Does Magic Mesh Really Work?

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Does Magic Mesh really work?Everyone loves a little fresh air, but there are very few people that like the bugs that come along with it. For the majority of people that don’t want bugs in their home but maybe don’t have a free hand to close the door behind them when they walk outside, this can be a deterrent from spending time on the patio or in the yard.

Magic Mesh attempts to solve this problem by creating an automatically closing screen “door” that doesn’t need to be opened or shut – just walk on through and it will gently snap closed behind you!

Magic Mesh is a cover for your door in order to make sure that bugs and other pests stay out while allowing you and your family to get in and out as you please. The product supposedly works by having a series of sixteen super strong magnets that attract each other to seal up the space you walk through, making it easy for you to break through but creating a solid surface so bugs can’t permeate it once it has been shut.

The Claim
Magic Mesh claims to create an impermeable door that bugs can’t get through when you walk in and out of your house, giving you protection from all the creepy crawlies in your life. Advertisements say that Magic Mesh is great for avoiding slamming doors because it closes gently with light snaps of strong magnets, making it so a person can get in and out with ease but still have a door close firmly behind them.

The Hype
Magic Mesh doesn’t receive much press, all things considered, only being advertised on its website as well as in infomercials. Because of this, there isn’t way too much hype surrounding the product, but it does excite the interest of people who love to be outside without having the outside follow them inside.

The Cost
Magic Mesh is a lot less than the cost of a sliding screen door, only lightening your wallet by about $20 plus shipping and handling. This cost covers Velcro strips to hang the product with, as well as the product itself.

The Commitment
There is definitely a fair amount of commitment in the installation of the Magic Mesh product when you first get it. Magic Mesh requires a lot of precision when being hung so that the magnets line up perfectly, otherwise it will not work. This requires time to hang and possibly a level to make sure that everything is straight, but other than that this product requires little to no attention, just needing to be set up and forgotten about.

While Magic Mesh works perfectly in commercials, it is not so easy to fit to your door in real life. Consumers complain on how it doesn’t align properly and therefore doesn’t close like it is supposed to, allowing the door to fly open and let in the bugs. We think this is due to part user error, and part design flaw. It takes time to install correctly, and even when done correctly, it may still take some tweeks to make it as effective as it can be.

Final Magic Mesh Review

Magic Mesh is a great concept and product, but does have some flaws. It will keep most of the bugs out, but not all of them. With some craftiness on your part, it will fit your door better. But it is still not perfect. If you are expecting a miracle substitute to your traditional screen door that will keep just as many bugs out and let your dogs have free range of your backyard, then perhaps you should pass on Magic Mesh. However, if you want a screen door that will give your dogs free access to your backyard while protecting your house from most of the bugs, then we suggest getting Magic Mesh. It is less expensive, less permanent, and just as effective as installing a dog door.

Official Website: Magic Mesh

What do you think? Does Magic Mesh work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does Magic Mesh Really Work?

  1. It’s a joke it does not work is easy as they show on TV the bottom of it is open so bugs still can get in and it doesn’t always close is easy as they show either no matter how much you adjusted you can only adjust so much

  2. I’ve recently bought it and It’s great for the pets to go in and out. Moreover, as we live in rental apartment so we didn’t want to invest in the sliding screen door that might not fit.Thanks for the recommendation

  3. We purchased two for our home. In theory they work great. Followed installation instructions, including tacking through the adhesive strips. Any gust of wind comes and it blows the screen open and it does not automatically close. Bugs keep getting in because it usually is blown open.

  4. Great idea because my door is not the conventional size and I live in a rental apartment so I didn’t want to invest in the sliding screen door that might not fit. HoweveR I found that although I could hunt hang it okay the Velcro Wouldn’t stick to the material of the mesh it would stick to the metal frame of sliding door just fine but for some reason it’s coming away from the fabric of the mesh so I had to consider gluing or stitching to fix the problem. As for the product itself, a great alternative. Once my cat figures out how to get in And out even better.

  5. This seems like a really good idea. It really matters in anything you use that you follow the directions correctly, or it won’t work 100% right. This is kind of basically just a doggy door in theory, but it has the added benefit of letting air into your home the way a screen door would. I can totally see why people would like this, because it’s easier than letting your dog out or installing a screen door, and you get the benefits of these things. It would probably still definitely let some bugs in, but not much more than when you open your door to come inside, unless it doesn’t quite close right. It seems worth it if you put in the effort of installing it correctly.

  6. Magic Mesh, just run right through it and it snaps closed behind you! What a dream. Unless you hang it wrong and your dog invites hundreds of mosquitoes into the home. The magnetic flaps on either side will only snap closed if the mesh is hung more or less perfectly level, and gravity hangs them straight down so all of them snap together. That being said, it’s up to you to install it correctly. The mesh “curtain” must also be hung to the correct height and fit over the door without impediment. If you can install it right, this makes for an easy access patio for your dog. Lucky pooch.

  7. It’s great for the pets to go in and out. But, as stated previously it only lasts so long. You will know this because after you pass through it you have to turn around and manually pull the magnets shut.

  8. I’ve bought several of these. They only last about one summer, and then it gets trashed. That said, I am pro-magic mesh. We have inside-outside cats, and during the summer we have a choice of either leaving the patio door shut, or replacing the screen door every 2 weeks. I put the magic screen up, shoved each cat in and out a couple of times, and they figured out that they can go in and out without shredding it. The dog is cool with it also. I had little trouble lining it up. Once I had the first one installed, I’ve just left the velcro up for the subsequent ones. I saw a good price on these on a “daily sale” site and bought 3. It’ a lot cheaper than replacing normal door screens. The only downside is that it is ineffective against stink bugs.

  9. Just purchased Magic Mesh thinking it would be helpful for the dogs to get in and out but should have read this review first. It is pretty hard to install. I wish I knew those tips when I installed it originally.

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