Does Ripsnore Really Work?

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Does Ripsnore work?Ripsnore is a moldable plastic mouthpiece that is designed to move your mandible forward so that your airway remains open and doesn’t reverberate against itself, causing the classic sounds we all recognize as snoring. Typically this is a pretty good method of going about tackling snoring, but it’s all about execution, and how well the mouthpiece fits in your mouth, and keeps your airway open.

Fixing your snoring problem should be on your to-do list, because it not only messes up your night, it can trickle over into the next day because you are not getting good sleep while you’re in bed. Good sleep is very important to your overall health, and it might have gotten to a point where you’ve gotten lousy sleep for so long that you just consider it the norm and don’t realize what you’re missing out on. Getting a handle on your snoring problem is step one, so lets see if this can help.

The Claim
Ripsnore says you get finally get a good night’s sleep with their product and that you’ll wake up feeling rested and refreshed. They say that you won’t have to be embarrassed by your snoring problem any more, and that their product will help you get rid of snoring for good. They say they have a 98% proven success rate, which if accurate would be phenomenal for this industry.

The Hype
If you have a snoring problem, you probably have a strong desire to end the problem. If you share your bed with someone they’re probably equally as eager to see you figure out a solution. This strong wanting is often used by companies to try to get you to buy their product. They know that you’re somewhat desperate for a fix, and will try to make their product irresistible to you because they know just what claims to make.

The Cost
You end up getting two Ripsnore mouthpieces for $67 which includes shipping. They’ve got a 45 day guarantee in place, which sort of splits the difference between the typical 30 day or 60 day time periods most companies go with. This should still give you plenty of time to try it out and see if it works for you. They promise at least an 80% reduction in your snoring, which for many sufferers would be enough to keep from interfering with their sleep patterns.

The Commitment
You need to boil a pot of water and then place the unmolded piece into it to soften up the plastic. Then you place it into your mouth and bite down on it so that it gets an imprint of your teeth and stays in place better through the night.

Once you custom mold it for your mouth it’s simply a matter of putting it in right before you go to sleep and having it in your mouth the entire night.

Ripsnore can be hard to use when you are trying to get to sleep on your back because it ends up putting too much pressure on your teeth. It also produces a lot of saliva, the way that most mouthpieces do, and you might find that slobbering all over your pillow is just as undesirable and wakes you up just as much as snoring does. An outer snoring solution might be better. Stomach or side sleepers should have less trouble with it as far as putting pressure on the teeth, but would still have to deal with the excess salivation levels.

It’s good that this is BPA free because you wouldn’t want to have a piece of plastic in your mouth all night, every night if it contained BPA materials. Another good feature is that it lets you mold it the same way a dentist would try to custom fit it for your teeth. Some anti-snoring mouthpieces out there don’t have this feature, and so this puts it up a notch with the other at-home moldable units.

Final Ripsnore Review

Ripsnore has been shown to work for some, and might be a solution for you if you are a side or stomach sleeper. You should get into the mindset of running your own experiment process with all of these, because it’s a matter of finding what works for you. Each one will have it’s own group of people that say it works, as well as its share of detractors that say it doesn’t.

You’ll never find a snoring device that gets 100% positive feedback, and if you do, you should be suspicious. The reason is that there are just too many different sleeping styles, and too many levels of snoring problems that companies can’t manufacture a device that pleases everyone.

Our Recommendation
This should make it onto your list of anti-snore treatments to try. It makes a strong case for itself, especially when compared to other snoring devices out there that don’t have as many features, or are from companies that haven’t been around for very long.

What do you think? Does Ripsnore work or not?

41 Customer Reviews on “Does Ripsnore Really Work?

  1. I purchased this device and it worked great from the first night! Cant complain. My dog chewed up my spare and I emailed the company. They sent a free replacement no questions asked. I can imagine the people complaining about refunds wrote all their emails in CAPS and were probably quite rude. I work in retail and am well aware of the differences between what customers say and the true facts.

  2. I underwent a sleep study and they determined that my jaw slides back at night causing my snoring. Partially because of the way I hold my head on my pillow and partially because I had asthma as a kid and I learned to sleep so I could breathe. The sleep center wanted me to buy a $1,200 appliance or wear a CPAP machine. I knew there had to be something more affordable about there. I found Ripsnore and have been using them for the last four years! I am getting ready to purchase some more and find that I get great results with these. I am a side sleeper and sleep much better than I have in years. It did take a little getting used to for about a week, but it is much more comfortable than the appliance the doctor was trying to sell me.

  3. this product worked very well. I actually wrecked the first one and they sent a free replacement! Has really reduced my snoring

  4. Well, received it quite a while ago and been using it every night. My wife said from the first night I stopped snoring, however, it was really bad one or two nights. I checked and it was the nights I was really really tired. Even my wife said she could not wake me at the time. But since then I basically stopped snoring, and my sleeping has improved as well. It takes a bit of getting used to the first week or so; slightly sore jaw, excessive drooling, and just basically getting used to sleeping with something in my mouth. That went away soon after and now I don’t even notice it anymore. Very glad I made the purchase. Can definitely recommend it. My wife is happy, too

  5. I received this pack last week, since then I used it and I feel much better than earlier.Thanks to Ripsnore it works well.

  6. I bought this device and it did not work. I returned it within the timeframe and received an email saying I would be refunded. I was not refunded!!
    After repeatedly emailing them I received no further response. I tried to phone them only to find a recorded message.
    This device is a scam and does not work, you will never see your money again!!


    Derek Hickey.

  7. I bought the ripsnore recently and was not satisfied with its effectiveness. I returned the device however the company has not provided their money back guarantee as advertised. They were very difficult to communicate with and on a number of occasions did not respond to my correspondence. I would strongly recommend against purchasing this device and dealing with this company. I found them very unprofessional and they did not honor their money back guarantee.

  8. We have bought ripsnore and after two nights it did not work we decided to send it back .
    On the site they promise money back in case you are not satisfied. After we sent device we never got money back, we wrote many letters and no answer . We will not stop but want to warn other people . They do not give money back and they don’t answer your emails about refund .

  9. I do not know if the theory works. I tried a ripsnore and could not use it. My wife had troubles too. For her it was that the RS made her gag. For me the main problem was that you cannot yawn or open your mouth with it fitted. If I slept on my back and my mouth fell open the device would come loose and simply not work I snore worst when lying on my back, as do many people.

  10. So I tried several different products to help decrease or eliminate my snoring and I’ve had different results. The best result I got was with a pillow, but I still snore quite a bit. My friend uses a special mouthpiece to stop his snoring, but I was never fond of the idea of sleeping with a mouthpiece. But now I’ve been given an ultimatum by my wife to either get a surgery or try the mouthpiece and I choose mouthpiece over going under the knife. I’m such a chicken but I hope ripsnore works for me.

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