Does Limu Really Work?

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Does Limu work?Limu is a multi-level marketing program that is centered around selling seaweed-based beverages and other products. They did the same thing prior to 2003 when they were abruptly shut down by the FDA for violations in the claims they made. So the big question is, has anything changed since then?

Health products are often used by network marketing companies because they are easy to trump up. All a person has to do is appear alive, energetic, and enthused, and then give the credit to the product they’re trying to sell. This sort of tactic is very effective, because it uses a living, breathing example of how great the product is, and people make the conclusion that it must be because it works so well.

The Claim
Limu is careful not to make a lot of direct claims about what the product can do, and uses statistics instead that are taken out of context. For example, they state that there are over 950 independent studies on Fucoidan, as listed by But what they don’t say is what the findings are in these reports. They basically searched that website and are stating how many search results came back.

The Hype
The hype comes from all of the people that are trying to sell this as their business. There’s an eclectic mix of people saying it’s a scam, and others saying it’s the best thing to ever happen to them. Who’s right? It all depends on what side of the fence you’re on. If you’ve invested money into it and are trying to make money with it, of course you’re going to say it’s a great company to align yourself with. And if you read the facts of the 2003 FDA crackdown you’ll probably conclude that it’s pretty much the same story a decade later.

The Cost
They say the suggested retail price is $50 a bottle, but suggest getting a bulk order and get it autoshipped to save the most money. We found a distributor selling a 4-pack for $135 which comes with a new member packet and qualifies you as a seller as well. You’re recommended to upgrade your order to be eligible for more bonuses and incentives. The biggest package on offer was for $1000 which includes an array of their products, marketing materials, and accessories, plus qualifies you for all of the compensation levels not included in the basic pack.

The Commitment
You’d have to commit to this and treat it as your number one priority if you want to be successful with it. But that is can be said for any business venture on the planet. Successful business people invest themselves fully in their endeavor, often putting their business before anything else. This is true from the smallest of small businesses all the way up to the biggest of the big.

What interesting is that this is the same business that was shut down in 2003, with the same CEO at the helm, and the same type of product being sold, even based out of the same city. So at least they didn’t move things offshore to escape any legal ramifications. It does lead one to wonder how long they’ll stay in business this time, or what loopholes they’re using in order to stay within legal limits.

Seaweed has long been known for its healthy benefits, but there’s no guarantee what sort of seaweed they’re using, how much goes into the product, and what sort of quality control is in place. Plus there must be a lot of extra additives because seaweed isn’t orange in color, so there is most likely dyes and other chemicals added to the drinks. At the end of the day you’d have to fully stand behind the product, enough to recommend it to others and feel good that you’re helping them live better.

Final Limu Review

The Limu company has been around for several years, and originally sold a product called Royal Tongan Limu. That business was shut down and had to pay millions of dollars in fines for making claims that the product could cure health problems. It seems this time they are avoiding making any direct claims as to what it can do, but it’s still the same people running it, and it’s still essentially the same type of product.

Our Recommendation
Multi-level marketing programs are not inherently bad, but they are one of the most abused ways to sell a product, and that bad reputation is strengthened when the product being sold needs to use misleading claims to do so. It’s easy to get swept up in the hype videos showing people that have supposedly made a lot of money, or won a car, or a trip to an exotic locale, but cutting through the razzle dazzle it’s clear to see that while those at the top might be having a lot of fun, those at the bottom won’t likely replicate that success.

What do you think? Does Limu work or not?

105 Customer Reviews on “Does Limu Really Work?

  1. I’ve been signed up as a promoter for three years now. I had 30 people in my down line at one time, but just could not sustain. Everyone loves the product, but can’t afford it. The successful individuals have really extraverted personalities.
    My entire family has been positively effected by the heath benifits of fucoidan. I wish it were less expensive because I can’t afford to supply my entire family with the daily recommended allowance. It’s about $5 a day per individual. $2 a day would be realistic but the rest of the money is for the “business profits”.

  2. To whom this may concern: THIS PRODUCT IS A BLESSING From God which gives your body the Raw Materials to Heal itself. There are over 1700 Unsolicited.3rd Party .Independant.Scientific Studies on Fucoidan in and what it does for the body to combat certain illness. I have read over 1000 of these Valid Studies so I fully Understand this is One. Of the Most Powerful All Natural Super Nutrient Ever Discovered.!!! More important that ,that is the results that many Individuals have gotten when they added Limu to the daily diet Truely Amazing I am limu For Life and I will Share this Product with Everyone I Love And Care About it is the most important Wellness Discovery Ever!!!

