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Does HemClear really work?Anyone that’s had hemorrhoids for any period of time has probably wondered if HemClear really works as well as they claim. There are so many different pills, ointments, drugs, and opinions out there claim to know what is causing the problem, and how to fix it. It’s hard to separate the good from the bad and downright ugly. So does HemClear work or not?

The reason there are so many products vying for hemorrhoid relief supremacy is because the market is usually desperate for relief, making the sales process quick and easy. Also, as baby boomers age there will be more and more cases of hemorrhoids popping up, meaning that the demand will continue to grow, so it is in their best interest to secure as much market share now, for continued growth.

The Claim
HemClear doesn’t make any outlandish claims, other than being able to cure your hemorrhoid problem within one week. However, if you delve a little deeper, you see that they recommend at least 2 weeks of treatment, and really 4 weeks to make sure it’s totally gone. They also have recommendations for how to keep your hemorrhoids from coming back, which is nice because as we all know prevention is the best medicine.

They claim to be the leading hemorrhoid solution on the market. They also claim that their laboratory is registered with the FDA, but it is important to note that this does not mean that their product is FDA approved, just that they’ve registered their lab with the FDA, which basically lets the FDA know what they intend to do there.

They say that their product treats both internal and external hemorrhoids, and that because you ingest the pill the ingredients enter your bloodstream and therefore attack your problem from all angles.

They claim to ship the same day you order, which is great if you’ve been suffering for a while and want relief as soon as possible.

The Hype
There isn’t a lot of sensationalism used at their website, and they don’t have one of those cheesy made for TV ads that are notorious for products like these. They are also not just a downloadable ebook that promises to offer some sort of home remedy. This makes HemClear a product that is taking a unique approach to sales, and one that goes against the grain of many popular remedies out there.

The Cost
So if HemClear is so effective at getting rid of a problem that causes so much pain, suffering, and embarrassment to so many people, it must be expensive right?

For a one month supply, which is what they recommend in order to see the best results from their product, you can expect to pay around $100. That will get you 4 bottles of HemClear plus a free bottle of HemCream, giving you both an internal and external treatment to attack it from both sides.

The Commitment
Because HemClear is internally based, all that is required is to swallow the pills. This makes the commitment level very low, as long as you follow the schedule and don’t miss a dose. This is much easier than trying to apply creams, ointments, or other lotions externally.

The HemClear corporation does a lot of things right. They address all of the concerns that you would have when ordering something of this nature. They offer discrete shipping so you won’t have to suffer from embarrassment when receiving the package at home or at work. You also won’t have to buy it from a store which can be equally embarrassing.

They also list their main ingredients, and give reasons as to why they are included. This is something that many companies do not do, leaving you to wonder what is in them, and why they allegedly work.

Ingredient Breakdown

Witch Hazel Leaf & Bark – Shrinks blood vessels, is popularly used in many different hemorrhoid treatments on the market.

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract – Although the nuts themselves are slightly poisonous, the extract is apparently not and makes up much of the HemClear product. The site claims that the nuts contain aescin which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which would explain it.

Diosmin – Also another popular treatment for hemorrhoids.

Hesperidin – Reduces blood pressure in lab rats, but nothing conclusive found in humans yet.

Butchers Broom – Improves circulation and blood flow, also clinically proven to show positive results in treating hemorrhoids.

Cayenne – Increases blood flow. Use as a hemorrhoid treatment has not been determined.

Oat Straw – Oat has a soothing effect.

Bilberry – Mostly helps with eye function, but also contains antioxidants, so that’s good.

Plantain – Can be helpful for a number of digestive disorders.

Rutin – Improves circulation and is anti-inflammatory.

Mullien Leaf – Many different medicinal uses, not specifically for hemorrhoids though.

Red Root – No medicinal benefits commonly attributed to it.

Obviously, all of these are natural ingredients, but there are others that are included in the product. However, from this list you can see that each of these is a natural product of the Earth and has been around for thousands of years. What makes HemClear unique is their proprietary blend of these products that makes it an effective treatment for hemorrhoids.

