Does Neuroveen Really Work?

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Does Neuroveen really work?Neuropathy can be a debilitating disease, and Neuroveen is aimed to help those that suffer from its symptoms. If you have tried several remedies with no luck yet, you may be tempted to try Neuroveen because on the surface it looks like it might be something that could potentially work. However, that’s a pretty big might. When considering whether to use Neuroveen or not you have to consider how much you believe in homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies have been around for several decades. They’re not something new to the scene. What homeopathic remedies do is take a certain strain of a chemical and dilute it in water many times, sometimes hundreds of times, with the concept being that the energy from the remedy gets more powerful the more it’s diluted.

At first listen, this might not sound very logical. It definitely goes against reason to think that the more you dilute something the more powerful it becomes. The practitioners of homeopathy swear by it, and even bring up the Law of Attraction as a basis for its effectiveness. They claim that the frequency of the remedy gets more and more amplified the more it’s diluted.

The Claim
Neuroveen has several claims on their sales page. Right off the top they say that it will safely and quickly relieve you of your Neuropathy symptoms.

They say that it’s not addictive, that it won’t make you drowsy, and it’s safe for diabetics. This latest claim is very important since diabetics frequently suffer from the symptoms of neuropathy.

Some of the symptoms that they claim to be able to work on is the pain, burning sensation, the sensitivity, the numbness, as well as the tingling sensation and weakness usually associated with those suffering from neuropathy.

They also say that their cure works quickly, is natural, and has no negative side effects. It’s interesting to note that they add the word negative to side effects, leading one to believe that there are side effects associated with taking it, however they don’t have a negative effect on the body according to the makers of Neuroveen.

A Note on 100% Five-Star Reviews
It’s almost comical that Hello Life has the gall to put a five-star rating system on their site that is so obviously preened of anything resembling a negative remark. Their “average rating” is completely meaningless, and they’ve most likely paid or made up each review found at the site.

The Hype
There isn’t much hype surrounding Neuroveen, in fact most people can see right through the flimsy sales page and realize that it’s just a lot of fluff. It hasn’t gained any sort of momentum in the industry, and is just one in a long line of products made by Hello Life.

The Cost
What you’re buying here is what’s known as a tincture. It’s basically a little bottle of liquid, dispensed with an eye dropper, and by its own definition only contains a miniscule amount of effective ingredients.

That being said, just to try Neuroveen you’d better be prepared to shell out $30 plus shipping for a one month supply. But you can get a six-month supply for $144 which includes shipping. This is recommended if you want to follow their advice and give the product the 3-6 months it needs to be effective.

The Commitment
The makers of Neuroveen advise that it may take 3 to 6 months for you to see the results that they speak of at the website. This means you have to be committed for the long haul. Most people cannot stick with a regimen of daily activity for such a long period of time, especially if no results are seen for weeks or months.

That is the real danger of taking Neuroveen, you won’t know if it’s actually working until months later, and by that time you will have either given up, or decided it’s not worth it. At this point, it’s probably not likely that you’ll return it for a refund, or if you did, that your request will be honored.

Even if you can get on board with homeopathic remedies, and believe in their effectiveness overall, that still leaves you to make up your mind whether or not Neuroveen works.

They list their ingredients, and mention that each one is approved by the FDA. However, when asked directly if Neuroveen is approved by the FDA, they point out that it is registered but this does not mean it is approved. This leads one to ask the question, why would something that contains only approved ingredients not be able to be approved by the FDA itself?

There’s just too many unanswered questions about Neuroveen to be able to give it our backing. Perhaps if their website and sales pitch were a little less sleazy, and they gave us more to go on besides what they say at face value, we could be a little more supportive.

Final Neuroveen Review

While we do believe that Neuroveen is safe to take and try for yourself, we don’t believe that it will produce the results that it states, and therefore would be a waste of time and expenditure. However, if you’ve tried everything else and haven’t had any luck, and also if you don’t mind the cost, it’s worth a try just to see if there’s any legitimacy to the claims.

Also, if you have a strong belief in homeopathic remedies this could lead to the product being effective, at least on a placebo-based level.

We also invite anyone not affiliated with the company to leave a real review at the bottom of this page. It is our belief that no actual user has tried and reported back their findings on any sort of open forum. We gladly invite both positive and negative reviews and look forward to a chance at a continuing dialogue.

