Does Total Pillow Really Work?

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Does Total Pillow really work?Total Pillow is like half pillow, half Transformer. It is meant to be able to bend and twist into different shapes and positions depending on what you need it for. This can come in handy, as not all planes and trains are designed the same, so you need something that can change with the environment.

Travel pillows of this size have been around for awhile now, but have always left something out. Either they’re too squishy, or too firm, or they don’t support the neck, or they support it too much. There hasn’t been a pillow like Total Pillow that has come along to be the one pillow that rules them all.

The Claim
The claim is that the Total Pillow is the the last travel pillow you’ll ever need. It doubles as a seat cushion, a lumbar supporter, and of course something to rest your head on. They show how it can easily fit onto your luggage roller, on the handle.

They claim that if you have a sore neck or a sore back that you can relieve your pain by using the Total Pillow, and they show people using it in everyday life, not just when traveling. They show it being used as a lumbar support at the computer desk, and a guy using it to prop his head up while watching sports. They even show people using it as a regular pillow for sleeping at night in bed.

They toss in a Total Compress as a bonus, which allows you to add heat to your Total Pillow for a sore neck.

The Hype
The hype is that it is just a travel pillow, and unless you are a hardcore business traveler you will probably not use it on a daily basis the way it is shown on the advertisement. However, if you have a special case where you know you’ll use it outside of traveling, you might consider picking one up.

The Cost
Total Pillow has an attractive price of just $13 and you can get it shipped free from Amazon if you order two at once. You can also go through the main website and pay a little extra but also get the bonuses as well. We recommend the main site because there seems to be some reports of the retailer at Amazon selling cheaply made knock-offs.

The Commitment
If you want to get a lot of use out of your Total Pillow you will have to remember to bring it with you on long trips, either in the car or by train or plane. You can also keep one in the house and if you think to use it you might find lots of different ways that it comes in handy, like in the commercial.

The total pillow is sleek on one side, and fuzzy on the other, depending on what you’re in the mood for. The greatest function it has is when you sandwich it on itself and use it to prop your head up on one side. This can be great for an airplane or train so that you don’t end up resting your head on the shoulder of a total stranger.

Final Total Pillow Review

For the price you can’t go wrong picking up a Total Pillow or two. They are great to have around the house and to bring on the annual trip. Kids really like them for long car rides, and they make great traveling pillows. Some people have reported that they are made of poor quality, which is why we recommend going through the official sales channel, because if you go with other retailers you could be subjecting yourself to a cheap knock-off.

Our Recommendation
If you see yourself using the Total Pillow frequently, pick one up and see if it does the trick for you. Even if you don’t find as many uses for it as you originally thought you would, it is still a well designed product and something that will help you rest a little easier if you’re experiencing pain in certain areas.

What do you think? Does Total Pillow work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Total Pillow Really Work?

  1. I found one in a thrift store. I use it everyday. I have bad Whiplash and my neck was cracked in a couple of places. I can’t live without it. Even when sitting on the couch watching TV I use it. It’s great when my neck starts to get tired.

  2. This is the best pillow that I have ever found. I have a slipped bone in my neck. All pillows give me a bad neck and headache. This one is perfect. Ian adjust it to whatever shape I like. I have had this pillow for 2 years now. The only problems was, that after awhile it started to loose its stuffing. I fixed the hole and it was as good as new. I will buy them again.

  3. Hey now this totally works! Ha! See what I did?
    But it actually does. Despite the size and space it takes in my bag, I carry this every day with me to commute back from work. The trains are always so busy that you end up squashed up against the person next to you. Now, I know where to stand so that I am almost always assured a seat. My favourite thing is to get the total pillow out, twist it into the right shape, and rest my head against the window and have a little nap. The pillow protects me against the window and I can block out the din of the train. Awesome.

  4. This is something that’ll bring convenient for those unbearably long international flights. Especially if you’re flying economy, you’ll quickly realize that gets incredibly uncomfortable at a certain amount of time. You can’t really lay down and often don’t have the leg room to make yourself comfortable. Those airline pillows are so light that you head just goes right through them. Having something like this to lay on will really benefit my neck in the long run.

  5. I definitely need one of these! I regularly take long rides in the car and often find myself on long plane rides too in order to visit friends and family that live around the country. These trips are horrible for my back and neck, which get achy and stiff. I could never find a pillow that would provide the right amount of comfort in just the right shape for traveling, and I also need something that is compact enough to take with me wherever I go. This product seems like the perfect solution that will meet all of my needs.

  6. I could’ve done with one of these the other day when i had to do nearly 8 hours on a train in one day.
    We all know how uncomfortable trains can be!
    If only it was a little smaller i could pack it in my laptop bag or briefcase.
    I think i’ll end up getting one for home use though and for when i’m on a plane and can put it in a bigger bag.
    Great idea 🙂

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