Does Life Juice Really Work?

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Does Life Juice work?Life Juice is a line of freshly made juices that are flash frozen and shipped via FedEx so you can get the benefits of juicing without all of the hassle and mess. But can this give you the same nutritional benefits as doing it yourself from home?

A juice cleanse is widely regarded as an effective way to give your digestive system a break, get some antioxidants vitamins and minerals into your system, and can be used to prepare the body for a new workout program or to turn over a new leaf. The makers of Life Juice recommend doing a pre-cleanse diet and this will cause a lot of people to not get the full amount of benefits from it. If you’re going to try these, be sure to prepare yourself for it with their 3-Day pre-cleanse program.

The Claim
Life Juice claims that their juice cleanses will give you increased energy, help your immune system get stronger, and can even be used to help lose weight. These are pretty basic claims, and easy enough to see that they’re true. Fruit and vegetables will give you increased energy, and it won’t be the phony kind found in energy drinks, it will be real energy that is good for the body. It’s well-established that fruits and veggies are a good boost for the immune system, and if you’re drinking these according to the cleansing plan it will be a decrease in your caloric intake for the day, and could set you up for better eating habits.

They go on to say that by the time you finish their cleanse you’ll not only have more energy and a stronger immune system, but that you’ll be sleeping better, have a faster metabolism, better blood pressure, be in a better mood, have diminished food cravings, be more optimistic, be able to think more clearly, have a reduction in your allergic reactions, have a stronger sex drive, feel lighter all over and be ready to commit to being more healthy.

The Hype
Sometimes things that are actually good for us become a trend, and that’s what’s happening with juicing and juice cleanses and fasts. It’s getting more and more attention from the mainstream, and people are trying juice cleanses that otherwise wouldn’t have just a few years ago. It’s important to realize though that this is not a cure-all and not something that is sustainable for the long term. It’s meant to flush your body of some toxins and waste, and give you a boost of nutrients that your body needs, but you should continue to treat yourself right after doing a cleanse.

The Cost
The three day Life Juice cleanse is $180 and includes all of the juice you’ll need to complete the cleanse. You can also buy juices separately for $10 each. They ship via FedEx and we were unable to find any shipping charges listed. At first glance this seems a bit pricey for juice, and if you’re comparing it to what you can buy in grocery stores, it’s going to seem expensive. But after running the numbers on making your own juice, it almost seems economical, even if you don’t have to buy a juicer or blender.

The Commitment
The major draw to these juices is that you don’t have to do anything but drink them. When you compare this to buying a juicer, buying all of the ingredients, prepping all of the fruits and vegetables, blending them all up properly, cleaning up the mess, and doing it all again each time you want juice, this seems like the way to go. The cleanse they recommend lasts three days, and is completely mapped out for you so that you don’t have to wonder what you should be drinking and eat

Life Juice is doing their best to provide a fresh juicing experience, but operating out of New York City. Even if you already have your own juicer, assembling all of the fruits and vegetables that go into their various juices, cleaning and prepping them to be juiced, and then juicing them would take up so much time and cost so much per glass of juice that this is sounding like a reasonable product if you’re going to do a juice cleanse. It’s basically a matter of being the best of all the different alternatives.

How to make your own cleansing juice:

Ideally you’d want to use fresh produce and blend them up right before you drink them. These juices are freshly made but then frozen and have to be shipped to you. When you receive them they say you should put them in the refrigerator so that the next morning you’ll be ready to start drinking them, and you can finish them all within three days.

Final Life Juice Review

Compared to making your own juice from scratch, the Life Juice packages are a good buy and are getting our Thumbs Up rating. There’s no question that they’ll provide a great amount of benefit to you, but each person’s experience will vary. They give a laundry list of benefits this is supposed to provide, and not everyone will get them all because we’re all at different levels of health and fitness. But the overall effect will be a positive one, and it can be a great catalyst towards a better lifestyle.

Our Recommendation
This is a premium way to go. If you’re looking for the same sort of benefits at a lower cost you can conduct your own juice cleanse using organic juices that can be bought at your local health food store, or find a juice bar, but that can be pretty expensive as well. You’re getting six different juices a day for three days with this so it’s $10 a bottle, so as long as you can find comparable juices that puts you under the $10 mark you’ll be getting it for less, but you have to consider that you’re not getting the full benefits from all that they put into these.

What do you think? Does Life Juice work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Life Juice Really Work?

  1. You would think that this sort of dieting would have been banned already. Seriously, do people think that juice cleansing is going to be the end all solution to losing weight. It’s not only dangerous but you’re not really losing any fat. Healthy weight loss is never a speedy process. Why don’t dieting programs understand that? While eating fruits is a great start. Just making juice is not enough. It’s at best a temporary thing (3 days at most like Vanessa mentioned) or it could start becoming dangerous. Besides too much fruit will only cause weight gain because you’re consuming way too much “natural sugar” anyway.

  2. It does seem like the juicing craze is just that…a craze and just the newest in a long history of diet trends. However, juicing does seem to have its merits. I think a 3 day juice cleanse is reasonable…much better than the month long cleanses I’ve heard about! And I like that the juice choices are already made for you…you don’t have to worry about finding the right ingredients and then juicing them in certain combinations to get the right amount of nutrients. I think a short term juice fast is ok, but for the most part I’ve heard from many places that fruit smoothies are the best way to go, because that way you’re getting much-needed fiber from the pulp of the fruit.

  3. What is up with all the cleanse craze? It looks like all the companies are looking to cash in on this, but how do you choose which company to go with? I like the whole juice cleanse idea because it seems like an easy way to get the cleanse effect, but at the same token it is a bit on the expensive side. i was actually thinking of replacing a meal with this, but that’s not going to be possible because of the price. The cleansing though, I might just do it because it’s not something I need to continue doing.

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