Our Recommendation
Stay away from Neuroveen. There is very little likelihood that the product works, and their webpage does very little to convince someone that there is even a possibility that it might work. It can be frustrating to live with your symptoms of neuropathy, and it might lead to some decisions that are made in desperation, but this is one instance where you can save your money for something more worthwhile, and continue the search for something that works.

What do you think? Does Neuroveen work or not?

49 Customer Reviews on “Does Neuroveen Really Work?

  1. I have been taking neuroveen for two month. It is very good for pain.
    Two pills a day . One at night and one in the morning keeps me free
    of pain.
    Thank You

  2. You might want to look up what is in this: Wolfsbane, amanita mushroom, marigold, wood charcoal, milk thistle, woody nightshade, nitroglycerine, tomato, ((((((LEAD))))), (((((Poison IVY)))))), Spurred Rye-fungus. Wait I think the sixties are calling my VW bus. Groovy. Poisonous plants, hallucinogenic mushroom, and brain cell killing Lead. Really people.

  3. I have idiopathic neuropathy, bilaterally in my feet, starting about 10 years ago. My feet are pretty numb. I have what is called, Sock and Glove neuropathy. I do have pain, I still work full time as a nurse, and walking can be difficult, but I keep walking. I am not obese, but I am about 30 lbs overaweight for my height. I am 68 years old. I have been on Gabapentin for a number of years, at a high dose now, and it keeps some of the nerve pain at bay. I don’t get burning much, but I get awful cramping in my feet and used to get it in my legs. But the foot cramping was pretty horrible and still is…terribly painful and can include my calves and sometimes, my hamstring…amazing mess with no nerves to send proper messages to the muscles….I tried Neuroveen 3 years ago for the cramping, not nerve pain,etc as I figured the ingredients, as I saw it, was not going to do much for damaged nerves themselves. After about 12 weeks of use, my legs cramps subsided about 90%. My foot cramps are not helped by anything. I take very good care of my feet. I take a RX B complex vitamin called Fotanx plus Alpha Lipoic Acid to slow down the nerve damage and to preserve my good nerves. This combo is recommended by the Mayo Clinic. I think, in my case, the Neuroveen has done its job and I continue to take it. I use a topical diabetic foot cream, along with a good skin cream, everyday, before I leave for work. I wear soft socks in winter and will use no socks in summer. I wear shoes that feel comfortable with everyday being different, I keep a decent selection of comfortable footwear, including summer sandals. I have done as much research as possible for my particular kind of neuropathy. I don’t care if a medication or remedy is homeopathic or not…I try it and if it works, I keep using it. My last EMG showed a very slow progression after a decade. I have two feet that I hate, but they belong to me. I fear the future, as I know this disorder is progressive, but I do what I can for now. I keep working and try to make my feet as comfortable as possible, but it is not ever really NOT there,…I am always uncomfortable. With the leg cramping almost completely gone, it is one less thing that hurts. I feel Neuroveen will work for some and not for others…the ingredients are pretty benign…but in Eastern medicine, are used regularly, so why not use it and find out…I tried Nerve Renew years ago and it as costly. It contains the B Complex in my RX vitamin and plus the Alpha Lipoic Acid. It is worth it for your physician to prescribe the Fotanx at a fraction of the cost of the Nerve Renew and then buy a good Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is also very inexpensive. I get mine online from Bio Alternatives..which has these probiotics in a very pure form…this combo has slowed down nerve destruction in my legs and my neuropathy itself, has been the same for about 2 years…I will know more with my next EMG. My advice to try whatever you can, for comfort reasons, not cure, as there is no cure. Do what you can for yourself and stick with what works and don’t let anyone tell you not to try, as unless you have neuropathy, you don’t know how bad it can feel. The one thing folks with neuropathy find out is what doesn’t work….and if something doesn’t work, you stop taking it…pretty simple. I hope this helps for those who are looking for feedback about Neuroveen and I hope the other ideas I offered are worth something to anyone willing to try them out. Thanks, Louise P.

  4. I have been suffering from neuropathy terribly for about 3 yrs. after 2 nephrectomies and a kidney transplant. I do take anti rejection meds with several other meds as well as meds for high bp and cholesterol, yes a statin RX. I have been taking Nerve Renew for almost 18 months and it seems to work, but not completely. I have even been wanting to try Neuroveen, but there are so many ingredients and I do not know if I can take them with my other meds. I looked up the ingredients in Neuroveen and they have scary side effects listed for only 3 out of maybe 8 ingredients whereas the Nerve Renew is a variety of Vitamin B’s and R Lipoic Acid.
    Any advice?

