Does Cooking Pleasures Ceramic Cookware Really Work?

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Does Cooking Pleasures Ceramic Cookware work?Cooking Pleasures Ceramic Cookware is a membership program like the CD offers back in the day. They’ll send you the first one for a relatively low price, and then send you another item each month at a higher price if you don’t cancel your membership. Most people are interested in getting a ceramic non-stick skillet for $10 but not too interested in everything else you’re signing up for.

The cookware you have in your kitchen is the cornerstone of what you can create. If you have the right tool for the job you can take on any recipe with ease. That’s why it’s important to pick the kind of cookware that can help you perform at your best, without the frustration that can come from lesser-quality pots and pans. These days ceramic cookware is surging as the preferred way to go, since it helps you cook your favorite foods without burning them, and without needing to use oil or butter to keep them from sticking.

The Claim
Cooking Pleasures says that their cookware makes healthier food for you and your family because you won’t need to use any oil to cook your foods, since the pan is completely non-stick. They also say that it will cook your food more evenly, giving you better results than conventional fry pans. Clean up is easier because you won’t have stuck-on foods to try to pry off or have to soak to loosen them up. And they say it lasts longer, providing more value and being better for the environment.

The Hype
Ceramic cookware is the hot new item in the kitchen because it’s supposed to provide all of the benefits of non-stick cookware without the harmful effects that come with products coated with Teflon. There are plenty of infomercials showing various ceramic skillets where a fried egg doesn’t stick even without oil or butter, and you can slap a piece of cheese on the pan, let it melt and it slides right off. The performance is impressive, and it’s been said that this is a healthier and greener way to cook.

The Cost
The ordering process for Cooking Pleasures ceramic cookware is not straightforward, and the full disclosure of what you’re signing up for is tucked away in a terms and conditions text box that you have to tick off to show that you read it. This is not shown to you until you provide your email address, so they’ve already got a way to contact you and pitch you on signing up for their membership program. What it entails is paying $10 to have the skillet shipped to you, and then

The Commitment
They say that you’re under no commitment to continue on with the program, but you are required to call and cancel your order if you want to stop with the skillet. As far as using the product goes this should free up some of your time since it cleans off so easily, and it can also prevent you from ruining some dishes due to uneven cooking.

The Cooking Pleasures ceramic cookware comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so it’s possible to try out the skillet, which they must consider their flagship product that will win you over, and if you’re not impressed you can return it and cancel any further shipments. So you’re only out the $10 for trying it, since that is considered a shipping charge and you’re getting the skillet for free. So there’s not really a point in sending the skillet back, just call and cancel future cookware shipments if you don’t like the results you get and call it a break even.

In an ideal world you’d be able to pay the $10, get the skillet, be impressed with it, and wish to receive further cookware from them and pay full price for it. But in the world we live in the way it will probably go is you’ll forget that this is a membership program of sorts and be surprised when you see a charge ranging from $70 to $95 on your statement, and then surprised again when another package arrives at your door. At these price points you could buy some really nice cookware, real top of the line premium items, and we’re skeptical that these will live up to the cost.

Final Cooking Pleasures Ceramic Cookware Review

The Cooking Pleasures ceramic cookware is getting our Thumbs Down rating because of the way they’ve set up their ordering process, and because you can get highly rated ceramic cookware from other manufacturers without the hassle of signing on to a membership program. If they were truly confident with their cookware they would sell it directly and at fair market price instead of using the gimmick of what’s known as a negative option where you have to take action to prevent future shipments from automatically being charged to your account and shipped out.

Our Recommendation
If a skillet is what you’re after, go for the Green Earth frying pan. It’s got great reviews, is about $30 and provides all of the benefits that are touted by the Cooking Pleasures skillet without all of the silliness of being automatically enrolled in a membership program. If you’re looking for a full set of non-stick cookware we’ve got an entire page dedicated to non-stick cookware reviews so you can quickly browse trough what’s working and what isn’t.

What do you think? Does Cooking Pleasures Ceramic Cookware work or not?

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  1. I bought the ten inch skillet about 10-15 years ago through the Cooking Club of America for $49.95. I love it, but my husband hates it. Since he does most of the frying, it hasn’t been used much. Last week when I opened the freezer door (it was on top of it on a cloth cover), I was surprised to see that the glass lid had shattered. My husband took a picture of it and I would like to know if I can get a replacement. It was not dropped.

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