Does Millionaire Memory Really Work?

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Does Millionaire Memory really work?We’d all love to remember things more easily, and Millionaire Memory promises to be able to help you do just that. From the magnificent to the mundane it says it can help you better remember all of the things in your life, increasing the quality of your experiences, and helping you avoid embarrassment.

Many of us have resigned to just losing a bit of our memory the older we get, and it can be somewhat frightening when things don’t get recalled as quickly as they used to. It’s important to keep the mind sharp and remembering things is a big part of that. No matter whether you want to use Millionaire Memory to remember where you left your car keys, or use it to pass your next school exam with flying colors, it provides a way for people of all ages to retain more of what they read, see, or hear.

The Claims
Millionaire Memory claims to be able to help you improve your memory so that you can more easily remember people, events in your life, things you read, things you hear, information for exams and tests you need to take, and everything else life has to offer.

They say that you won’t lose your car keys or misplace other valuable items ever again. They also say that you won’t forget people’s names anymore, which can be rather embarrassing in a social situation.

You’ll be able to quote your favorite parts of scripture, or famous quotes from famous people, and get them right every time.

One striking claim they make is that you’ll be able to start speaking a new language in a matter of weeks.

For high school and college students they say you’ll be able to breeze through tests and exams because you’ll retain each subject you study.

You’ll be able to memorize speeches and recite them perfectly every time, right from memory. You can also be a hit at parties by rattling off the names and numbers of everyone in the room.

The Hype
The hype comes in the form of saying that having a good memory will help you earn more money, or become a millionaire. The creator of the program, Dave Farrow, is not a millionaire, and still works as a consultant to people that are millionaires. If having a good memory makes you a millionaire, than the Guinness world record holder for memory should be rolling in the cash.

But aside from this the hype comes from how helpful remembering things really is. Do you really need to memorize people’s names and phone numbers if you have a smartphone? As technology advances, the need for retaining facts and figures seems to be diminishing.

The Cost
It’s just $40 for the 4 CD set, which includes free shipping and a bonus speed reading disc.

The Commitment
It may sound obvious, but you have to listen to the CDs in order for the program to work for you. Many people just order things like this and then don’t get through them. You have to be committed to using the information that is given in this set, and apply it in your everyday life. The desire needs to be strong to remember people’s names and numbers you need, or you will not have the wherewithal to make it through the program and put it to use.

Millionaire Memory is a pretty comprehensive program filled with tips and tricks on how you can remember otherwise arbitrary information. It doesn’t just show you how to do parlor tricks like remembering random sets of numbers or names, but it helps you become a better learner, which all of us should be lifelong learners so this product is really good for just about anyone out there.

Final Millionaire Memory Review

As long as you’re not in it for the money, Millionaire Memory is quite useful for most people that tried it. It’s purely subjective whether or not this works. Some people will respond well to it, and others will not be able to apply the techniques effectively. The only way to find out is to try it for yourself. When you test out the methods on your own, you have to remember to listen to the CDs repeatedly. Only then will the information seep into your subconscious and you’ll start to see changes that happen automatically.

Our Recommendation
If you are a high school or college student it can be a good purchase to help you do better on tests. The speed reading disc alone will be of great help. If you are a baby boomer it might help you to fight the memory loss that comes with age, and a way to keep your mind sharp through the years. Anyone else that wants to improve their memory, or just get some tips on how to learn and retain information better will get some benefit from this.

What do you think? Does Millionaire Memory work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does Millionaire Memory Really Work?

  1. The millionaire memory cds are sold by Glomail shops in South Africa, so you can contact the nearest shop if you have not obtained the cds by now.

  2. As someone who often forgets things often if i don’t write them don’t or keep them saved on a file in my computer. Unless I’m constantly using something on a daily basis I’m simply not going to remember as easily as others. While I’m sure it could help strengthen my memory. I doubt I will get the results that suddenly have this ultra durable memory that can recall everything at the drop of a hat. Mnemonic devices can only take you so far. How many times are you going to envision abstract things before you actually remember words. I would be fun to try out but I don’t think it’ll offer the results it’s claiming in the end.

  3. Some people are able to remember more things and recall them more clearly than other people. Some people are just plain forgetful. This product offers a lot of techniques and practices to improve your memory, but your skill and improvement will stay relative to your natural capability. Also, there is no way that having a good memory can make you a millionaire. It might help, but the name Millionaire Memory is essentially two completely different words that have nothing to do with each other. This product will indeed help boost your memory through different techniques and mnemonic devices, but it will decrease your bottom line immediately after purchase.

  4. I have the millionaires memory set and have listened through the CD’s.
    I can honestly say i do seem to be retaining more information, everything from phone numbers to what time that movie i wanted to see was on the TV 🙂
    Really daft stuff most of the time, but it’s remembering the daily stuff that helps out most.

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