  5. I would like to know the name of the nerve rejuvenator that you use. Thanks!!

  6. Two months ago I had a bone fusion on my L5-S1 and never suffered much except for my feet falling asleep, until after my surgery and then I experienced the worst pain in my legs and feet. I couldn’t wear socks and walking was difficult. I was on Gabapentin for 6 months and it wasn’t working. As a truck driver, I needed my feet to be “normal” again. I saw an ad for Neuroveen and thought what the heck. I ordered 2 bottles. After I first tried a dose I was disappointed, thinking I had wasted money. Within 5 minutes I was able to walk without pain. 85% of the pain was GONE!! I took another dose: 1ml and I felt like I had before needing surgery!! I will be a regular customer for my neuropathy!

  7. Excellent comment Brad! I was thinking the exact same thing. I have not tried this product as of yet, but I will. I also wonder how many honest opinions will be left on this site.

  8. 1 flacon Neuroveen

    Godichal Francis
    Drève des Dix Mètres, 143
    1410 Waterloo

  9. To those who suffer from peripheral neuropathy (including diabetic): I suggest you consider trying alpha lipoic acid, 600 mg. My neurologist recommended this some time ago. I have apparent idiopathic peripheral neuropathy (non disabling) which I believe may be related to pre-diabetes. It’s taken only once daily (orally), and is quite reasonable (e.g. piping sells 180 capsules – almost 6 month supply – for 19.89). I’ve not noticed any adverse side effects and believe the neuropathy is improved. I’m at this site because I’m searching for ways to treat sciatica, which I’ve had for over 7 years, and for which I underwent unsuccessful back surgery about 9 months ago. Am considering both Neuroveen and Painiazol, but am wary of homeopathy (am a healthcare professional).




  11. I have Piriformis syndrome; sports injury that was initially diagnosed as a hamstring tear…it was not a hamstring tear. I did something to the muscle that encases the sciactic nerve and I have been suffering with low back pain, numbness in my left foot, and groin pain that kills me when I sit down…burning, aching, throbbing, horrible pain. Has anyone used Neuroveen for these symptoms.

  12. I have had diabetic nerve pain, and everything that goes with it, for a long time….I finally have found something that really works, no prescription or one of these high priced so called cures…..If anyone here, wants to really get relief form, several nerve related issues, just try red tart cherry juice…..6 to 8 ozs per day, mixed in 12 to 14 ozs of water, and drink one bottle of water, mixed with the juice, three or four times a day…..The cost is about $20 for a 32oz bottle, at most grocery stores….Be sure you buy the concentrated juice…… I have been drinking this for over one month, and my several nerve problems are gone, and I`m walking again….Just go on line and check this out…Look you natural help for diabetic nerve pain or uses for red tart juice……From someone who has tried everything suggested, by doctors and these cure promises, this actually works…..I`m 70 years old, and can walk again….Believe or don`t believe, your choice, but I assure you, this can and will help……What would it hurt to try this????????

  13. I Had terrible inner itching on my feet (( I mean terrible )) an itch 1/2 an inch deep I looked every where and it as best as I could come up with was diabetic neuropathy . it would happen at any time ? standing in the bank line , at 3 am in the morning , the only thing I could do was to run to the foot massager and put it on the most powerful setting ! or twist my floor in the carpet or pavement !
    I found this on the Internet neuroveen in researching (( any thing that would help )) it was 30.00 a bottle I was at the point I would try any thing ! ( ANYTHING ) !
    I ordered a bottle fully expecting it to not work ! you are to take 1.0 ml (2) times per day ! It tastes like water ? no taste ? I have been using it for 2 1/2 weeks and have not had an episode of the terrible horrific non stop itch !
    much like a topical I tried for a sprained ankle called Active On 9.99 at most drug stores ?
    bought did not expect it to work and wow ! ( I used it weekly ) !
    It is not in my mind !! the itching stopped ! what is in it ? and how it works I have no idea ( I have had zero side effects )
    getting ready to order another bottle ! 30.00 ? verses (1) doctors visit ! he wanted me to try Lyrica I said no way with all the side effects !
    30.00 a bottle and ( I’m a happy camper ) !
    not saying it works for every one it sure worked for me !!!
    if you have a sprained muscle or a sore muscle ! try Active On ! it has a terrible commercial but it is really great stuff recommended it to 8-10 people ! all said yes it worked and thanked me ?

