Do Miracle Blades Really Work?

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Do Miracle Blades Really Work?Chef Tony makes the Miracle Blades look great on TV, but do they really work that well when you get them home? Will you really be able to cut through a metal pipe and some wood and then be able to slice a tomato with the same knife? And can you do that cool samurai trick and cut through a pineapple?

There’s a steady market for knives in the American consumer population. And the Miracle Blades have been around for quite some time. These days they are on their third incarnation with the Miracle Blades Series 3 Perfection set.

The Claim
They claim that their knives never need sharpening, and that they can cut through most anything and still remain sharp enough to cut things like fresh bread and tomatoes.

The Hype
The hype comes from the rather sensational stunts they show on the infomercial. They have Chef Tony cut up a piece of wood, and then grind the knives on a piece of metal, and then go right back to slicing a loaf of bread, and dropping a tomato onto the knife and it cuts it in half.

The Cost
You can’t order just one set of knives, because the makers of Miracle Blade force you into a second “bonus” set, also forcing you to pay an additional shipping and handling charge.

This takes what would be a $40 knife set and you end up checking out at $70 because of the two shipping and processing fees. This means you get two sets delivered to your door for $35 each. Not bad, just find someone to go in on it with you.

The Commitment
If you love to cook you’ll have no trouble incorporating this knife set into your daily routine. If you’re not much of a kitchen nut then these probably won’t get used enough to justify the expenditure.

You get a full set of knives, good for most any kitchen. You’ll get 2 of the all-purpose slicers, a paring knife, a rock n’ chopper, a set of 4 steak knives, a fillet knife, and even a pair of utility scissors. These are made out of stainless steel, and not ceramic like the Yoshi Blade.

Do Miracle Blades Really Work?

Yes, they work as shown on the infomercial. They’re extremely sharp and able to cut through things with ease. They took every challenge that was put up against them in real world testing like and passed with flying colors. The all-purpose slicer glided through the tomato with barely any pressure put on it.

The rocker chopper was able to slice up a potato easily, and then switch right to chopping it up. The chop and scoop is handy for things like green onions, so you can chop them up and then get under them, scoop them up and move them where you want them.

Do they work as good as professional grade knives that sell for hundreds of dollars per knife? Not really. But for about $4 per piece, this set can’t be beat. If you’re an ordinary cook then you’ll have everything you need to get you through any recipe.

They are ergonomic and well-made. The slicer’s handle is elevated so you won’t smash your knuckles as you cut. And the rockin chopper has a nub on the top of it so that you have something to hold between your thumb and forefinger, and so you don’t have to hold the blade itself.

Structurally the set has remained true to itself through its three generations. They are making it a little more stylish as they go along, and the people at Miracle Blades definitely know how to make, and sell, a set of knives.

Our Recommendation
We recommend picking up a set of Miracle Blades if you’re due for a new knife set. At this price point you simply won’t find a better set of knives. For the average home cook or aspiring chef, the amount of variety that you get with these knives is amazing. You will be able to cut up a large assortment of foods, and will have a knife for almost any occasion.

What do you think? Do Miracle Blades really work?

9 Customer Reviews on “Do Miracle Blades Really Work?

  1. My wife bought a set of these many years ago. Initially, they were pretty impressive. In fact, she was quite thrilled and impressed. She ran the kitchen and I never got to use them. She was happy with them.

    Years later she is gone and I am now the cook. I learned immediately that these things do not remain sharp forever. REMARKABLE! I never bothered to investigate if the company was still around until today, 31 August, 2022, Instead, I just kept sharpening them myself. The metal on my early version is quite hard. I would suggest somewhere around Rockwell 54 to 56. (They don’t tell you on their web site so that’s just an educated guess.) With good sharpening stones and some elbow grease I have been able to put a decent edge on them for a long time but, it’s time to see if their sharpness warranty is worth any more than a can of beans, or less. LOL

    I use the “Rock ‘N Chef” most often. It is a good design, fits my hands well and does a really good job overall. I am very comfortable with it. I think it is the best knife in the set. Other than the steak knives I don’t really use the other blades. None of them are very useful to me. The cheese knife is a joke and the miniature cleaver is less than useless. I have never had any reason to use either the meat or bread carving knives. I just don’t cook things that would require them. The scissors work just like any other pair so they get a passing mark.

    As noted, these were the first knives with which I began cooking. I now cook Asian cuisine almost to exclusion. Western food and diets are mostly boring and fattening so I don’t bother with those cuisines anymore. Quickly I discovered was that better tools were required if I wanted to do the job well. I moved on to knives made in Japan because, very simply, nothing can beat them in sharpness, function, comfort and reliability. I mean nothing can beat them! Period. Exclamation point! Don’t pass out when I tell you that some of those knives can cost over $300.00 USD or more, EACH! They are very much worth the cost! Trust me, once you have tried a truly superior knife from a company such as Masamoto, De Sakai, Shun or Henckels, you will never go back to these or anything less! If you are looking for a block set like the Miracle Blade then Henckels and Zwilling have several which are amazing! I digress.

