Does Minute Curls Really Work?

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Does Minute Curls work?If you are tired of burning yourself with a curling iron or trying to sleep with those uncomfortable curlers on at night, then Minute Curls might be the solution to these problems. In addition to promising that it provides a safer and more comfortable way of curling your hair, they also suggest that it will save you time and money since you will not have to go get your hair done but can do it yourself and get professional results.

The Claim
Minute Curls claims to be a professional salon caliber microwave hair-curling cap that can do what might take thirty minutes with a curling iron – and even longer with rollers – in just two minutes. Instead of burning your hair with curling irons and blow dryers, this uses steam to condition and set curls in place. In order to use this you must first put small to medium sized curlers in your hair, then simply put the cap in the microwave for about two minutes, then put it on for about two minutes to allow the steam to set the curls in.

The cap is designed to trap moisture and thus create the steamy feeling inside it after it is removed from the microwave. The promise is that by using this product you will get beautiful curls or a wavy hairstyle in a fraction of the time that it would take to get it done at a salon or do it yourself with a curling iron. According to the Minute Curls people the curls created by their cap can last up to two days.

The Hype
The hype behind this is almost entirely attributable to their TV ads that show happy customers using the device while being free to perform tasks that they would not be able to perform while using a curling iron or hair dryer. The promise of having a reliable tool to significantly cut the time it takes to get a wavy hairstyle or curly look ready is a pretty appealing idea, and there are a lot of people that have been pleasantly surprised and are sharing their positive experiences more and more.

The Cost
The cap can be purchased directly from the Minute Curls website for $49 plus shipping and handling or at online retailers for as little as $27 plus shipping costs. This is a pretty big gap between pricing options that warrants a careful look at where you should buy from should you give this product a shot. Their website is certainly not the place where you will find the least expensive pricing option.

There are some drawbacks that users themselves are quick to point out. One of them is the fact that you still have to use curlers, and if you are not very quick at putting those on your hair, then you will still spend a considerable amount of time getting your hair ready to be styled. You are supposed to use small to medium curlers in conjunction with this, which is of course an additional cost if you do not already own curlers.

Microwave Concerns
While there seem to be no immediate health risks associated with using this, there are some people that are skeptical about placing a cap straight out of the microwave on their heads. This is to be used with extreme caution when putting the cap on, as a steam burn can be quite painful. One complaint from a customer is that, while her Magic Curls cap seemed to work relatively well overall, the hair directly above her ears did not curl even though she had followed the instructions and placed curlers on. It is not a matter of fit as the cap seems to work on long and short hair, and the cap has elastic to make sure that it fits tightly around the head.

Final Minute Curls Review

Minute Curls is an interesting product that’s getting our Solid Try rating due to the positive feedback, and the clever idea of using the microwave to get fast heat. It can be a useful tool when getting ready at the last minute, as it can allow you to do several other things, like getting dressed or putting on makeup while you let the cap steam your hair. Remember that the suggested heating time may vary depending on the type of microwave you have. It is somewhat disconcerting that among the long list of claims, Minute Curls does not announce one of those famous “satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” promises.

If you must curl your hair regularly and this would make a significant difference in the time that it takes for you to routinely get ready, then we would recommend that you give this thing a shot. However, keep in mind that the prices that you can find it for vary greatly so shop around before committing to purchasing it from a specific store.

Our Recommendation
We recommend buying from a third party since the Minute Curls website does not offer the best available price, and their return policy seems like a pretty big hassle. Before buying it ask yourself how often do you do your hair now, as this is not really suited for those who will only occasionally go through the trouble of putting on curlers. Remember this is a product that complements an already existing method of styling hair, and if you already hate curlers then this is certainly not for you.

What do you think? Does Minute Curls work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Minute Curls Really Work?

  1. Expensive. About $50 including shipping. Works at first and then burns me, some kind of grain sized pellets start falling out of the cap and becomes useless. Amazon does not sell them any more. Too many complaints?

  2. Please note that this requires putting your hair in small, tight rollers to produce any kind of curl, and if your hair doesn’t already have some ability to hold a curl, a steam cap will not work miracles for you.
    If you’re not accustomed to putting your hair in small rollers, this will be a time-consuming, frustrating process. I’m not sure that the cap is even big enough to use larger-sized rollers.
    Steam caps are actually better suited for conditioning treatments-they help to open up the cuticle of the hair and really drive the treatment deep into the hair. I’ve been using heat with my own conditioning treatments, and it makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of even cheapie conditioners.

  3. This works? It actually works? I was hoping that it would, but since it sounded so good I didn’t have my hopes up for it. This would on average save me about half an hour a day everyday if it really works and I’d buy it just for that alone. The thing is even cheaper than most curling iron anyways, so I might as well give it shot. But I’ll freaking bombard them with crappy reviews if it turns out to be a garbage.

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