    MY 2 CENTS !

  14. I’m taking Nueroveen right now as we speak and I only been taking it a week and it’s working after suffering nerve issues in my face for over 3 years.

  15. Thank you for the reviews.

    My wife recently fell and broke the head of her femur and had it surgically repaired with rods. She is having a difficult recovery, compounded by CRPS with lots of nerve pain and burning. We plan to try Neuroveen, since other treatments have failed. She cannot tolerate anything touching her skin, including natural topicals, prescription topicals, vitamin creams, arinica gel, Biofreeze, essential oils, soap, etc. We do believe in homeopathic remedies, so we are willing to give Neuroveen a try.

    We will post results after she has tried it for a while. However, since she is undergoing other treatments, including facia massage, moving muscles around nerve channels to relieve nerve pressure, customized shoes, and special physical therapy designed to retrain the brain’s interpretation of nerve signals, it will be difficult to isolate the effect of the Neruoveen.

    The bottom line is that, if she stops hurting and burning, we will be delighted — regardless of what it was that helped.

  16. I have had pain, tingling, and swelling in my feet for about a year. I have not been diagnosed with anything as of yet. I originally bought the neuroveen for my mother. I had a bottle home and decided it couldn’t hurt to try. After 1 week the pain had decreased so much I was shocked. I continued to take 2 droppers full each morning. After 2 weeks there was hardly any pain, tingling, or swelling. I ran out last week, and I am almost in tears with the pain. My feet have been so swollen, I can barely put on my shoes. I broke a strap on my sandals, they were so swollen. I am on today trying to buy more. I was actually looking to see if anyone recommended any other solution. It is pricey, but I haven’t heard of anything else working this well, so I guess I have my answer. Thanks all.

  17. Well I developed neurology in my right leg that was so painful that I could hardly sleep at night and my muscle in my thigh gave out constantly so I would fall. I bought 3 bottles and got one free for 89.95 and I am on my last bottle so it has been 31/2 months I take it twice a day and I put it on my leg topically also and I have had a marked change. I can now sleep at night and I can now go to the pool and swim 3 days a week and my leg doesn’t give out. Yes it does work but not immediately as it says it takes awhile to get into the system just like any medication and it must be
    constantly used. It is the only thing that has given me relief. Please do not write bad reviews based on no proof. If you do not have this problem then you are no judge. As for other people that have complained that it does not work then they are either not using it properly not long enough or they are to skeptical to bring positive input. Negativity breeds Negativity and I also use a nerve rejuvenator. If any one is interested email me and Ill give you the name of that product

  18. Hi to everybody, especially Deb…..I just ordered Neuroveen tonight 4/10/2014…..
    Twenty five years of this Neuropathy is enough. I have tried Neurontin (Gabapentin), Capsaicin Cream, mail order Neuropathy Support Formula, Thiamine and extra B-1, 2, 6, 12 along with living without wearing shoes for 20 years….just open-toed slippers……The burning, stinging, numbness, and lack of feeling in my feet have prevented me from driving a car for the past two years!

    I am relegated to try anything at this point in time, and if it works I will pay the price just for a better way of spending my final time……Right now, I’m looking for ‘Quality’ and not so much ‘Quantity’ if you know what I mean! I have spent untold dollars on the 30+ pairs of slippers I have sitting in my closet…All of you please keep in touch….I am yet to learn how I might respond to Neuroveen, but I am ready to give it a try, and judge it fairly…..and I am serious……so stay tuned, and that means you people too at Neuroveen ….the proof is yet to come…..Have you (Neuroveen) ever considered responding to forums like this?

    This is DenDen from Gilroy, CA.

  19. I just bought Neuroveen. It has been sitting on my desk for one week, I have been afraid to try it. I have sever neuropathy in both feel, they are totally numb now.

    I have so many health issues for 30 years this nerve damage is the most recent problem, I feel a bit more safe to take it since so many responded.

    Thank you! I will begin tomorrow. I do not know what is best to take AM or PM? I will call the company and ask them.

    I will come back and give an update!

