Does the Matusse Baby Car Mirror Really Work?

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Does the Baby Matusse Mirror Work?We are constantly looking for ways to ensure that our little bundles of joy are riding safely and comfortably when in the backseat of our vehicles. With rear facing baby seats in the back seat this can be a little difficult and potentially dangerous when trying to see the little guy or girl while driving. So an item that can remove that potential hazard seems like a gift to many parents.

The Matusse Baby Car  Mirror is a small mirror that can be affixed to the headrest of the seat directly in front of the baby allowing the parent to see the rear facing baby by either turning the head to look directly in the mirror or by positioning it so that you can look in the rear-view mirror and see the baby mirror.

The Claim
The company claims that by being able to easily see the baby in the Matusse Baby Car Mirror you are able to ensure that the little one is safe and secure and it increases the bond between parent and child. It also claims that because the baby can themselves in the mirror that it adds to the functionality by providing the baby with the entertainment value of seeing their own reflection which makes them less likely to fuss when driving. The fact that the Matusse Baby Car Mirror is somewhat larger than similar products with a better viewing area is another innovative component. The company also offers a full money back guarantee if you prove to be less than 100% satisfied with the product.

The Hype
If you are planning to do a substantial amount of driving with your newborn in the vehicle by yourself then this product is going to be essential. However if you are going to have another parent in the vehicle most of the time then will it really be necessary? The vast majority of parents who have this product or similar ones find them to be invaluable when driving.

The Cost
The cost of the Matusse Baby Car Mirror is only $21.99 on Amazon

The Commitment
Unlike a lot of gadgets we buy these days, this one is kind of a “set it and forget it” style. Once you have installed the mirror, there really is no need to remove until the baby is big enough to turn the car-seat to a forward facing one. So there really is no down side to installing one.

We believe personally that anything that helps you keep from being distracted when driving is a very good thing. And anything that ensures that your baby is comfortable and safe while driving is not only a bonus but a necessity. So, as far as we are concerned the Matusse Baby Car Mirror not only fills a real need but does so very safely and easily. The mirror is made from shatterproof materials and is very easy to install. Versatile and safe? Who can find fault with that?

Final Matusse Baby Car Mirror Review

We give the Matusse Baby Car Mirror a Thumbs Up rating, simply due to the fact that it helps minimize distractions when driving. As anybody who has ever driven with their children in a rear facing car seat while alone already knows, you are constantly worrying if the baby is okay, if they are comfortable and safe (although if they are not comfortable you will soon hear about it from them!) So having an easy to install product that you can put in and literally forget about until you need it is a super idea.

Our Recommendation
As mentioned above, the Matusse Baby Car Mirror is designed to prevent distractions and ensure the safety of your rear facing baby when driving. It is pretty simple to install with a decent price point. There are some competitors out there with prices slightly lower but this one is considerably larger and offers a better view. So, we would have to say that since this product is very reliable and easy to use, AND does what it is intended for, that giving it a thumbs up is a pretty easy decision. We have looked at different types of car mirrors in the past, serving different purposes and some did not meet their expectations.

What do you think? Does the Matusse Baby Car Mirror work or not?

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