Does Launchpad Nail Strengthener Really Work?

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Does Launchpad Nail Strengthener work?Launchpad Nail Strengthener claims to be the only straightener out there that provides anti-aging benefits due to its protein-peptide formula. The feedback on this is solid, so did they crack the code and finally make a nail strengthener that works to grow your own nails stronger and healthier?

There is a pretty fierce battle going on in the nail strengthener market. It seems that everyone has their own idea as to what is the best way to strengthen nails. Some use chemicals to make the nails hard and impervious to damage. Others use vitamins and minerals to make nails grow as good as they possibly can on their own. Here they’re using protein and peptides to nourish the nails and encourage them to grow stronger and harder.

The Claim
There are actually quite a few claims made by Dermelect Cosmeceuticals, the makers of Launchpad nail strengthener. They say it helps to grow your own nails stronger and longer than they otherwise would grow, and they say it helps to hydrate your nails and keep them strong, which gives anti-aging benefits to your nails.

The Hype
The major hype involved here is the claim that it’s providing anti-aging benefits. You don’t commonly think of fingernails when you consider the effects of getting older. But nails can age the same as any other body part, and they can slow down and not grow as fast as they once did. They say that this product can help them grow faster as well as stronger. This would be a big selling feature to those whose nails grow at a slower clip than they once did.

The Cost
Launchpad Nail Strengthener retails for $18, and Amazon has it set up so that $18 is the price shipped to your door. This is just about the right price when you look across the board at the different nail strengthener options. You can expect to pay more than you would for polish because there’s more benefit to be had from these than just a simple coat of paint.

The Commitment
All that’s required on your part is to paint this on just like nail polish, but do so on your natural nails directly. Once it dries and sets you can follow with polish and use it as a base coat of sorts. This makes it a pretty easy process that you can incorporate right into your nail routine. That means that each time you polish your nails you can also do something good for them. It’s also a way of putting a healthy layer of protein and peptides between your nail and the polish, which can be harsh and do damage to your nails.

When a product is claiming anti-aging benefits we like to take a closer look to see just what is going on and how they’re accomplishing it. This is such a trendy promise that we’re seeing more and more manufacturers use this as a marketing gimmick to sell more items. The use of proteins makes sense because that directly helps the nails. What you’re sizing this up against is doing nothing and letting your nails fend for themselves. There’s reason to believe that your nails would show marked improvement by using a product that gives them the things they need to grow.

One idea would be to give your nails a rest and just use a strengthener on them for a good month or so. That way they can grow without having to be covered in paint, or have any acrylic nails put on by a salon. Your nails need a chance to breathe, and deserve a little pampering from time to time. While all of the polish and manicures might feel like you’re pampering yourself, it puts a strain on your nails, which over time can really make them look less healthy than they could. Regularly scheduling some recuperation time for them is key, and you’ll notice the difference right away.

Final Launchpad Nail Strengthener Review

Launchpad Nail Strengthener is getting our Thumbs Up rating, as it’s clear that it does what it says it can do, and the vast majority of users are happy with the results they’re getting. When you consider the cost of not using a strengthener, and not giving your nails any sort of nourishment, this is something that you can do on a regular basis to infuse your nails with what they need, and all for a reasonable price. Overall, this is better than a lot of the different nail strengtheners we’ve reviewed.

Our Recommendation
This seems like a good addition to your nail care regimen, and appears to be able to help nails grow, even ones that have been put through the wringer over the years from biting your nails or getting acrylic nails again and again.

What do you think? Does Launchpad Nail Strengthener work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Launchpad Nail Strengthener Really Work?

  1. This is a product I have used before and will highly recommend, although perhaps not for the same reasons as most! I love to play my acoustic guitar without a plectrum (the small, plastic triangle used to strum the strings) but the result is a very sore forefinger and a continually busted nail. This stuff is great. A couple of liberal coats, let it dry and I’m good to go. I thought perhaps it would alter the tone I would get, but it doesn’t. So as far as making your nails stronger, it definitely works. I cant testify as to how well it works as a base coat for nail painting, but I’m assuming it would work well.

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