Does Press Dough Really Work?

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Does Press Dough really work?Today, most parents like to introduce their kids to cooking, and Press Dough seems to be a good way to get them baking. They encourage their children to assist them in cooking, while others use it to spend quality time with each other.

Nowadays, kids have so many high-tech gadgets, and it seems like they already have everything sold in stores. However, they also have to explore other areas like cooking. With this, they can acquire skills like teamwork, cooperation, time management, and sense of responsibility. But now, the innovation of a new kitchen toy will give the kids something to be busy with.

The Press Dough is a 70 piece cookie character set which allow kids to bake cookies in different styles, and shapes, which could either be in the form of animals like dogs, lions, monkeys, elephants, etc. What’s more, the Press Dough allows you to use the handheld extruder to make other shapes for cookies. These toys are safe, fun, and easy to use, and child friendly. And most of all, it’s a device which can help moms, or dads, in the kitchen.

The Press Dough actually looks like a combination of a Play-Doh factory and food creation. This is a toy especially designed for the kids. But they will always need the help of their parents in mixing the dough and in using food coloring to make colourful cookies, as well as working the oven and transporting the cookies in and out of it.

The Claim
The claims come pretty quickly in the Press Dough infomercial. For starters, it claims to be able to make your cookies taste better. Although since Press Dough does not actually help you make the dough in any way, it’s hard to imagine how it could make a cookie more tasty. It might make a cookie more interesting or fun looking, but whether this transfers to your taste buds is a matter for debate.

They also claim that it’s easy to make all of the fun shapes and designs, although some of those that are shown look like they’d be rather complicated, and others don’t really look the way they’re supposed to.

The Hype
Parents have become more familiar with the product as video clips have spread over popular video sites that show Press Dough and the convenience it gives when baking delights for their kids. Aside from that, word-of-mouth marketing has become an effective advertising tool as users have shared their great experience using Press Dough and after finding out that what the product claims is true. Kids who invite their friends over get to see the product and would leave their playmates’ homes with the desire to have Press Dough as well.

The Cost
The kit costs $19.90, excluding the additional shipping fee and handling which costs $8.99. When you buy the entire set, you get another one free of charge. This offer is a pretty good deal, especially if it is for the fun and excitement your kids will have and experience.

The Commitment
When you buy yourself Press Dough, you will experience real fun. It does not only help you create cookies, but gives you quality time to spend with the entire family as well. The Press Dough will really give you so much of what you need for your family. Strengthening the family bond is something that more households in America need to commit to, so perhaps Press Dough can provide even more than their manufacturer intended.

This set of toys can undeniably make beautiful cookies, which could look really appetizing if the instructions are closely followed. It can offer you cookies in different shapes, which your kids will enjoy making and enjoy eating too. In the set, you will get more than what you pay. It contains 24 cookie molds, 24 cooking patterns, 8 frosting tips, 4 cookie shapers, 2 rolling pins, 2 cutting wheels, 2 spatulas, and 2 flour shakers.

Final Press Dough Review

This Press Dough is one of a kind, even though its design and concept is rather simple. It is a simple kitchen toy, which can make delicious and appetizing cookies all at once, and make it fun while you’re doing it.

Our Recommendation
Not everyone is interested in cooking or baking. However, this kitchen toy is something your kids will surely love. The Press Dough is a very good item to have handy. Many kids enjoy using the Press Dough, so we recommend that you get one as well. It will really give the children so much fun, especially on breaks or on holidays.

Overall, the Press Dough is an excellent toy for children. For those who do not love cooking at all, they will get involved in these activities and start to engage in baking as well. They will be satisfied and will have a fun time creating a variety of cookies.

What do you think? Does the Press Dough work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Press Dough Really Work?

  1. What a great way to let your children take their first step in learning how to bake. They can even put their imagination into their cookies and if done right, could produce some delicious cookies. Like Kaila, I’m also in my 20s and I would love to give this a go as well. It’s just a fun thing that you can use to engage children’s interest in baking and as a joint family activity as Kaila mentioned. How exciting!

  2. I read the reviews posted by other people and maybe I just don’t get it. When you watch the video, it looks so easy and fun. Yet, it’s made my grand-niece and nephew cry! The dough was too sticky and we ended up with globs instead of shapes. I constantly had to use a knife to scrape the dough out. I quickly switched to sugar cookies and we used the good old fashion cookie cutters. We then used the decorator tube that came with the Press Dough to decorate the cookies. The concept is a good idea, but the actual product was not worth it in my view.

  3. Yeah, it’s a good point that you can just buy cookie cutters, but like you said, this is a more artsy fun way of making cookies, and then decorating them in cool funky ways! I can see kids bragging about having this to their friends and having kids over to make cookies for a sleepover or birthday party. This looks like such a fun toy. I would love to try this now, and I’m 20, but I can imagine how fun it would be when I was little. It gives you more creativity, which is always a good thing to encourage in kids, and you’re given a fun activity to do with your whole family.

  4. My daughter loves to help me cook. She also loves doing art projects. I think this product would let her do both at the same time! First she gets to make the cookies, then she gets to decorate them. Even though it’s not anything you can’t do with some cookie cutters, the fact that you can make 70 different shapes is amazing. The price is reasonable. I like that they include a second set free…it would make a good gift for my niece, who also loves to cook.

    In all, I think my daughter would love a product like this…and I think I’ve found her next birthday gift!

  5. My niece and nephew love to cook. They come over all the time and ask me to cook and bake their favorite snacks for them. I want them to get into baking with me so that they can get some more hands-on experience and see how much they like actually doing it rather than simply watching me every time. I think I will purchase this product for them to try out and play with while they are here. It will be a great way to get them interested in baking, and they can eat up their scrumptious creations as a reward when they’re done.

  6. My nieces and nephews use this. It is a fantastic way to make them feel involved in the kitchen and a great way to get them to stretch their creative imaginations. As far as cookie taste and look as the last person said, the instructions have to be adhered to strictly but it isn’t rocket science. The cookies taste pretty darn good and the icing is not bad quality either.

  7. Agree with David on this. My kids love it, and it keeps the entertained for hours on those rainy days.
    they love being able to see their cookies coming out all cooked too!
    well worth the money

  8. I have a 3 year old daughter who recently has been really taking an interest in what we’re doing in the kitchen.
    Obviously most things in the kitchen are not suitable for a young child, so we used to stand her on a chair and let her watch. Needless to say she got bored very quickly.

    We bought press dough a few weeks back and she loves it! In fact we all do!
    We can now get her involved in the kitchen safely, and of course we all get to eat the cookies afterwards 🙂
    And with so many pieces in the set it keeps her entertained right through the baking. Excellent value for money!

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