Final HemClear Review

Nearly all of the ingredients listed for the product have been shown to be effective at treating hemorrhoids, and HemClear seems to have found the right mix that works. If A, B, and C all work at fixing hemorrhoids, then A+B+C should have an even more powerful effect. Consensus has it that this works. The vast majority of users have reported success with the program.

Our Recommendation
There is no reason not to at least try HemClear. All of the information they provide checks out, and they have created a well-rounded product that seems to work in the majority of cases.

However, you may not need a treatment like HemClear to get rid of your hemorrhoids. The truth is, one of the best ways to get rid of hemorrhoids is to take a probiotic, like Align, everyday, eat plenty of fiber, and drink LOTS of water. It will make your stool softer, and your hemorrhoids will go away naturally.

If you want more information on hemorrhoids and the treatments available, visit our hemorrhoid products page.

What do you think? Does HemClear work or not?

38 Customer Reviews on “Does HemClear Really Work?

  1. I too have suffered with hemorrhoids for many years…I have tried everything, and I mean everything except surgery. I even went in and paid a lot of money for “Keesey Technique” or negative galvanic treatment and that did not work. I was really at wits end. My were internal and external and bleeding as well. I went back to the internet as I have so many times and found HemClear. I have only taken it for 4 days now and let me tell you, they are almost non existent. I can’t even believe it. No more pain, no more bleeding. I will continue to take the two bottles I have. I have been taking 2 capsules 3 times a day after meals. I will order several more bottles and take them as well, just because I don’t want these to come back. This is not a scam or paid review. The last thing I wanted was surgery, my friend had it and it was so painful for her and hers actually came back. For me, this works and I have tried everything. I also feel I have more energy, so that’s a good thing. Give them a try, take as directed. They certainly worked for me.

  2. I was ripped off! One of the reasons I purchased HemClear was the 100% Money-Back Guarantee! What a joke! I took that at face value and failed to click through the the fine print. They will not give you a refund unless you return the bottles to them within 60 days. Of course, who doesn’t throw away the bottle when it is empty? Beware and know before you purchase.

    I will say that the ingredients are both excellent and natural (my preferred modality), just no positive results from taking the product.

  3. ive been using hemclear for about a year now and they work great, use to be i couldnt even sit down but now i dont even know i have them. they didnt go away but i have pain relief. only thing it gets expensive to buy all the time and they dont give discounts for long term buyers.

  4. HemClear worked for me. I had really bad hemorrhoids and now they’re totally gone. I noticed the difference right away! I would recommend it to anyone!

  5. We need the product in malawi as well. I have suffered enough how do intend to make it available

  6. I have suffered from roids since I was pregnant as a teen, I am now in my late 50’s and they recently were so bad that I had bleeding that continued well after stooling and continued for over a week. I found this online and I swear the bleeding and pain were gone 24hours later. I took 2, 2X/day for about a week or 2 and now only take 2/day for maintenance and so far so good 🙂 I was very amazed at how well it worked. I say give it a try it most definitely seems to be working for me. Good luck.

  7. All i can say is, amazing product! It gave me relief from around 5 days and i saw a major improvement thereafter. Highly recommend to anyone suffering from hemorrhoids, it really is the best product online.

  8. Great Product. It cleared my hemorrhoids in about 1 week. I also love the cream! Very soothing and really helps. Much better than Prep H.

  9. It is amazing how many product “reviews” are totally bogus and obviously sponsored by the scam artists who sell the products. I’ve purchased the product and used it for over a month- absolutely no effect!

