Does Lipozene Really Work?

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Does Lipozene really work?You’ve probably seen a Lipozene ad on TV, because they run it several times a day on many different networks. It’s not just the number of ads they run, but what the ads say that gets people motivated to try it.

Most anyone that is unhappy with their body weight has tried one or even several different ways to lose weight. It’s a common attribute shared by many people, and the feelings of frustration and demotivation can be strong if you’ve tried and failed several times. When a product comes along that tries to connect with you on this level, while promising the end to your suffering, red flags should go up.

The Claim
This product is the one that is marketed towards people that have thrown their hands up in the air and given up on losing body fat. They specifically claim to target body fat, and not just overall body weight.

They also claim that this is a limited time offer, which it most definitely is not. The offer has been there for months and will be there for months to come. This is just another sales gimmick to try and induce an order.

One thing you’ll notice on their site is a self-made award that they’ve given themselves, proclaiming that it is a “Product of Excellence” and that they get a gold seal for selling more than 10,000,000 bottles of the stuff. Being a best seller does not make a product excellent. It makes your marketing team excellent, but not necessarily the product.

They claim that 78% of each pound of weight you lose is body fat. They also say that they are marketing a dietary fiber sponge. Since none of the clinical proof they claim to have is given at the site, it is unclear how dietary fiber soaks up body fat, especially not three quarters of every pound.

They claim that Lipozene is powerful. So powerful that you do not need to change any other aspect of your lifestyle in order for it to work. This is their most dangerous premise.

Can’t Find the Clinical Proof?
They refer to an 8 week university double blind study that showed that participants lost 4 pounds of fat. That is half a pound a week on average, but good luck trying to find any documentation from this study. You have to take them at their word, which is a risky thing to do when dealing with a diet pill manufacturer.

In the fine print, they are wise enough to state that individual results will vary. They also do say that diet and exercise are recommended, so it’s almost a given fact that the people you see in the testimonials were put on a strict diet and exercise regimen at the same time they were taking Lipozene, making it impossible to determine which actions were actually responsible for the fat loss. Here’s a hint, it was probably the diet and exercise!

The Hype
Lipozene seems to be trying to fit the words “clinically proven” into their website and advertising as much as possible. However, this term doesn’t really mean anything by itself. It is uncertain what was actually proven, and what sort of clinic it was proven in. Any company can run mock trials of its own product, in a laboratory with doctors and scientists. Any proof that comes out of these clinical trials will obviously be slanted towards what the company wants to hear.

The other hype used is the plethora of advertising that is done to promote these pills. The ads for Lipozene are some of the most prolific on television. They are designed to connect with mostly women, especially those that claim to be too busy with life to spend time losing the fat.

The Cost
Lipozene is not very expensive, no matter which route you go. They have a trial offer that will get you two bottles of it for $30 which includes shipping and a bonus bottle of some other pills.

Even though they have a money back guarantee, it should not give you any extra comfort. They know that most people will not take them up on their offer, even if they are unsatisfied. The small percentage that actually do follow through with a refund claim can easily be paid out of the profits.

The Commitment
The dangerous thing about Lipozene is that they say you just need to take the pills in order to see results. Just take 2 pills before you eat your three meals per day. They do not specifically encourage you to combine the pills with diet and exercise, saying that you can continue on with your normal daily routine and start losing fat from pill taking alone.

Weight loss pills that promise a cure in a bottle are some of the most harmful products in the world. The body needs – craves – healthy food and daily exercise. By solidifying the belief that you can sit around all day and eat junk but just take a pill and be fine, the makers of Lipozene are doing a huge disservice to consumers everywhere.

Even if there were a pill that you could take that would allow you to totally disregard things like healthy foods and light exercise, you wouldn’t want to do that to your body. You would simply be setting yourself up for long-term diseases and an unhealthy existence.

Lipozene is mostly just a bulking agent. After you swallow the pills they expand in your stomach, helping you to eat less. They are also made of fibrous materials, so that you can move food through your system more quickly. There is nothing in the pills that would suggest that it pulls fat from your body, or that it prevents fat from being digested.

Ingredients broken down by a doctor:

Final Lipozene Review

Lipozene is a perfect example of the most dangerous diet pills you can use. Not only will it separate you from your hard-earned cash, but it will contribute nothing to your overall health and well-being, and will actually make it harder for you to lose weight the natural way, because it will strengthen your belief that you don’t have to put forth any effort towards giving yourself a healthy body.

Our Recommendation
When you look at each of the individual ingredients, it’s easy to see that there is nothing in Lipozene that is extremely beneficial to the body, so it doesn’t make sense to take it for weight loss. Most likely it is a placebo effect, since the advertisements specifically target those people that have “tried everything” and are desperate for a quick solution.

Be good to yourself. Introduce healthier foods into your daily diet, and add some light, easy exercise every day. You’ll see results if you go for the long term.

What do you think? Does Lipozene work or not?

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  1. Tried it for three weeks. The only results were abdominal pain and vomiting – and I actually gained weight.

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