Does Lipogaine Really Work?

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Does Lipogaine work?Lipogaine is a hair loss formula that contains both minoxidil as well as a combination of other ingredients all designed to enhance the results. If you’ve been battling your thinning hair for some time now you’re probably used to the sort of claims of these kind of products make. This might have made you skeptical to try something new, so we looked into this further to see what others are saying and determine whether or not it’s worth a try.

Losing your hair is one of the most feared things for a guy. In this image-based society we live in, having a healthy head of hair is considered preferable, and most women will openly admit that they prefer a man with a full hairline over one without, all things being equal. That’s why stopping the problem is at the top of most men’s to-do lists. There is a big sense of urgency when it comes to finding a fix, which can present a problem when there are so many bad products out there to avoid.

The Claim
Lipogaine claims that because they have azelaic acid, saw palmetto, fatty acids, and other commonly accepted DHT blockers in addition to minoxidil they say you cannot only stop your hair loss but get it to start regrowing again. They also say that because of the Biotin it contains your hair will be healthier and stronger because this is an essential vitamin that is often left out of an ordinary diet. They’ve also included Retinol which is reported to have positive benefits when combined with minoxidil.

They also say that this is easy to use, and it goes on clean without leaving a messy residue behind. They say there’s no smell to it and that it dries fast so that you can apply it quickly, and get on with your day.

The Hype
Any tiny bring a hair loss product to the market you know that it is going to come with its fair share of hype. This is because men are desperate for a solution to their hair loss because it placed the two big part in their confidence and appearance. All you really have to do is show a small bit of effectiveness and you have a locked in consumer base.

The Cost
Lipogaine is $25 for a one month supply, so relatively cheap compared to Rogaine. It’s also a one step product, meaning you don’t have to apply a suite of shampoos, conditioners, tonics, and serums, you simply use the dropper to place this solution where you need it. Other hair loss treatment packages can be priced at over $100 a month, and hair restoration clinics charge thousands of dollars, so if this is showing results it is one of the best bargains on the planet.

The Commitment
No matter which way you go when it comes to treating your hair loss, you’re going to have to be committed to reaching the finish line. This is because your hair loss is working 24/7 so you need to be just as diligent. It’s not going to take a break, so neither can you. You need to add a hair treatment session to your daily routine in order to stop the progression of your hair loss. Be sure to take a long-term view on the situation and don’t look for results too early. Taking a before picture is a great idea to make sure that you view your results objectively.

Lipogaine has a solid idea here, combining something like minoxidil that is clinically proven to work with ingredients that have been shown to work like biotin and saw palmetto. Minoxidil has been used for several years now, and is the main ingredient in successful hair loss products like Rogaine. More and more it is being used by products that don’t require a prescription and is mixed with all-natural ingredients that are supposed to nourish your hair back to health.

It’s hard to argue with the social feedback this is getting, so maybe there hasn’t been any specific clinical studies performed on this, but the ingredients it’s using have been shown to be effective so it would lead you to believe that putting them together and one bottle would be a good idea. At this price point this is definitely one of the hair loss treatments you should try, especially because it’s backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Final Lipogaine Review

We’re giving Lipogaine our Solid Try rating. The reviews that it has received are overwhelmingly positive, and it would seem that they’ve done their research and come up with a way to get several different effective ingredients into one container. This makes it easier to apply, since it’s just one product, which makes it easier to stick with day after day which is the cornerstone to success with any hair loss treatment.

Our Recommendation
We recommend trying this out if you have had limited success with other products that contain the ingredients in it. For example, if you’ve already tried a product that only contains minoxidil, and it worked somewhat, you should try this out because you may notice an even better improvement because of the other ingredients it has. Always remember to keep a level head when trying out hair loss products, and set reasonable expectations so that you’re not ultimately disappointed when something doesn’t work overnight.

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What do you think? Does Lipogaine work or not?

337 Customer Reviews on “Does Lipogaine Really Work?

  1. A comment to Drew. If you see more rapid hair, it means that product works for you. It is called minoxidil shedding.

    I started to use the product 5 months ago after seeing the great results posted by one guy on Youtube. Although I didn’t grow as much hair in the hairline as the video shows, I am very satisfied with the hair regrowth on the top my head. The balding bald is almost gone.