  10. Hello, I just purchased six bottles of this product hem clear . I will update ASAP as soon as I get results in.

  11. I read many reviews which left me questioning if it would work. The website reminded me of a typical phony cure site due to all the claims of miracle cure etc.. I had a thrombosed roid which was quite painful. First time ever in my life that it happened. Have suffered with roids since I was in my 20’s when I put extreme pressure on my body pulling heavy G-forces flying air combat.
    I decided that blowing a hundred bucks, if it worked, was worth it. I was skeptical. It is now 3 weeks later. I drank plenty of water and took psyllium husk daily. The thrombosis began to reduce slightly in 3-4 days. An internal roid, which had also gone external as a result of this episode, began to shrink. After 3 bottles (have one remaining) the thrombosis is now tiny and nearly gone. The internal roid is also a fraction of the original size.
    My plan. Purchase the prime ingredients in hemclear, which agree with the natural cures suggested on numerous health websites, to reduce cost. Drink plenty of water and continue with low psyllium husk intake and see if roids return. BTW, I have maintained intake of 2 cups of coffee in the morning and an evening cocktail as before. I stopped alcohol and coffee for the first week.

    Overall I am very satisfied with the results to date. Beats surgery or rubber bands.

  12. My experience is very positive with this product. I have suffered from Hemorrhoids since my pregnancy and HemClear does wonders to me and very quickly. My hemorrhoids took around two weeks to heal at first, and I have been taking two a day to prevent them from coming back. To me it is worthy and will continue to order it.

  13. Save your money, Even at an expensive health food store like Vitamin Shoppe or GNC you can buy Horse chesnut and butchers broom herbs. Or better yet just go online to viata cost or I herb and order “leg veins” by Natures way it has all of the same ingrediants for 1/10th the price. A bottle of 120 2 month supply is less tan 15.00.

  14. I’ve had a chronic problem for years and had surgery many years ago, which helped but they were not all removed. As time went on the problem has persisted, I took Hemclear and with in 2 weeks I had substantial relief! I don’t think any one product works for everyone, but when it gets to a certain point I am willing to try none traditional remedies and Hemclear has really helped me.

  15. I’d have to say that Hemclear has worked for me. Having to wait a few weeks for the bottle I did use Rectinol to give me relief (which was welcomed), however since taking them I have noticed a marked difference in the Physical symptoms. One was particularly prominent and it has started to disappear.

    There has been no side effects and change in just over a week has been enormous.

    It is worth giving them a go, I believe, possibly in tandem with a topical cream.

  16. I developed horribly painful, burning hemorrhoids after an allergic reaction to Cottonelle wipes several years ago. I was beyond miserable until I tried HemClear and HemCream. Worked wonders for me.
    After I ran out, I used Preparation H wipes and a blend of Prep-H and A&D ointments (which worked better than either alone), and only had occasional mild flare-ups.
    Recently, though, I made the mistake of trying a store brand of the Prep-H wipes – same active ingredient, but different inactive ingredients. Turns out I’m allergic to something in those too. I’ve been miserable for the last three weeks even though I only used them for three or four days, and found this site while hunting for the site to order more HemClear.

  17. This didn’t work for me at all – pills or cream. Now I’m trying to get my refund and they are jerking me around. If someone got relief from this stuff, you must not have a very serious case. Sitz bath is the only thing that gives me any relief. Take stool softener every night and take a ibuprofen if you can’t sleep.

  18. I have been suffering with painful internal and external hemorrhoids for a year now. My life has been miserable. I have been to my general practitioner and two specialists. They recommended surgery. However I am doing everything I can to avoid surgery after reading about the painful recovery time. One of my specialists has put me on Benefiber, stool softeners, and warm sitz baths. After doing research on my own I also bought infrared LED lights as I was in so much pain I was ready to try anything. The blue really helps after a sitz bath. I have added flax oil and what germ to my breakfast orange juice, I also add 2 tsp of flax oil to the sitz bath, and I drink around 80 oz of water daily. I found the website with Hem Clear and have placed two orders. I am going to place another order to have on hand, Some days I have set backs but my life is manageable now. The pain has decreased substantially and the pills are by far cheaper that surgery. Hem Clear has really helped me and I am so thankful for this product. I would not be without it. I never write reviews but I am hoping that my review helps someone else. I know how desperate I was.

  19. Hi Jasmine. I just read your comment and I am very interested in learning whether or not this product really does work because I know how difficult hemorrhoids are to treat and get rid of for good. If there are any natural products out there that are affordable and will get the job done, I will know to recommend it to everyone in my family who suffers with this terrible, painful condition. Have you had a chance to try it yet? If so, what have your results been? Were you happy with the product? Did it work as it claims?

