Does No No Hair Remover Really Work?

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Does No No Hair Remover really work?Unwanted body hair is one of the biggest pains for both men and women, and No No Hair Remover hopes to be a solution for both genders. It doesn’t matter where the hair grows, if you don’t want it there it becomes an aggravating problem that keeps growing back again and again.

Out of all the ways that there are to get rid of hair on the body No No Hair Remover seems very appealing. Watching the infomercial it’s hard not to want to at least try it. But does it really work?

Being mammals we’re typically very hairy all over our bodies, except for the bottoms of our feet and the palms of our hands. This means that there is a high chance that there’ll be some hair growing on some part of the body that we just don’t want. This could be under the nose for women, on the back for men, or anywhere else it’s considered unsightly.

Products have been around for a long time that promise to alleviate this problem, including shavers, pluckers, at-home laser treatments, waxing treatments, depilatory creams, and all sorts of gadgets and ointments that promise to leave the body smooth and hair free. But the problem is that most of them don’t work, and end up getting tossed out, or collecting dust in the junk drawer. This leaves it wide open for a company to come along with the real solution.

The Claim
No No hair remover claims to use a new technology that heats up the hair, instantly removing it, but also making it so that the follicles don’t regrow their hair as quickly as they did. This not only takes care of the problem of having hair now, but it also reduces the amount of hair you have going forward.

This is what makes the product so inviting. It speaks to people on two different levels, promising not only to get rid of the current problem, but also making the problem lessen with each consecutive use.

No No says that you can get a salon quality hair removal process from the comfort of your home using the same sort of technology. Their major claims are that you’ll have no hair, there’ll be no pain, there won’t be any ingrown hairs, it doesn’t use chemicals, it doesn’t make a mess, and it won’t stress you out during the application process.

This is a very attractive promise because salon treatments can cost hundreds of dollars, and you have to go back for more treatments because of the multi step process. Because No No knows that the alternative is much more expensive, they’ve priced their unit so that it’s not exactly cheap, but you can justify the purchase comparing it to your other options.

The Hype
The hype comes from the infomercials, and the interview-style way that they have a group of women standing in a circle all saying that it works and lavishing praise on it. It’s all self-hype, and ubiquitous advertising. They didn’t spare any expense on the advertising, usually opting for the 30 minute long segment that plays more like a talk show then a commercial.

The Cost
For the price of the No No hair removal system it had better work according to the way it’s shown to in the commercials. If you order from their official website you can expect to pay $250 for the latest model. If you order from Amazon, you can get it for $190 and shipping is free using their supersaver shipping method. For something that has overwhelmingly bad reviews, it’s amazing that they still sell it at this price point. It seems that they’re relying on their high quality advertising to push a low-quality product to new and unsuspecting customers.

The Commitment
For many of us, unwanted body hair is just a mild complaint. In order to successfully use the No No hair removal system you have to view this hair with a bit of disdain. In order to stick with a regimen, and go through enough application processes to remove the hair permanently, or at least reduce it to a manageable amount, you have to be dedicated.

Aside from that, No No should actually reduce your commitment to getting rid of your body hair for the long-term. The promise is that at some point you won’t have to worry about your hair anymore because you won’t have it. You have to maintain the results with No No, but the time you spend fussing over hair growing in the wrong place will be reduced to a minimum.

The feedback that has come in from actual users of the No No hair removal system is not very comforting. In fact, many people say it doesn’t work at all, and it definitely doesn’t work as shown in the advertisements.

Negative Reviews and User Error
It’s amazing just how many negative reviews this product has received from people that have tried it and found it doesn’t work for them. It is expected that you would see some negative reviews from a cross-section of users because a product of this nature is not going to work for everyone. However, any time you see reviews that are stacked to one side, something must be up, whether good or bad.

In this case it’s pretty obvious that No No hair remover does not work for the vast majority of people that try it. For those that do report success, these can be thought of as outliers and not taken into consideration during your own evaluation process. It is unwise to believe that you will have the same experience as an outlier, when in fact the higher likelihood is that you’ll have a similar experience to the hundreds of people that said it’s not worth the money, or the effort.

Final No No Hair Remover Review

Although No No hair remover states that it is based on science and not magic, it is unclear what the science is and what went wrong in the execution of putting it into the actual product. Coming up with a new scientific sounding name for a technology may do well to sell a product, but it does nothing for the actual function, and eventually leads to unsatisfied customers.

Because of the technological world that we live in it is getting more and more believable that expensive equipment used in salons can be reduced to a handheld device that can be safely used at home. Perhaps one day we’ll reach this point, but that day is apparently not today. Maybe a next-generation No No hair remover will be able to live up to its many claims, but the ones on the market today do not.

Our Recommendation
Unfortunately, we can’t recommend the No No hair remover, although we must admit we’d like to. It seems like it should work, it has a feasible system, but the follow-through just isn’t there. We also desperately want to lose our unwanted body hair, and we will keep our ear to the ground, and our eyes peeled for any new product that’s coming out on the horizon that shows any amount of promise.

If you want to hear more customer feedback on this product, check out the No No Hair Remover reviews on Amazon.

What do you think? Does No No Hair Remover work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does No No Hair Remover Really Work?

