Does Luminess Air Really Work?

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Does Luminess Air really work?Luminess Air is a unique makeup kit that comes with its own airbrush. Many women today opt for airbrushed makeup when they have big events like a wedding, but now you can learn to apply these same professional-quality looks to yourself, from the comfort of home. Well, at least you’re supposed to. Let’s see if it really works.

Air brushed makeup is nothing new, but the idea of bringing it home for the average user is. Top models and celebrities have known about this method of applying makeup for years. This is just the way it’s done in those kind of industries. But for the ordinary woman having makeup applied in this way used to be cost prohibitive. That’s why it was always saved for special occasions in the past.

The Claim
Luminess Air claims to be the way to get professional results like supermodels and fashion models by using the same kind of systems that they use backstage, and in dressing rooms. They’re airbrushing system is said to produce a constant stream of makeup so that it goes over your skin evenly, giving you a flawless look.

They also claim that you can use their airburst system to apply a tanner to your body so that you can get a tanned look without lying out in the sun or using a tanning booth. This would be great for those who burn easily, they can finally get the darker look without taking dangerous measures.

Luminess Air also claims to have won an award for their system. It turns out they have, from the Independent Cosmetics Manufacturers and Distributors Association, for two years running.

The Hype
Referring to yourself as a “magic wand” is bordering on hype. Also, making comparisons to the professional makeup artists that work on supermodels is also a far stretch. While it may be true that top makeup artists use airbrushes to get their clients looking photo shoot ready, that does not mean they use or endorse the Luminess Air brand.

The Cost
Get ready to get your wallet out if you want to try the Luminess Air System. Even if you go the least expensive route with their one speed model – which we don’t recommend – you’re looking to spend around $230.

The one we recommend is the Pro model, which has three different speeds and costs $310. This may sound pricey, but for the results that it delivers, the different uses it has, and the different products it replaces, we believe this is a sound investment for the beauty-conscious.

The Commitment
Depending on what type of makeup routine you currently have, the Luminess Air will either take longer, or save you time. If you are the kind that spends nearly hours in front of the mirror trying to look just right, you might save time by getting a great look quickly. However, if you’re more of a “just the basics” kind of woman, you might find that the Luminess Air system is sort of overkill.

Luminess Air is no fly-by-night company trying to pass off a low-quality product and laugh their way to the bank. They built themselves a good business on a solid product, with some flashy packaging and style to boot. By bringing airbrushing to the mainstream, it cornered the market and is producing a needed product to a hungry audience.

The reviews have come in from users out there and the majority of feedback has been positive. Of course when there’s so much skill involved, you’re bound to get some people that say it doesn’t work. This is because you have to learn how to use it properly in order to get all of the benefits. Many women just don’t have the patience to learn a new skill set, and would rather just say it doesn’t work than admit that they didn’t give it enough time.

Since so many people have given it a thumbs up it must be doing something right, and it’s not the product that isn’t working but rather a matter of user error. As long as you keep this in mind when you order it, and commit to learning how to use it the right way with their instructional videos and instruction manuals, you’ll be just fine.

Tutorial on how to use Luminess Air:

A Note on Safety
The makers of Luminess Air are recommending that you use their makeup products on your entire body to cover up flaws on your legs and arms as well as your face. Over the long term this is not recommended, as your skin is a living organ and needs to breathe. By covering it up with a coat of makeup every day over a long period of time, you might run into complications with your health.

Final Luminess Air Review

Luminess Air is a high-quality product that you can rely on to provide consistent results. There is a bit of a learning curve, as this will be a new skill for most. But with a little trial and error, most users have found that they look great afterward and have added this to their beauty supply kit.

Our Recommendation
While pricey, it is our recommendation to go with the 3-speed Professional model. This gets you one of their more advanced airbrush kits, along with all of the makeup needed to get you started. From there you can pick and choose from their line of foundations, blushes, eye-shadows, and even body makeup for that overall perfect look.

What do you think? Does Luminess Air work or not?

32 Customer Reviews on “Does Luminess Air Really Work?

  1. What a total mess this firm is! I ordered the product on July 24, instantly billed $33.00. Received it Aug 4. It did not work. Tried every outlet in the house, still did not work! Spent 45 minutes speaking with someone with a heavy accent, who finally agreed to replace the compressor and adapter. Received the replacement Aug 14. New compressor and about 12 feet of hose. No adapter. Still cannot use the product within the inflexible return policy. Spent 35 minutes with Neela this morning trying to get instructions on how to get my refund and return the product which I have not been able to try because it doesn’t work. I was told to return it within 10 days to their address, ground tracking insured. At my expense. If it is accepted, I may be eligible for the refund of my $33.00 assuming it is all new. Of course, I had opened the package and one of the bottles assuming it would work. Do not try this product unless you know their return policy is ridiculous and in my case, never worked. Very unhelpful agents. Who knows if it works given a functional product. I could have spent the money at Macy’s cosmetic department!!! Oh! And I pay the return shipping! Frustrated and most unhappy!

  2. Didn’t work for me at all. Did not cover age spot it settled into wrinkles more then reducing them nothing like what the ad on tv said it would do cancelling membership.

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