  20. Thanks for reviewing this product, as I have been hearing a lot about natural remedies that work to cure hemorrhoids from the inside out. I think these products are worth a try as long as they are recommended by sites like yours and they get positive reviews from users. It seems, though, that, for the most part, these products get mixed reviews, making it harder to come to a decision. I always prefer natural products over pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures, so I think it’s worth trying every option available first.

  21. Hello, okay i have just started this hemclear and i will let everyone know about this product. Im telling you Personally, there are so many times I wanted to give up on everything and luckly for me my boy friend stayed by my side like he did. I had no surgery, no doctors appointments, no nothing. I just tried a suppositories, peperation H, drinking water, retraining my body! I couldnt stop eating the wrong food though (Cuz i would get discouraged after a week or so). but anyway God knows I felt like i was almost about to give up. But then my dad talked to me, and granted i laughed when i found out he had the same hemmroidal problem in the past. But he told me to try hemclear so now i am. And I promise I will telll the truth to Whoever is out there because my situation I wouldnt wish on even hitler. ( im just saying) …. anyway God bless and i will report back to anyone reading this site. And if this product works you will see me on tv one day supporting this product!! Watch me!!! Cause people need to know the truth im tired of lies when it comes to our health!!

  22. I usually don’t write reviews on any product but I specifically sought out to write one for this. I was desperate for relief at 23 years of age; I’m in no position to be tied down from being active because of something like this. I went ahead and ordered 4 bottles and I’m glad I did.. I was fully relieved after 2 weeks but I finished my first bottle anyway. Now I keep the others when I feel irritated and it keeps them from getting worse or flaring up fully. It’s always good to have on hand so you don’t have to wait until you are in desperation mode again. This product truly works to soothe internally.

  23. My experience was wonderful with this product because I was suffering since 2 years ago ! I feel that I have my life back, I strongly suggest to those that said that it dosen’t work to give it a chance again but, as you can see, sometime you need to keep taking the pill for as long as 6, 7 or even 8 week which is my case and let me tell you that it worth every penney.

    Now I take 2 pills once in a while and the cream every night, this product really works, if some of you are looking for something to get rid of your hems, this is the cure !!
    I am so happy that I almost cry !! thank you people of HemClear !!

  24. I am not sure why this has not worked for others, perhaps there is not one cure that works for all. I started with both the capsules and the cream and have just settled to using the cream now. I tried all the brand products out there and I can tell you that nothing works faster and is more effective than this HemClear cream. It is very soothing and I would have hems for days and days in the past but when they erupt now, I apply this cream and they are gone (completely gone) in a matter of hours. I just use it as needed. This is a product that works!!!

  25. I tried a 2 week supply of Hemclear, it actually works! I will admit I was very skeptical, who wouldn’t be. I had a hemorroid about the size of a pea pop up and no kidding, after the first bottle I could tell a difference. Before the second bottle was gone it was totally gone. I am still amazed that this product actually worked. I would recommend this product to anyone. Beats going to the Doctor and lots cheaper.

  26. For me, HemClear was the only product that got rid of my hemorrhoids. I recommend it to everyone. If I were you, I would try HemClear first, before wasting your money on cheap products that don’t work. So, for those of you who just want me to get to the point, HemClear really works. It worked for me and I am so grateful to them.

    Now, for those interested, here’s my story…

    My hemorrhoids started in the past when I had my 2nd child. Very different than when I gave birth to my first child, it was an easy delivery. But, the hemorrhoids that I experienced with my first child had been even worse with the second. So, the condition must have come from the pregnancy itself, not the delivery. No matter what it was, the hemorrhoids were very painful.

    Through the years, they simply became worse. It used to be hard to always eat the right food, to drink plenty of water, to get enough fiber in my diet and I used to be incessantly constipated. I’d then take a few powerful laxatives, and I would have diarrhea or soft stools for a few days, and the cycle could start all over again. I did this for years. I felt I used to be cleaning out my gastro intestinal track!!