  20. I am glad to read Mary A. Merrill’s comment! I am 80 Y,old, and have dificulties from legweakness, and
    balance, pluss numbness, and tingeling.I ha no choise just start on this stuff. …I am fuill with hope.
    My husband is a cancer patient, canyou imaginehow much I am determined, to be there forhim…?
    I am ordering rught afterthis letter, an will returnwith my experience, helping – hopfully- others.
    (Sorry for my typos)

  21. Thanks for everybody, specially Mary A, Merril!!I am 80 years old and diagnosed3 yearsago withBe

  22. My husband has been suffering from neuropathy for 3 years. For him it was deep aching in his legs that kept him up 4-5 nights a week. 6 months ago he tried Neuroveen and its worked wonders for him! It took a couple months but now that hes been taking it for 6, he is feeling like a new person. I dont often put my opinions out there but im such a believer I had to in this case. Its amazing the difference it has made. When I ask him what percentage that he feels better he says 90 . I know it can be different from person to person but its worth trying! He takes it twice a day.

  23. My left foot (the top of it) every night burns and pains me….only at end of day not during the day. I cannot figure out what to do.
    I have diabetes and have tried a lot of different creams and nothing,
    My right foot no problem I am 66 ….does anybody know what I should do about taking homeopathic meds. I do take other statins.
    Help me if you can.

  24. Beside the pain in my legs and loss of mussel control and loss of balance, I was having pain all over my body. Not only was I having symptoms of neuropathy I was having symptoms of fibromyalgia. It was a struggle to just get out of bed. I was miserable. I felt I was doing all the right stuff like exercising, changing my diet, taking supplements, doing acupuncture and eliminating foods that I felt were some of the cause, like wheat , gluten. dairy. A week ago I started taking Neuroveen. After about three days, I just about jumped out of bed. I couldn’t believe the pain was not any where in my body. I know this sounds crazy and way out there, and I can’t believe it myself . I feel better than I have in the past five years. I’m 82 years old, and I thought I was finished, but, it’s only been one week ,I’ll be anxious to see what’s ahead. I hope with everything in me that I have actually found the one straw that I needed along with everything else I was doing to feel alive again. I have always been a strong believer in self help and knowing my body and how to keep myself healthy.

    Thank you Neuroveen, I do believe you were the missing link in getting rid of my awful pain.
    Mary Merrill

  25. try it Michael. I take statin drug, blood pressure meds and am diabetic. I found it worked!! and no side effects. I take it orally right from the dropper.. I notice no bad taste..very little taste in fact…twice a day.

  26. Okay.. I have tried it and it DOES work! I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet..the burning was so bad I had a hard time getting to sleep at night. I bought one month’s supply.. in about 3 wks the burning sensation was TOTALLY gone. The bottle lasted a little past a month. It has been 2 months since I ran out..I did not buy more..but the burning has NOT returned! I showed it to my medical doctor and to my neurologist and both said there was nothing in it to harm me and if it worked that was great. They took down the info to share with other patients.!
    I tried Lyrica..but all I did was sleep!! i cannot live life that way! Yeah. it helped..but I have a life and do not want to sleep it it is a chemical with side effects! I’d rather do the homeopathic way!

    IT WORKED FOR ME!! Please do your RESEARCH before you condemn something..but what the website says! That is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!

  27. Michael, My husband has had peripheral neuropathy in his feet (and now hands) for almost 20 years. He is currently on Lyrica (among other meds.) Around 15 years ago he tried acupuncture (we found a medical doctor who took in acupuncture patients on certain days and times in a separate office.) It seemed to help somewhat but sometimes the treatment would “stir things up” making it hurt before it felt better. He suggested this acupuncture doctor to a number of people who were in very bad shape (for other reasons than neuropathy) who were unbelievably helped going from homebound to once again very active. We have learned Acupuncture does work for a number of people we know but it’s like everything else, it doesn’t have the same effectiveness for each individual person. Now, the most important thing of this post is the subject of the statin you are taking. My husband found a new Neurologist for advice because things were getting so bad he could hardly stand the pain. At his first appt., after the Doctor listened to his story, and looked at the list of his meds. and past reports etc., he told him to go home and not take the statin anymore. IT CAN CAUSE NEUROPATHY! Well, it didn’t cause his neuropathy it made it much worse… he is now back to a more manageable pain level and we are being VERY CAREFUL with his diet to help control the cholesterol problem, which is no longer a problem. YOU MUST BE VERY COMMITED TO EATING RIGHT, LOSING WEIGHT ETC. FOR THIS TO WORK so work with your Doctor so you can be successful. My husband bought the Neuroveen when he was still in so much pain because of the statin, so nothing was going to help until the statin was deleted. We just got out an unopened bottle of Neuroveen and talked about trying it out again so that’s why I’m on this site, re-learning about it. When reading through the posts I waned to pass on to you our experience with the statin. My husband was on the statin for quite a few years, we sure wish we’d found our new Neurologist sooner. We are experimenting with certain supplements right now and are maybe coming up with things that are helping him get rid of some of his other meds. He is now down to one pill (instead of 4) of his diabetic medicine. Good luck and hope this was helpful.