    In short, Miracle Blade knives have been around for a long time because they have brilliant advertising and they normally work decently right out of the box. Just understand that anyone can put a sharp edge on ANY piece of metal and it will slice through a pineapple or tomato! I can take a metal ruler from your desk and do that! With that in mind and considering the price point of the Miracle Blade knives they really aren’t that bad. They are quite good for beginners, younger people who are just learning to cook, (a.k.a. wedding gifts) first year students at a cooking school and so on. The only real question is if their warranty will stand and that is what I am about to learn. Heck! Warranty or not, at this price they are still a decent deal even if they do become a throw away product.

    Don’t take my word for it about these being good, bad or indifferent. Nor should you believe what anyone else has written here. Try them for yourself. You haven’t much to lose, really. Just don’t get your expectations up too high. You may be pleasantly surprised. You may not. Your mileage will vary.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! LOL

  2. We bought our knives in 2005. We put the 2nd set in storage. Just recently one of the steak knives broke at the handle due to rust inside the handle. We called them up per their website and customer service chat, and they sent us an entirely new set for “only” the shipping cost. So I got a new set for $20. I can live with that after 17 years. Wife says the new set is sharper than the old one, so apparently they do need sharpening after a while. We never did, and wife didn’t really notice until she pulled the 2nd set out of storage to replace the broken knife. So not bad for 17 years.

  3. I’ve had my knives for years…now I need to replace them…theu have rust on them…the scissors broke sometime ago…I thought they had a guarantee to be replaced if they didn’t last…I would love to be notified about what to do…

  4. My family has had these for as long as I can remember – I know we had them when we moved here, and that was a decade ago. These were and continue to be my family’s primary set of knives.

    We have the full set, including six steak knives.

    The utility scissors are terrible, however. We don’t use them for anything anymore, because they’re dull af. But everything else? Amazing.

    I use the steak knives for everything, just out of habit, and honestly, I don’t know that I’d want a different knife set.

    I don’t know how these new versions hold up, but the old ones are amazing.

  5. I have a set. It is years old now. I take care to dry them and have not seen the rust problem some claim. It could be the steel in not consistent in Chinese manufacture. My set has given much value. I have been watching knife channels. The rock and chop resembles a 6 inch santoku. The chop and scoop resembles a chinese kitchen knife. The slicer works very well. I have gone out and picked up knives of various makes at thrift stores and sharpened them. A sharp chef knife from Old Hickory and a Henkel International Santoku from before grantons both outperform the slicer. When sharpened. On any day the miracle blades will outperform a dull knife. The edge on the knives is not new. Ronco first sold the knives with another small handle that was not ergonomic. Ginsu also used this edge. I don’t hear many reviews remark on that. Overseas and occasionally I see a similar edge on a 3 dollar knife that is only sharpened to one side and does not have a recessed handle called the TV knife. So as said I pick up knives for a dollar or less to play with restoration and sharpening skills. I have had to sharpen my Miracle Blades. The steel is hard. Possible Rockwell 56 to 59. So it will chip if abused. I have found a EKco butcher knife made of Vandium steel Rockwell 62 that is much harder to sharpen than the Miracle Blades. So if you don’t want to spend a half hour sharpening when it is needed the Miracle Blades design thin steel and hardness lend much to a kitchen. You may need to watch knife skill video’s to familiarize yourself with the set. Chef Tony’s film is one. I have an 8 inch Chef knife I sometimes prefer for cabbage. But I can cut the cabbage into quarters with the slicer then the Rock n Chop works fine. I find myself keeping the Miracle Blades out because they work. Even though I have 3 sets and have given away other knives. I hope this is helpful.

  6. We purchased these about 18 mos ago and the few we use often are very dull. So all in all, it was a good purchase for the price. (I believe we paid 20-30 dollars for them. However, I would not make the purchase again had I known this. Just don’t purchase these believing that they do not need sharpening. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. Myself, I’d rather spend a little more for a higher quality set. Hope this helps.

  7. I bought a set of “Miracle Blade Knives” and they did NOT work at all like they said in the infomercial. They weren’t all that sharp at all. Oh, they would cut up the vegetables and all (and if you got your fingers in the way, they would cut them, too lol). But, sometimes I have to press hard just to cut through a piece of steak or some other type of meat. And, it does NOT want to cut through very good at all. So, hardly can I imagine them cutting through steel or anything like that. Sorry, but I do NOT agree with your assessment. Yes, they ARE nice knives (for the most part). But, strongly disagree that they passed the tests with flying colors (as you said). Like I was saying, I had/have a hard time just cutting through certain meats.

  8. You should just go to your local mall and get them there for about 20 bucks or so at the “As Seen on TV” store. The knives are good, really good. I’ve had my set for over 12 years now and haven’t had the need to purchase any new knives ever since. They remain really sharp, probably not exactly as sharp as they were brand new but pretty darn close. Specially the steak knives, you’ll find you use those way more than the rest. The steak knives and the filet knife are really all you need. Good investment for your money though. I recommend them.

  9. Thanks a lot for recommending this, after reading this article I decided to purchase a set but I am going to buy it with my sister cause of the extra charges on the second set. I am really excited to purchase the Miracle Blades. Thanks for the info!

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