Do Mizuno Running Shoes Really Work?

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Do Mizuno Running Shoes work?Mizuno running shoes are produced by the Mizuno corporation out of Japan. They mostly make golf equipment, but their running shoes are known for being best in their class. But is there really a lot of science and technology in these shoes, and can their design actually help you run more easily, over longer distances?

Competitive runners are always looking to get the edge. If it’s just a hobby for you, or something you do to stay fit, you still want to be able to have a better time, and feel better while you’re doing it. Getting the right shoes can make all the difference, especially if you suffer from things like shin splints, knee pain, and sore feet after you run.

The Claim
Mizuno says that their running shoes blend art with science. A quick look at many of their models and it’s easy to see that there is a bit of flare added to a technologically sound shoe. The thing that you have to consider is that they aren’t making any outlandish claims, and trying to entice you to buy their shoes by saying you can shave hours off your marathon time. They are basically just showing you their product line and then describing each of their shoes, and the different features they have.

Why is this important? Because when you’re in a saturated marketplace like this where there’s pre-established companies like Nike, New Balance, and Asics, many companies resort to using gimmicks and big promises in order to have their voice be heard and their footwear noticed. By taking a more subtle approach, and letting the shoes and satisfied users speak for themselves, Mizuno is avoiding a lot of trouble down the road with people frustrated that the shoes didn’t live up to the oversell.

The Hype
Mizuno running shoes get a lot of attention because they look a little Space Age. If you’ve seen them at a race you probably wondered what they were, and maybe that’s why you are searching for them now. Additional hype comes in the form of word of mouth advertising, and all of the positive reviews they get, so there is that buzz that these shoes are pretty special. This also brings skepticism because people start to question whether they can really work that good.

The Cost
There are several different models of Mizuno running shoes, and the price varies for each. They typically range from around $100 to $150.

The Commitment
All that you really need to do is switch your current pair of running shoes with these. There is some breaking in that will have to be done, and you’ll likely notice a few changes from your old shoes, like a lighter weight.

Mizuno running shoes get great reviews on most of their different models. You can tell that some design work went into these, as well as some engineering. It’s as if they stripped away all of the unnecessary bulk of a traditional running shoe and have left behind only the essentials so that you get a lighter shoe, but all of the support you need. This lighter weight comes in handy, especially for long-distance runs when your legs start to feel like dead weight and anything extra that weighs them down can really slow you up.

The Importance of the Proper Footwear
Ask any runner who is serious about their craft and they’ll tell you that your running shoes play a big part in your success. Many professional long-distance runners will see an orthopedist for some orthotics so that they can get precision inserts for their shoes. This helps them avoid things like shin splints and overall wear and tear on the legs due to improper alignment, or the foot landing incorrectly.

Final Mizuno Running Shoes Review

Mizuno running shoes are getting our Thumbs Up as a quality piece of footwear that has a high probability of improving your running performance. It’s always interesting to see a company make improvements on their products over several years. Not to generalize, but this seems to be the way that many Japanese companies operate. They make small, subtle upgrades and improvements over a long period of time, constantly tinkering and trying to make things better and better.

That’s pretty much the reason why you’ll hear stories of people that have been buying their running shoes for several years, and each time they wear out they just buy another pair of Mizunos. It’s rare to find this sort of brand loyalty in something like a running shoe, as people usually opt for whatever’s on sale at the time that they need a new shoe, or they will go with something their friend recommended at the time.

Our Recommendation
If you’re looking for an upgrade in your running shoe, these make a pretty good choice. Users have said that they make a great training shoe, but can also be used in competition. Trying seems to be believing, because many users have said that they originally bought into the hype and were later won over by the shoes. Of course with footwear there’s no guarantee that you will love it, so there is some risk of not liking them. If you’re an avid runner and are looking to better equip yourself, you’ll probably like these. If you don’t really like to run and are hoping that these will make it more enjoyable, you might not be happy.

What do you think? Does Mizuno Running Shoes work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Do Mizuno Running Shoes Really Work?

  1. wave inspire 18 womens shoe by Mizuno is NOT true to size. I wear a 7 in Merrells, Solomons, and pretty much every other shoe. So I ordered the 7. After using them a few times I realized my toes were sore after each use. I took out the insole & they were a perfect fit. So in my opinion Mizuno sized this shoe before they put in their orthotic and thick insole. Now that I wore them, cannot return & I have to figure out how to get any use out of them….replace with thin insoles & will that cause loss of effect of the shoe? Probably. Very very dissapointed.

  2. I know Mizuno makes some great baseball gears but that’s all I knew about them and I had no idea they made shoes too. Baseball gears and shoes, I guess it’s not so farfetched that they’ll expand their business like that. I’ve been let down by Nike and Reebok one too many times to give them my business again. I think I’ll take my chances with Mizuno for now. If the Japanese make shoes as well as they make cars, we may have a winner here.

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