    Then I went to the doctor for a routine colonoscopy that they recommend you get while you turn 50. This new physician inquired of me “how regular” I was. In the beginning, I stated everything was just fine. Then, I assumed, perhaps what I was doing maybe wasn’t so normal, so I told him the truth. He was the most efficient physician I ever went to. I had been constipated like this for years, and other doctors simply instructed me to take extra fiber and alter my diet. This doctor in reality sat and listened.

    He spent time with me and explained a lot to me. He informed me that I had turned out to be dependent on laxatives, that I had chronic constipation and that what was doing was “educating” my digestive system to rely on the laxatives. I could not have a regular bowel movement without taking something. He informed me that I had to stop using laxatives, cold turkey, and use a stool softener (Miralax) for a time period till I was again back to normal. And he scheduled a colonoscopy for AFTER I was regular once more. After all that, he told me that I had internal and external hemorrhoids, most probably from the constipation and diarrhea, not simply the pregnancy.

    That was a couple years ago. In the time that lapsed since then, I found out about HemClear. I figured that if I could do away with one problem, maybe I can do away with the other one as well. I searched on line, and found that there was this product that was highly recommended. I read more and more about it and decided to buy HemClear. The more I learned, the more I thought this might be able to help my condition. I decided to move forward full throttle, and order 5 bottles of pills and one of the cream., which came out to about $25 a bottle which isn’t bad at all.

    I started to take HemClear, as it said on the bottle, 3 times a day. I felt my hemorrhoids improved already after the beginning week. But, since the actual hemorrhoids were nonetheless there, and I had 5 bottles, I continued taking them. After 4 weeks, I placed a call to the 800 number and asked if I should stop, since I assumed they were disappeared. The woman who replied urged that I keep on taking it for prevention-maintenance, as she called it. So, I did. I decreased to 2 capsules each day and I’ve been doing that for just about a year, I think.

    They have not come back. I now tell everyone about HemClear! I am living proof that it works.

  27. HemClear worked for me. It took some time, but after the 3rd week my hemorrhoids were gone. I would recommend at least trying it to everyone. Its a lot cheaper than surgery!

  28. I did it for three weeks, the pills and the cream, $107, and there is not even a HINT OF A TRACE of improvement. I can’t believe that I’m so naive falling for such an obvious scam.

  29. i tried this product, using all 4 bottles. assuming that it was going to work, i discarded the first three empty containers. after seeing that it was worthless, i appied for a refund of my $100 dollars.
    quess what! aside from having a worthless experience, they dunned me for the three empty bottles that
    i disgarded. save your money and see your doctor.

  30. Hemclear worked for me. I had bad hemorrhoids and hemclear got rid of them in a few weeks. Great review by the way- its a very honest overview.

  31. HemClear Works! It worked for me and my husband. I would recommend it to anyone with a hemorrhoid problem!

  32. Yes, HemClear absolutely works. I had been suffering for months and was completely at my wits end with discomfort all day and night. I had been to my doctor and even a colorectal surgeon who did a rubber banding procedure but it didn’t help. I was very afraid of surgery after hearing and reading many peoples’ horror stories about the recovery process. My surgeon even admitted that the recovery is pretty brutal. Out of sheer desperation I decided to try HemClear after reading about it online. It was a little spendy, but being the number cruncher that I am by trade I actually added up what I had spent over 6 to 9 months on creams, suppositories, prescription meds, doctor visit co-pays, etc and realized that HemClear really wasn’t all that much of an investment. So, skeptical as I was, I tried it. And when no miracle happened after three days I was convinced it was a scam. But I kept taking it and a few days later I started to feel improvement. After two weeks my symptoms were gone. I did not follow their advice to take two caps a day as a preventative and my hemorrhoids have come back twice since I first used HemClear. A couple of weeks taking the capsules sets me right. I highly recommend this product to my family and close friends. Hemorrhoids can be truly miserable, but this product really does work. It might not work for everyone, but it worked for me….several times now.

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