  2. Used it for 9 days and hair fell out quite more rapidly than ever before. Any thought?

  3. The best product I have used. I used several other minoxidil products including Rogaine, Nioxin. Lipogaine is the best. it dries faster. Super clean, it didn’t irritate my scalp like others. I am most impressed by the how much hair it grew after using it for 6 six months.

  4. I tried it out and I got weird water retention in my legs and my vision felt weird. Had dark circles under my eyes. Never had this with the costco mino foam. 🙁 Oh well.

  5. It’s not stated on the bottle. When I first noticed myself thinning as bad as I was, I did tons of research on different claims. Microneedlers have been used in quite a few studies without any product on and it has proven successful for a few people and it has been used for facial scaring and increasing facial cleanser product absorption. So people started using it on head in same way and it seems to work for some people. Makes sense. It’s just superficial pokes, no blood, very minor discomfort. Though, it can pull hairs out if you’re not rolling properly too so look at some how-to-videos before you attempt. Sorry for late reply.

  6. i have tried this product and after using less than a week my legs and feet were swollen and i lost vision. i will not recommend this product to anyone bc your health is very important than anything else!

  7. DTS, where is it stated you need to use MicroNeedler (derma roller 0.5mm) before application?

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  9. I just started using this product a week ago twice a day and before I goto sleep I put emu oil and coconut oil in my head with a gently massage and in only one week my hair stop falling like it used to but idk if is the lipogaine product or the oils I been using. Also I been taking smoothies with blue berries, spinach and pumpkin oil everyday since I found they are rich on fatty acids and that’s good to fight the dht. I’ll keep using the lipogaine for two more months to see how this goes but I’m happy I’m not losing more hair anymore 🙂

  10. 25 years old, worked great for me, took 3 months of near every day use to see results.
    Went into it VERY skeptic and refused to let my self be tricked into seeing what i wanted to see rather than what was happening, but after 3 months It’s VERY obvious its working.
    To make it work the way its described, you have to use MicroNeedler (derma roller 0.5mm) before application, it will let the minoxidil absorb 5-10x more.
    Went from wearing hats/hoods all god damned year to letting my hair be wild and messy, because I can.

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  13. I just finished my first bottle and I have decided to order 4 more guys!
    It stopped my hair loss. I can’t say that it will give you a full head of hair, but if you are looking to stop this crazy ungoing hair loss partern; you can give it a try. Remember to use it religiously ( 2 times a day). You will have lots of shedding in the first weeks but it will stop. You can also make your own research online and it worked for many many many men. Let’s stop this guys! Let’s fight it and lipogaine will help you achieve your simpliest goal : KEEP YOUR HAIR.

  14. Does lipogain cause chest pain and heart rate issues and who shouldn’t use lipogain does really cause bad side effect?

  15. its another money making scamlike rogaine im only starting to lose hair and its donenothing to im prove the situ hairloss cures should be here years ago but too much money in scam products like these

  16. I love this product. I had tried women’s Rogaine for quite a while, and noticed some improvement with the thin spots on either side ofbmy head, but with Lipogaine, the difference has been very obvious. My hair is fuller, and looks much healthier. I no longer see the sparse places I used to, when I see myself in photos or three way mirrors. I only use this product in the morning, and I’ve found that to be enough for me to keep my hair nice and full. My hair dresser noticed the difference, too!

  17. I have using Lipogaine for about 2 months and the product is growing hair in a surprising way. It is well worth the $25 investment. I have only been applying once a day and it works and am just now finishing the first bottle.

  18. Brandon, it’s been a few months now – how has Lipogaine worked for you? I just started it last night, and I’m very optimistic!

  19. I’m 54 years old, and have tried everything out their.Upon seeing the you tube video in November of 2012, I decieded to give it a try. It’s by far the best hair regrowth product I’ve ever used. In under 3 months of use, my hair is growing in areas that haven’t seen hair in years. I could go on and on, but my advice to you, that read this is …Try it, it works.

  20. My father is bald and so was my grandfather. I hate to admit it, but I think I’m now considered a bald man. It’s come to a point in which I should either shave my head or try the comb over, but I would eat horse dung before I do a comb over and so I need to make up my mind. I tried couple of products without success and Lipogaine will probably be my last try. I know it has many positive reviews, so hopefully I’ll be one of the people raving about it in a month or two.

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