  3. I am a promoter of Limu. I love the products and have had a lot of benefits from these products!

  4. I started using Blue Frog 2 energy drinks in Sept ’16. One of my husband’s co-workers introduced him to Limu’s Blue Frog 2 that has 120 mg of natural caffeine per can. I am unable to use other energy drinks on the market because I get terribly agitated & nervous feeling after drinking most energy drinks & have terrible crashes that would leave me feeling even more fatigue. I was skeptical about Limu’s all natural energy drinks but decided to give them a try. I found they not only gave me the energy I needed but I experienced no negative side effects & no crash! I also found that once I added a 2 oz dose of Limu Original (or) drank 2 Blue Frogs a day (Blue Frog drinks have 2 oz of fucoidan in them), some of the other issues that I struggled with seemed to be getting better. I had been dealing with an adrenal fatigue condition that I developed after a trauma I experienced 3 years prior. During that trauma, I had an injury to my back that herniated a disk. I have been in physical therapy for all of this time and my therapist’s have noticed that since using the Limu products, my body is taking and holding the treatments better and I have reduced pain & inflammation. After some intense study, I found that fucoidan and the brown seaweed plant is naturally packed full of minerals, vitamins and amino acids so I have discontinued taking most all of my other supplements and find I have been able to actually feel the difference between this product and other products I have been using for many years which include some of the best & most trusted brand names on the market. Further research found that the reason is because most other supplements have heat processing and then added fillers that actually kill the key nutrients in the product so we do not get as much benefit from the supplements as we could if we were using a live product. I have experienced such amazing results, I introduced Limu Original to my mother who was suffering from diabetes & neuropathy which caused her lower part of her legs to be a very dark purple with dry, scaly skin. After 4 ½ weeks on the product, the dark purple in her legs is now turning pink and normal skin tones and the dry, scaly skin is softening. She also has not had to take pain meds for the neuropathy for a week now. My final testimony about my experience with this product concerns our dog. She is 6 years old & has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Her neck had swollen up so much that she couldn’t even bark. 3 weeks on Limu Original at 8 oz a day, the swollen lymph nodes have greatly decreased in size and she is not only barking again but also runs the fence with our neighbor dogs and has gained some of her weight back. She is not on any steroids & is not doing chemo. She is part of a cancer study being done by my Veterinarian Clinic alongside the Veterinarian Cancer Research Center as they have a current study with K9 cancer patients with the use of Fucoidan alone to treat the cancer. She is not taking the higher doses that the study is using simply because of affordability but her Vet says that we are seeing very good results at the dose we are giving her, alongside a grain-free diet and added vitamin C and a tablespoon a day of coconut oil. We feel very hopeful that she will pull through. If it is possible to add comments to this thread in 2-3 months, I will update all on her progress.

  5. FYI – People who become LIMU promoter use LIMU and have their own experience. They don’t just listen to others and repeat how it helped someone else. So I ask all to have an open mind when reading the comments. I can not speak for others but I no longer have the pain from Restless Leg Syndrome and the neuropathy is dissipating. Even if you don’t see or feel what others are saying LIMU have lots of good nutrients in it. Like anything you try you must give it time to work. At least try LIMU for 90 days. Give the product a fair shot. If you don’t see the expect results remember everything isn’t for everybody or you should give it more time to work. Everybody don’t finish the race at the same time so it will take some people more time or less time to feel or see the effects. Please limit your comments to your personal experience and not bash the company, the product, or the many people who’ve had success with LIMU.

  6. Look at all of you promoters, touting your crappy tasting product…of course you’re not going to say anything bad about it! The perfect food, the magical cure – this drink cures every ailment known to man. Snake oil – that’s all it is. #WAKEUP

  7. Hi Boone my name Shelby Roberts and this company it’s a lie I promise I actually been to one of there meetings and I love the product me and fiance loves it my fiance has type 1 diabetic and seen before we tried this product he blood sugar levels been in the 300 hundreds and 500 hundreds and there suppose to be in the 120 -150 that’s a normal Level for a type 1 diabetic that actually can kill a diabetic but seen he tried this product his blood sugar levels been normal and I have ADHD and this product has helped me concentrate without medication and that a miracle because I always had problems concentrate when I was in school well this product is just an awesome product if you have any more questions about this product don’t be afraid to email me I would love to answer any questions you have thank you and have a great day

  8. Hey Mike just wanted to tell you that this it’s a scam I have actually went to one of the meets and I love the product and I have fiance that has type 1 diabetic and he blood sugar levels been in the 300 and 400 that actually can kill a diabetic if its that high but seen my fiance try it has help his blood sugar levels seen he tried this product he blood sugar levels have been normal and I have ADHD and it has help me concentrate without medication its just an awesome product if u have any more questions don’t be scared to email me I would love to answer any question you have about this product

