs of yesteryear are a thing of the past, and they say that they are using very comfortable fibers and fabrics that keep you snug, but not constricted.

The Hype
The hype is that you’re not actually accomplishing anything here, and this is all simply for cosmetic effect. For some people that will be enough, and that’s all they wanted to begin with. For others, the magic will go away once the shaper comes off, and then it’s like Cinderella at midnight, it all goes back to the way it was. If you’re unhappy with your body, this could provide a manic-depressive cycle of feeling good while you’re wearing it, and feeling lousy when you’re not. Or it could reinforce the negative self image you have, if you think that you only look good when wearing it.

The Cost
The cost of the Kymaro Body Shaper is $30 plus shipping of $10. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which is pretty standard, and puts it on par with clothes that you would buy at the local shops. This should be ample time to try it on, look at yourself in the mirror and decide how you like it. You could even wear it out a few times, or wear it to work to see if you get any compliments on how you look.

Tip: When you’re ordering, they offer you a bunch of free offers, where you just have to pay $10 shipping to add them to the order. If you don’t want them, just scroll down to where it says No Thanks and they won’t be added to your order.

The Commitment
This is what really sells body shapers, you don’t actually have to “do” anything, other than put it on. The fabric should take care of all the work, smoothing out bumps and lumps in places that aren’t supposed to have them, and giving you an overall better physique. You always have to be careful with these something for nothing products, where the commitment level is really low. You may come to rely on the quick fix nature of it, and start to think that you can just get by with it, further encourage negative lifestyle choices like overeating and lack of exercise.

It seems like many women like the results they got for the Kymaro Body Shaper, and some didn’t. A product like this is actually very personal in nature, and very subjective to the user. Some woman may have a very brutal self image, and nothing will make them happy about the way they look. Others might just be a little self conscious about the way they look, and something like this tips the scales in their favor and they’re really pleased with their figure when it’s on.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re legitimately obese, this product will likely not get you down to a normal size. It might make you look simply overweight, or it might not make you look any better at all. You have to keep a level head, and realize that it’s not going to produce the same effect for everyone. Trying it out is the best way to see how it makes your specific body look.

Final Kymaro Body Shaper Review

The Kymaro Body Shaper is earning our Thumbs Up review because of the mostly positive feedback it has received, and the especially good ratings it gets for covering up muffin top, and back rolls. These two nuisances alone can account for feelings of self consciousness that can be debilitating for many women, and can be reduced very effectively with this.

Our Recommendation
Diet and exercise are really the best things for you to do for your body for the long term. However, when first starting out eating better and getting more motion in your life it can be hard waiting for the results to show. Something like the Kymaro Body Shaper can give you that instant boost that can really keep you motivated. We recommend using it as part of a comprehensive strategy to look and feel better about yourself.

What do you think? Does Kymaro Body Shaper work or not?

46 Customer Reviews on “Does the Kymaro Body Shaper Really Work?

  1. Anxiously I bought the Kymaro after a conversation with a coworker who swore by it. It did absolutely nothing for me except add aggrivation with having to pull it down all day long while it nestled uncomfortably in the fat rolls. As if the fat rolls aren’t bad enough. I was so irritated I threw it away as soon as I got home. I’ve yet to fine my magical buddy until this weight is lost.

  2. Yeah it is a very individual thing these body shapers. I prefer Spanx and I am happier with the result I saw with them. As far as body shaper performance is concerned I found in a friend of mine who is more an egg-shape they worked better for her. As for me I was concerned with the legs in which case, the body shaper seemed too soft I guess to do much for me so it does depend on who you are, what you are looking to accomplish and how often you need them on. As far as safety, I wouldn’t be too overly concerned if you are not in them all day and all evening. But from a medical stand point of which I do have experience, I would say that even your socks should come off for a good bit of time to make sure no pooling occurs.

  3. I used joke to a friend of mine that she was a fake bitch because she wore body shapers LOL~ I never imagined I would gain 40 pounds and be in a situation that I needed to wear a body shaper to attend her wedding. What a reversal of situation but what am I going to do? Look like a hippo at my friend’s wedding? Oh hell’s no.

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