Does Micro Niche Finder Really Find Keyword Gold?

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Does Micro Niche Finder work?If keyword research is not your forte, you might want to invest in something like Micro Niche Finder. It won’t solve your problem entirely, as you’ll still have to use it and decipher the results, but the basic idea is that it can save you tons of time not only locating keywords, but also analyzing them to see if they are something worth going for. So how well does this work, and should you add it to your Internet Marketing toolbox?

It can seem like all of the good search phrases and keywords are taken, as well as all of the good domain names. No matter what you type into Google it seems that someone has already targeted that keyword and has taken the steps necessary to rank for it. But there are literally billions of search phrases that people type in that get a good amount of traffic, but aren’t as popular as some of the most common searches.

They’re called long tail keywords. They don’t get the name because of how many words they have in them, although many of them consist of several word phrases. The term refers to the statistical long tail, meaning that the popular search terms get the lion’s share of the traffic, and then there’s a long list of other search terms that makes up the rest of the searches. This means that long tail keywords are ubiquitous, but you’re going to need to gather a lot of them in order to equal just one popular keyword.

The Claim
Enter Micro Niche Finder. They claim that you can locate and target keywords that get a good amount of search volume, but don’t currently have a lot of competition. They do this by starting with your initial keyword, and then drilling down again and again until they step back enough to find related keywords that don’t get as much traffic, but are still very rel relevant to what you are talking about.

For example, you would have a tough time ranking for dog training, as there are several well established sites that meet the needs of searchers already in place. However, you might target dog training for German Shepherds as a long tail. This is just a simple example, but it gets down to the essence of what’s going on here. But it doesn’t stop there because MNF will analyze the phrase “dog training for German Shepherds” based on its search volume, competition, and whether or not this is a buying phrase. All of these stats will help you decide if you should spend time creating a page of content around this keyword.

The Hype
The hype comes from this being a tool for Internet Marketers to use, and IMers having a knack at hyping the living snot out of anything and everything that promises to make their job a little easier.

The Cost
Micro Niche Finder is $100 and that is for lifetime access, including any updates that come out. He’s constantly updating the software too, and incorporating new features, improving performance, and fixing bugs. That’s no empty bonus, you really will find yourself taking advantage of free updates. Get in for just $8 for a 30 day trial by attempting to close the window, but then opting to stay on for a special offer.

The Commitment
Even though MNF is pretty easy to use, you still have to become familiar with its different functions and metrics, and then study up on what they mean in order to make a sound decision on which keywords to go for.

Micro Niche Finder works great. It does exactly what it says it does, and works without a flaw. The big gap occurs with what a person does with the keywords they find with it. You might end up getting addicted to the research, but then nothing gets done and you end up with large lists of great keywords, but they don’t get put to use. The best way to use it is to have one good brainstorming session with it, load up a week’s worth of keywords to go after, and then spend the next week smashing it.

When the week is up and you’ve exhausted your previous list of keywords, go back to the well and load yourself up with another list. It could be another set of keywords for the same site, or you could start an entirely different site in a different niche. The best way to do it is to build an authority site, and use Micro Niche Finder to continually find new angles for your site, building it out wide as well as deep and being the go-to resource for everything in that niche.

Final Micro Niche Finder Review

If you think that Micro Niche Finder is going to be the magic wand that puts you on the fast track to Internet riches, you might want to pass on it. This is a tool that is used to make money the hard way. By targeting long tail keywords, you are committing to doing 10 times more work than by going for 1 popular search term. So this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but could make you a reliable income over time with enough persistent and focused effort.

Our Recommendation
You should add Micro Niche Finder to your arsenal of online tools, as it does do a pretty good job of uncovering hidden gems, and quickly sizing up whether they are worth going for. Google has said that when you’re first starting out with a site that you should target the longer tail keywords, and as your site grows and matures you can go for shorter and shorter phrases with higher and higher search volumes and you’ll eventually be able to compete for any term you want.

What do you think? Does Micro Niche Finder work or not?

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