  9. I have been using Limu since June 2015 since then have NOT had ANY problems with my LIFE LONG ILLNESS ASTHMA, Chronic Bronchitis and Pneumonia. MY health has improved EXPONENTIALLY and I ABLSOLUTELY LOVE the fact this is an ALL IN ONE SUPPLEMENT. I DON’T take ANY other vitamin or mineral because I KNOW LIMU has me COVERED! 🙂 #DOINGITLIMU #LIMUFORLIFE

  10. My husband and I are promoters for LIMU and are in Tucson, Arizona. We were EXTREMELY skeptical as well, however this product is changing our lives. The health benefits alone are worth it, my husband suffered horribly from migraines and has not had one in the two months of using the product. Our doctor has also approved the use of this product and did research. The business part does take time and work, however you can be successful if you want to be. If you would like more info please feel free to check out

  11. Whoever wrote this is totally being a hater. My husband and I are promoters for LIMU. I have never promoted a product or worked at multi marketing. I’m a total skeptic too. I could not deny my neighbors results from using this product though. Her hands are basically deformed from rheumatoid arthritis. After using product for 6 wks she has no inflammation which means no pain! I was amazed and have known this women’s pain for 15 years. All I could think about was my mom, she has scoliosis bad and in pain a lot but hates taking pain meds.. I’m talking to everyone I know who has pain due to inflammations. I’m only talking to people who I think can promote the product successfully, meaning not everyone is a promoter. Yes we want people to promote,but it helps if you have the right personality and looking for opportunities. I’m a Christian with a large community that I love very much. The idea of helping people make money that i love is so cool. I’m a helper by nature!! To the hater who wrote this, I checked and the articles are legit and are very convincing based on the factual studies done. contact me if you’re interested in this product.

  12. Well, after reading this, I would say that your “facts” are wrong. I noted a lot of erroneous material in your article but won’t answer each claim because it’s not my place to do that. Limu is a wonderful product and is just a perfect food. There are no medical claims and it’s not touted as a cure for anything. Now there are over 1,300 independent scientific studies on on the benefits of Fucoidan, which is Limu’s main ingredient. Also, we don’t “sell” anything…we share what the products have done for us individually and show people how to get them and they pay exactly what we pay! It’s been a wonderful product for me and I will promote it because I believe everyone should be drinking it!

  13. Hello everyone, I am just like many folks in here I was very skeptical at first about the whole Limu deal. Suffering a battle with some serious acid re-flux attacks extending for over 5 months as well as unpleasant constipation problems, myself unwilling to take medication for it and create a dependency (and contribute to pharma to become richer than what they are); I decided to give Limu a try, just for the hell of it, just to see if this hype was legit. To my deepest surprise, after about a month of using it, my health has improve so dramatically that I am still in shock! Of course, eliminating certain foods is supposed to help as well, but when you do so and still have the problem, you can get irritated quickly, so I gave it a shot. I don’t know how is working for others and cannot make any “medical claims” about Limu helping me to get rid of these two nuisances. All I know is that I feel great, more energized, alert and grateful to GOD for finding this seaweed juice and this company!
    What? They are making money? As long as they are doing it ethically and legally, why the hell not? Is capitalism right? I’ve never being able to understand folks who get into Direct Marketing, MLM, or whatever you want to call it, expecting for things to happen miraculously. In a “normal” job you work 40 hours plus for X amount of money per hour, and chances are that will NEVER make more $$ than your mediocre supervisor… that’s how we were taught and that’s the way it is as a general rule. A company like Limu motivates you to go beyond that, and I have seen with my own eyes and ‘average joe” coming from bankruptcy (or almost homeless), getting a pretty descent income or a new car paid by the company…of course they had to work their tails off… but again you do the same working your tail off 40, 50 60 hours weekly for someone else to become richer!… enough with the whining!

    Peace to all…

    Constipation?…GONE, Acid re-flux? …GONE… thats all I know. Thats why today I am also a Limu (Latino) promoter, and I enjoy very much seeing others succeed and report health improvement as well…

  14. Limu promoters can make quite a profitable and stable business in a short period of time. The reason that MLM doesn’t work for some people is because they don’t do it correctly or they do not have a way to get momentum started. Limu has the easiest plan that I have seen. It’s about helping people with the product and the business. Getting to the level of making $10,000 a month in 6 months is very possible. Don’t let the negative people sway you the wrong way. There’s a lot of people that get established in the business and free themselves from their daily job. Find a promoter and they will help you thrive! Good Luck!

  15. I’ve been using limu for 60 days now and I can assure you it does work, I am now a promoter and doing very well, I had high blood pressure and because if drinking limu its lower and I feel great, I was pre diabetic but not anymore and I had neuropathy in my feet its gone. I have energy and I’m going to live a longer healthier life, if you would like to give it a try my email is The best part about promoting it is you don’t have to sell anything it works for you.

