Does Mighty Mendit Really Work?

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Does Mighty Mendit work?To hear Billy Mays tell it, Mighty Mendit is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s designed to help you fix clothes and other items around the house by gluing fabric together to create a secure bond. It looks impressive, of course, but we had to check and see how well it stands up to real world testing, and we show you the results below.

It seems to happen every now and then, you’ll snag yourself on the corner of a counter or some other item and you end up tearing or ripping your clothes. Or sometimes clothing just gets worn and tears. In those instances it can be frustrating, because you’ll usually end up donating the clothes to charity and have to go out and buy new ones.

The Claim
The makers of Mighty Mendit claim that it is the fast and easy way to mend and hem your clothes. They say that it’s not a glue, but rather a flexible material that grabs the fibers of your clothes and pulls them together, creating permanent results. They say it’s quicker and more reliable than sewing, and that you can even use it for other things like pillow and covers, and furniture and upholstery.

They go on to say that when it dries it is clear, so it remains hard to detect if you use it on clothes. They say that you can wash it again and again and it will withstand the wear and tear. They claim that you can use it on several different types of material, including jeans, leather, and even lace. They even say you can use it like glue for things like scrapbooking, or other arts and crafts involving fabric.

The Hype
Billy Mays came along and breathed some hype into this product. He was the king of pitchmen and he could make anything sound believable. Even if this didn’t work at all they would still have sold millions of units just because he said it works. But the cool part is that he has a pretty good track record of endorsing high quality products. Sure, he’s got a few flops to his credit, but he usually got it right.

The Cost
Mighty Mendit is less than $10 on Amazon. When you think about the cost of buying new clothing items, or having furniture reupholstered, this could be a savings of several dollars. Not to mention the sentimental value that this can preserve, if it’s able to fix your favorite t-shirt or those jeans that fit you just right.

The Commitment
The time it takes to apply this is minimal, and compared to your other options, like sewing or patching, it’s much faster. In some instances you won’t have any other options, and it will be between tossing an item out or replacing it with something new, or fixing it with the Mendit. So really there’s not much of a commitment during the application process, but you might find yourself doing more mending than you originally bargained for, which could take up some of your time but it will be worth it because of all the stuff you end up fixing.

It’s really easy to use Mighty Mendit, you just squeeze it on like glue and it bonds right to what you want. After you apply it, just leave the item alone for a few hours so that it can fully set. After that it’s just another 24 hours before you can wash it, and then it’s ready to go. We haven’t found anything else that works as good as this for the tasks it can do.

It’s hard to stop once you’ve got the tube of Mendit in your hands. You might feel like doing a walk-through of your house to see if you can spot anything that needs fixing. Or you might go through your closet to see if there is anything in your wardrobe that needs mending. It’s a little silly the way this can propel you into action, and how quickly you could be labeled as a mending addict.

Final Mighty Mendit Review

Mighty Mendit is great, and works as depicted in the infomercial. We’re giving it our Thumbs Up review and have found that it not only works on things that they recommend it for, but also for oddball things that we come up with and use it for as the need arises. It’s got the versatility of having a roll of duct tape around, only in liquid form, that’s invisible and can bond fabrics together.

Our Recommendation
Every household needs this. If you have a bottle of it handy you’ll come up with your own list of things to use it on, and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. It comes highly recommended as we keep finding new uses for it.

What do you think? Does Mighty Mendit work or not?

17 Customer Reviews on “Does Mighty Mendit Really Work?

  1. I opened the container and the product was very thick and unusable. I phoned the company and they couldn’t understand why it went this way and couldn’t offer any suggestion as to how to make the product thinner. So I am out the money I paid for it and the product wound up at the eco center.
    Needless to say I am not impressed with the product and would give it a one star as there is nothing lower.

  2. This seems to be a great product to have. I think it would be specifically useful to have when you are going out to a function (whether it be work or a dinner-party). I find for myself, the worst things seem to happen at the most important times, and if I keep a small bottle in my jacket pocket or in the car, if anything happened, it would at least save me for the night; if it can stand the test of time as well (washes, hurricane winds) than it is all the better.

  3. I have hundreds of uses for this around the house if it actually works as advertised. The only thing that I’m concerned about this product is how long the seal or the adhesiveness actually lasts. Assuming that I don’t wash the parts that I fixed, I’m thinking it should last for at least a year or it’s pointless. I don’t see myself using it for my clothes, but for belts, bags, old chairs, the car, and my RV, I can think of tons of uses for it.

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