  28. July 8, 2013 I have just purchased two bottles of Neuroveen. I will be asking my Dr. if he feels there may be a problem. I have Neuropathy from Chemo and it’s driving me crazy. Please check back in two months for a real testimony as to whether Neuroveen is any good or has any side effects. My treatments for cancer are over so I should know if this works and I will leave an honest opinion. In the meantime, the best to those who suffer.

  29. I just received my order. Cannot wait to try it but am worried because my doctor has not heard of this. I will let you know what happens. Anything is better than this horrible pain. Nothing else has worked.

  30. Hope this info is helpful. The following statement is copied and pasted from the Neuroveen sales page:

    “Neuroveen is an OTC Homeopathic Medicine (FDA product listed NDC# 49726-015-02) that may be used with other prescription or OTC medications”

  31. I’ve been suffering with peripheral neuropathy in my feet for a couple of years. I saw neurologist who prescribed Lyrica. I was told that Lyrica would help alleviate the tingling, pain and sensitivity, but the numbness would always be there as a result of nerve damage. I had very bad reaction to the Lyrica, which (apparently) is not uncommon. The doctor suggested a lower dosage, but I refused. He then suggested acupuncture,which I have not acted on. I’m very intrigued by the Neuroveen, but have a couple of questions. I would prefer to treat the affected area topically rather than ingesting it orally. Some comments indicated that taken orally is more effective. I take medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol (a statin) and there doesn’t seem to be any comments regarding interaction with meds. That’s why I wouldn’t want to take it orally. Long winded comment, but hopefully someone will share.

  32. I have spent money on other products in the years for my failed back surgery with nerve damage to the l5 nerve root after a clinical artificial disc replacement trial which screwed me up for life,

    The only person that can give a review that’s worth a damn is who has used it and has symptoms of either mild case or severe case of nerve pain as some people have ,!

    I have ordered neuroveen before as I tried to avoid having a spinal cord stimulater implanted ,
    The stuff helps and nobody would buy this stuff if it did nothing ! I think it costs too much of course and long term use of course it can break the bank for some of us who are low income and disabled,

    It’s going on 9 years that I suffer with this condition severe nerve pain flare up along with neuropathy to my legs, I tried everything out there as even the spinal cord stimulater don’t help it,
    Every nerve medication they have for nerve pain has too much side affects in my case as you work your way up on the dose,

    Neuroveen helps but I don’t agree it has no side affects because it does, Maybe not to everyone but I took it Dailey and did not take too much but still felt upset stomach from it,
    This was the reason I stoped using it before, I ordered 2 more botles recently and same thing hapened while using up the first bottle,

    I decided to try rub it on the area puting some on my hand and just rub it in where nerve travels on lower back as I read you can use it like this also, It seems to help and I just hope it can’t do any harm as you can’t realy measure how much you puting on , Is it safe enough to rub on and no way to use too much to cause harm I hope ?

    Bottom line is if doctors don’t have an answer and can’t help you have to believe in something and find what works and we are not morons we know if something helps or not,
    I am so tierd of hearing this so called placebo affect as if we were mental or something just cause they don’t know how it works and if the doctor did not prescribe it and it’s helping you must be nuts or something,

    If they can’t explain it then it can’t be true , of course something is in it that helps calm the pain down,
    If we could talk ourself in to making something work we sure the he’ll ain’t going to pay for it,

    There is no reason the cost should be so high and they should have others making it to lower the cost as competition would bring the cost way down and not take advantage of people who are already suffering,
    After all it’s not gold , Others can make the same product or even beter product to help everyone who suffers from this condition,
    They know people like us will pay any cost to get some releif,
    If anyone knows of something beter that works and cheaper I am all ears,