  16. They were not caught lying. They were caught making health claims which the product had not been approved by the FDA and therefore health claims are not to be made about anything without their stamp of approval. I do know that there are 1,000’s of people that after taking this drink they are off of medicines that they were taking for things such as gout, high blood pressure, ADHD, Diabetes and the list goes on.

  17. I’m also a Limu promoter. My focus though is product use. I have allergic asthma …. asthma induced by allergens in my environment. In 2014 I was at the Doctors office getting antibiotics, allergy meds and steroid shots every 3 months. I started taking Limu Original pretty close to the first of the year, January 2015. My last doctor visit was Feb 18th. I believe that due to my daily use of Limu Original has reduced my allergic reactions. It’s now mid June and I have not been to the doctor in months, i’m sure she thinks i’m going to another doctor!!! So if you have questions or concerns about the Limu Original products please feel free to contact me I will answer or direct you to the answers you require.


  18. Hi Nikolai,

    I hope that you are doing well and I am so excited that you are interested in learning more about what products and opportunities Limu has to offer. The lady who got me involved with the Limu company is named Jan Hernandez and I have asked her to call you and explain/answer all of the questions that you have because to be honest I am still learning. Please feel free to contact me through my email or through my website if you are interested in my personal experience with the company I would be happy to share that with you. I know that Jan is looking forward to talking to you also and telling you about her experience.

    Thanks for your interest,

  19. hello leigh!

    I was originally looking at a company site and based on its claim, I researched fucoidan in google. Funny thing is, Limu website came out and saw your blog. I went through a few blogs and site about Limu to include the company site as well. Please contact me through email or phone, 808-292-3121, I am interested to know of Limu and its opportunity. I am currently living in hawaii so depending from where you are calling, there is a 2-5 hour difference (West-East Standard Time). I don’t normally answer phone calls for so many telemarketers has called previously. I ask to please leave a small voicemail and I will call back soon as able. Thank you!


  20. My name is Leigh Stubbs and I am a promoter/user of the Limu products I know there are always going to be negative and positive posts on any product. The only thing I can offer is the fact that if you contact me I will answer any and all of your questions or concerns about any of the Limu products. My email is or you can go to my website at I look forward to any feedback.

    Thank you,

  21. Limu is a very good product, I felt better after taking it the first day, most people have to take it for a few months before they notice a difference, I don’t sell Limu because I am afraid people will think I am in it for the money, but I do tell people to check it out on utube and try it for themselves, if they don’t feel better in three months or less I would be very surprised. May God richly bless you through Christ Jesus our Lord.

  22. You make as many claims as to your ‘sucess’ as the company makes as to the efficacy of it’s product. Both unsubstantiated !

    Typical approach to MLM companies: “I’m getting rich so you should join/enroll also. I’ll help you get rich !”

    Please. What nonsense.

    And amazing. . . . I have nothing to ‘pitch’ in its place. I’ve been involved in various MLM companies over the years and what you should look for is: IS IT OVERPRICED ! If so, the extra money is used to pay ‘overrides’ to distributors ‘upline’ from you.

    I’m not trying to ‘recruit’ anyone, but if you want a great MLM company, go to MELALEUCA.COM. Do your research and decide for yourself. The company is ‘product’ driven which means no one makes money unless someone purchase some of the 50 or so products. Check it out and I won’t make a dime.’
    : – )

  23. I have to say that people on here really do not understand the body and what it is to be healthy. Limu has a lot of benefits that can do wonder for your body! BUT… Let me add a BIG BUT! Don’t expect it to work if you are going to still cling to your old unhealthy habits. It is a lifestyle change and in order to address the body’s needs you do have to put the right things in there and it does take time. I know Limu helps with my thyroid issue and I don’t have to take my thyroid medicine however, I still have to lay off the sweets, soda, and junk foods. Most importantly drink lots of water! Sure, people wonder how a business like Limu stays open and its because the testimonies of people lives is what keeps it going… And if you are one of those who doesn’t believe in this great product and people testimony then I’m sorry I can’t help you! This only works for those who wants change and its not for the mockers and scoffers.

  24. Ive been in since Feb. 2013 and have had no success. There are only a handful of people that will do well and it will only be short lived. Mulit level marketing never lasts forever. Don’t quit your day job!

  25. Having lots of success here. Joined LIMU in Fed 2013 and have been enjoying better Health and Wealth!! This company has had nothing but growth, debit free and profitable since day one. I am looking forward to the cash prizes, cruises to great locations and I’m already driving a BMW paid for by LIMU!!!

  26. I can’t say for sure, but it’s hard to trust a company that was caught lying in the past. I don’t mean that a company couldn’t make a mistake and possibly come back with a better line of products, but it certainly doesn’t happen all that often. I was interested because seaweed nowadays gets so much praise from heath conscious people, but I have my doubts about the product now.

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