  1. I think you have to try it many times and it’s not a money saver
    Cause I still have to shave

  2. There are lot of mix reviews about no! no! hair removal machine, some people says its awesome and other claim that they have been pissed off using no! no!. I also tried no! no! and the results as expected not as exactly as company claims in ads but its worth it. I’ll suggest those who have bad experience using this device should read the proper instructions at may the tutorials there help them to get some results.

  3. Since you think it’s a shaver, which it is not, it’s obvious that you’ve never used the product and and your review isn’t based on your personal experience of the product. Why leave a review for a product, you haven’t tried? Regardless of whether the product works or not, without personal use of the product, all you can offer is a biased opinion, based upon what you’ve read, and not an actual review.

  4. I bought two No-No Pro hair remover systems. I sent one to my mother and I kept one. At first, I was really excited to use it but I didn’t realize that it isn’t semi-permanent like I thought it was. It’s really, really hard to use on the lighter, finer hairs that grow….well, grow anywhere…. so I still had to shave, which was disappointing. Also, it takes A LOT of time to do even a small area. It’s definitely not like they show you on the TV ads where they’re at a mall (or what looks like a mall) and having random people use it easily and effectively. If you’re hair is too long….it won’t get under it, to remove it. In areas that most women (I think) buy this product to use on (armpits, bikini area) it is really ineffective. It’s very difficult to keep the right pace and pressure (which is needed to activate the heating element) to get all the hair.

    If I had to do over again….I’d save my money and pay for permanent electrolysis. I haven’t checked into that for over 15 years but I imagine that the cost is significantly less than it was when I looked into it.

  5. I hate the no no it don’t work and mine quite working . Only had it a little over a year !!!

  6. I had a No-No and used it for about 6 months to give it a fair trial and see if it did what it claims. First off, you have to let the hair be about 1/4″ or more for this thing to even burn it off. Yes, you heard me. Burn it off, and it STINKS. Well if you don’t mind the smell of burnt hair you’re ok, but it will scent your entire room you are in with your burning hair. Secondly, thick hair will take at least 5 passes in one sitting before it is gone. Oh did I mention the stink of burning hair? Thirdly, it will burn you. Yes, you heard right. If you’re wanting to use this thing on your armpits (or other creasy areas) be forewarned that it will zap you when you least expect it. Yes I pulled the skin tight so it had a good surface to glide over…if you don’t you’ll feel like someone splashed you with hot bacon fat. On and end note, it doesn’t sense the hair very well. Multiple passes the silly thing wouldn’t engage even on a flat surface like my leg. Even with the smaller attachment it wouldn’t start burning the hair until maybe half way through the stroke. It takes a bit of finagling to get the angle right too; it’s not as easy as they claim it is to use. You don’t get the right angle, it doesn’t engage…and with the curvature of different body parts it quickly becomes a lesson in futility. If you decide to buy this little device i would suggest opening the windows all the way or buy a big can of air freshener. you’re going to need it. Oh and something cold for the little burns that will zap you out of nowhere.

  7. I have been watching the No No commercials on TV and really excited about ordering one until I came here to see the reviews. I hate shaving and doing the Nair and I thought the No No would really be an easy and effective way to do my legs. I’m glad I read the reviews as I never return anything that says you can get your money back because when you do, then you end up getting 1/3rd of your money back anyway. Thanks for the comments. I will save my money!

  8. So do you have to have longer hair for it to be effective? It looks like they’ve created a fraudulent product that not only doesn’t work but you ended up wasting your money too. It looks like I should use laser removal if I really want to get rid of unwanted hair. What a disappointment but it’s good to know if it doesn’t work ahead of time then losing money and realizing it later on.

  9. So this is a shaver masquerading as… oh wait, they don’t even bother to try to make it out to be anything other than a shaver, they just make unsubstantiated claims regarding its potency. If you’re going to try to swindle me, I really do expect some showmanship and outright lying, you know? As the boyfriend of a beautiful woman with a lot of body hair, I am privy to the difficulties in this area. And over the years I have come to know that the only truly successful treatment is laser removal. If you are blessed with light female body hair, waxing is amazing and lasts. Don’t bother with electric shavers.

  10. I only tried the no no in the store and after that, I would not buy it for the fact that all you smell is burning hair and that is just gross, plus the cost is to much, I will stick to shaving, but people should try it or not try it based on their own decision.

  11. Were you expecting this thing to work instantly? Because you need to do it routinely like about every other week or so, this isn’t laser hair removal where you get the results instantly. I’d like to hear testimonials of people who have tried it for an extended period of time instead of complaints that don’t even show the extent of how long they’ve used the product. Until a site or user can thoroughly evaluate a product I won’t write it off just yet. This review is a poor one and uses other negative reviews to evaluate the product.

  12. I’m with the majority of reviews that says that No No is a waste of time and money!
    I found it really appealing so bought one to try on my legs.
    First of all i found i had to grow my hair longer than i normally would with shaving so that the No No could actually trim them.
    Then after trim (or whatever it’s called with this new technology) i found the cut wasn’t as close as a razor.
    As of yet i’m yet to see any sign of my roots being inhibited and hair is growing back as normal.
    Not happy!

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