    Best wishes to all ,

  33. i’m trying neuroveen for 1 month if it does’t work i will send it back and get 70% of my money back

  34. Clara! I just saw your comment of 3 1/2 months ago. The dosage of Neuroveen is 1 mL twice daily for persons 50 lbs or more, shake before using, put the recommended dosage into an 8-12 oz. non-metal container of pure (non-chlorinated) water and drink, or, you may dispense the dosage directly into you mouth with the bottle dropper. If you already have this info. please disregard. By the way, you need to check the expiration date on your bottle since it was in your cabinet for some time. have a good day. Ken.

  35. It worked perfect for my neuropathy due to chemotheraphy. The results were inmediate relief and lasting. I highly recommend Neuroveen. Wish it came in a larger size to make it less expensive.

  36. With great skepticism, mixed with desperation I started using Neuroveen three months ago. I had tried everything else I could find to no avail but figured I’d try one last thing. To my amazement, it has really helped me. I didn’t find it did anything when rubbed on, but taken orally, it definitely helps. I am able to sleep through the night again (was impossible for years because of the neuropathy symptoms). There are hours at a time where I have no pain; the rest of the time it is down to a level that I can live with. The only negative I have found is I have to use it 4-6 times a day rather than the two times recommended, which means I have to buy it more often. It is expensive, but no more so than most other things I tried. I wish it was cheaper and came in larger bottles, but hey, it is working for me and for that I am thankful.

  37. Ok, here it is. An honest review by someone with no agenda other than eliminating the God awful pain and inch in my feet that was driving me up a wall for a couple years now.

    61 year old, good health, CEO of a manufacturing company. Had symptoms coming on for a couple years and got to the point where it was keeping me up all night and having to kick off my shoes during the day at inappropriate times but I had no other recourse than to rub the living hell out of the area being attacked.

    I am not a believer necessarily in homeopathic treatments except as a last resort. Well, I was ready to do anything including surgery to rip out the addicted nerves so I decided to give Neuroveen a try. I am amazed to say that within a week I had decidedly less severe incidents. It has been two months and for the past three or so weeks I haven’t had a single event. I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe I just wanted to believe in something, anything, so badly I mentally overcame the problem? Frankly, I don’t care what anyone wants to think of it but the bottom line is something has changed and it has brought back a quality of life issue for me that I couldn’t have believed possible a couple months ago. So take what you want from this testimonial. I can assure you that I have absolutely NO AGENDA here.

    Good luck to all those who suffer from Neuropathy. I hope you find something that works for you. As Clinton once said, ” I feel your pain”.

  38. I bought some Neuroveen some time ago, dn’t remember when, and I found it up in my cabinet and since my neuropathy is getting worse I wanted to continue trying it but it does not have any instructions on the bottle as to how to take it. It is a liquid that I suppose you either put under you tongue or in water but I do not know how many drops, how often or anything as there are not instructions on the bottle as to how to take it. Anyone out there who can tell me I would appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  39. I too am interested in seeing comments of folks who have actually used the stuff and had success?? I am desperate but at the same time skeptical. If I could find a product that worked I would buy but the risk of buying this product is scary because its just a web page..Trying to find a review for the product that isn’t on the sale page would be nice~ So please anyone with useful comments like Mallory Green please post them.. I am in severe pain and cannot see getting robbed because of it.

  40. I tried Neuroveen for about 3 months … I think it helped some … I haven’t used Neuroveen for 2 months and my symptoms have gotten worse. Today I will order another 3 month supply.

  41. i see no comments from folks who have actually used this with any success. anyone out there

  42. after suffering he’ll for 4 years I have just ordered neuro even when you are desperate you will try anything and if it’s only a placebo effect your site does nothing to help. If it was a dangerous drug I could understand. Only someone suffering this pain would understand.

  43. I don’t really think our overview of the product was out of line. We based everything on user feedback. And I don’t think it is fair to say “Seems that you are only trying to get people to your own website and try your stuff.”

    Anywhere on this page are we recommending a different Neuropathy treatment?

  44. I have a question. Why don’t you find a few people who have neuropathy and let them test the product? Seems that you are only trying to get people to your own website and try your stuff.
    Don’t understand how you can knock down a product without testing it yourself.
    Wondering if you will put this on your website.

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