Does the Miracle Mind Method Really Work?

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Does Miracle Mind Method work?The Miracle Mind Method says that it can totally turn your life around and you’ll start to get anything you want quickly, and with little effort. Who wouldn’t want more money, fast cars, hot romance, and the jet set lifestyle? It’s everything Hollywood has convinced us to want, and now here is a program showing you the fast track on how to get there. So can this really reprogram your brain to have it start working with you instead of against you?

With things like The Secret getting as popular as it got, it’s easy to see that people are attracted to things that promise a total life turnaround with little effort and just changing your mindset. People want the quick fix, they look around and see other people living the lives of their dreams and they assume that they achieved this quickly and easily using some secret system. It’s only until they try program after program that they realize there’s no shortcut to success, and you just have to pay your dues just like anyone else.

The Claim
The Miracle Mind Method makes a pretty bold claim, in that it leaves things up to you. It says you can get anything and everything you want, and provides some examples like making more money, meeting the person of your dreams, or getting better health than you currently have. They say you can make “boatloads of cash without hard work” even chiming in with a bit about having red hot romance every day of your life. They also say that you can attain all of this with just ten minutes a day.

However, they also claim that their video is by invitation only, but we found it rather easily by going to their official website. In fact, we didn’t even want to watch it, but were forced to. So we’re not sure just how exclusive that exclusive invitation is.

The Hype
The hype is that this plays on the basic human desire to get something for nothing. By saying that you can get anything you want, including money and the love of your life, without putting effort into it, and without waiting for it, they are basically tapping into a strong motivational trick to get people to sign up.

The Cost
The total cost for the Miracle Mind Method, and therefore anything you want in life, is just a one-time payment of $37.

The Commitment
If you buy into the pitch, there is very little commitment once you sign on. All that’s required is to learn the lessons in the course at just 10 minutes per day and your life should start changing like magic.

The first thing that you should do is realize that you will have to make some sort of effort to learn these lessons and also to put them into practice. In fact, the program involves doing exercises, not physical ones, but just mental exercises, but still it’s not just passive reading that you can read once and absorb, the way Neo learned Jiu Jitsu in the Matrix. Only by working to get rid of your current mental habits will you be able to absorb and make new, better mental habits.

This can’t be done passively, it just can’t. So you’re really going to have to work at it, and put the time and effort into your mental training as you would put into an exercise program aimed at overhauling your body. If you just spend 10 minutes per day thinking the right way, that still leaves the better part of 24 hours that your brain is thinking the old way, keeping the same old things coming to you. The real magic happens when you tip the balance over to your new way of thinking, and to do that you have to think the right way the majority of the time.

Final Miracle Mind Method Review

We definitely advocate getting into the proper mindset in regards to getting what you want out of life, we’re just not so sure we agree with the way they go about things in Miracle Mind Method. The promises made in the pitch are a little outlandish, and while it is possible to change things in an instant, the usually process involves gradual and long term change. Quantum leaps in mental prowess rarely occur, so you shouldn’t go for them. The best way to approach this is make small consistent steps again and again.

We’re not saying you won’t have success with this, but you shouldn’t look for results the same day you download it, and you shouldn’t put so much pressure on getting everything in your life to change overnight. If you’re serious about getting those things, then the time it takes shouldn’t matter. If you know in your heart that you’ll just keep trying until you get them, then it’s only a matter of time before they appear. The Miracle Mind Method does have a lot of good tidbits in it, as well as daily steps to perform, so it can be a helpful tool on your journey.

Our Recommendation
You can get Miracle Mind Method and see what it has to offer, because you’re always protected by the 60 day guarantee. Within that time frame you should be able to put the method to use and if it works you will be making enough money so that you won’t even concern yourself over a puny $37. If after two months your life is exactly the way it is now, then you simply request a refund and no harm done.

What do you think? Does Miracle Mind Method work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does the Miracle Mind Method Really Work?

  1. Thanks for this review. I should have read it before I forked over the $37 and then lost my click bank receipt. One of the things they said on the sales video is that he (the speaker) was sharing this information with a limited number of people as a way to sort of “pay it forward” for the incredible help he received from his mentors. He doesn’t need the money, but wants to help others. (Yea, right.) Of course the sales video is highly hypnotic and when needs are high and promises to fulfill those needs are made, one will put the blinders on. Take them off my dear friend. Thirty seven dollars doesn’t seem like much, but for those who are in desperate straights, it can be a whole lot.

    After I clicked on the buy button and was taken to the download page I noticed at the bottom a link for those who would like to be affiliates. I knew I’d been had. If he was limiting the number he would sell, as he stated, then the call for affiliates proves that he was lying about the limited number he is selling. He’s trying to sell as many as he can! And no doubt this is one of his means of income. Very deceptive.

    But the main problem with this “program” is that it’s nothing new, nothing you don’t already know or thought about, have read in various books, and just a re-hash of self-improvement material. Only at a very elementary level. Additionally, the charts with diagrams are absolutely worthless material. Save your money. Study the real success stories of real people who tell you their real name, as author, right on the books or their websites. People who can actually tell you their stories of success and failure, the names of significant people who guided them, and how they got to where they’re at. Not just “I met a man” or “I studied the methods of rich people,” as this guy does.

    And about the “switch” words, Mr. Cain refers to—-well, he’s just attempting to copy the teachings of James Mangan who wrote “The Secret of Perfect Living.” Only he does an incredibly poor, unscientific and unproven job of it.

    It’s true that by changing our thinking we change our lives. Very few people have learned the valuable “how” to think, not just what to think. These are the teachers that have something real and tangible to offer. They often teach their methods for free, or very little cost, right from their books and websites. There is a HUGE difference between real teachers who have a passion to help the world, and the copy-cats who just want to fatten their own wallets. Nothing wrong with a fat wallet, and one that I aspire to, but only if there is something of value exchanged.

    I’ve noticed over the years that click-bank products are way overpriced for mostly way inferior rubbish. Perhaps not all, but that has been my experience. The best part of click-bank is that they do offer a 60 day refund on all their products. But why go through all that effort? And then have to download everything, possibly print it out, and then have to go and ask for a refund?

    So if you’re really wanting what this man seems to be offering, remember this: Seek and ye shall find. That is true. Not only will you find, but what you’ll find is way better. Here’s a couple references: Andy Shaw at “A Bug Free Mind” and the book “E cubed.” Anything by Ester Hicks, Jack Canfield, Lester Levenson, Steve Chandler, Jose Silva, Florence Shinn, Wallace Wattles, and many more “Prosperity Doers.” Even “Think and Grow Rich” a timeless classic that has changed the lives of thousands. Good Luck to you!

  2. I got excited there for a minute and I feel deflated now after reading this review. Things are hard in my life right now and any sign of hope I see I’m easily excited. I guess it was a good thing that I read this review to wake me up from it, but it sure seemed sweet for the short time I was dreaming.

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