Does Pure African Mango Really Work?

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Does Pure African Mango work?Pure African Mango is jumping aboard the train of hype surrounding African mango and its apparent effectiveness at assisting in weight loss. They say that their product uses natural ingredients, and that you simply have to take their pills before meals in order to see results. But is this really pure African mango that you’re getting, and does it deliver on its claims.

African mango is actually from Africa, and is the fruit of an indigenous plant there. The way these companies are going about this is to extract the parts of the plant that produce the results, and put it into pill form so that you don’t have to eat copious amounts of mangoes each day. By concentrating these extracts you end up getting a bigger bang for your buck, and are able to see results more quickly than with other delivery methods like liquids.

The Claim
Pure African Mango says that you can lose weight of course, but it also says that you can lower your cholesterol levels, and decrease your waist and hip size. They are basically listing the effects of African mango as a fruit and plant, and referencing studies that were done some time ago, not necessarily making claims as to what their pills have done specifically.

The Hype
African mango in general has been getting a fair amount of press lately, both in the news and on medical-based shows like Dr. Oz. This can create quite a stir because people rely on these shows to give them condensed medical advice, and they will usually act on what they hear.

The Cost
One bottle of Pure African Mango is $37, and like with most diet pills the savings occur with the more you purchase at one time. You can get four bottles for $110, which equates to $27.50 a bottle. This is the best deal they have.

The Commitment
With something like this you only have to be committed to taking the pills every day. But aside from that you will probably want to get more active and watch what you eat. This will create a synergistic environment where the natural ingredients in the pills work in conjunction with the exercise you do, and the fruits and vegetables you eat.

Pure African Mango is nice because it only includes African mango so you’re not getting any other additions to it. And since African mango is not a stimulant, you don’t have to worry about an increased heart rate or heart palpitations, or jitters and nerves. That’s why many people really like using it because it gives you an energy boost, but it feels natural. Also, the weight seems to come off from all of the right places, so you can see good results more quickly that you can with other diet pills.

If You’ve Been Burned Before
If you’ve tried other diet pills in the past and it didn’t work out for you, or worse you had an adverse reaction to them, you might be holding that grudge against African mango weight loss pills. But chances are that if you haven’t tried African mango specifically, you owe it to yourself to clean the slate and give it a fair and balanced try. This is especially true if you went with something harsh like ephedra or something similar.

Final Pure African Mango Review

We’re giving Pure African Mango the Try rating, and it should make it on to your short list of African Mango products to try. The good thing about diet pills is that they’re consumables, so eventually you’ll run out. This means that you can try out new ones once you finish a bottle, or stick to the one that is working. Many people put so much pressure on themselves to choose something that will work, that they miss the chance to make this a fun sort of experiment, and remove their emotions from the equation.

Of course, no one wants to pay money for something that doesn’t work, but when it comes to something as hit or miss as diet pills there usually will be some trial and error involved.

Our Recommendation
You can go with Pure African Mango, but you should also consider African Mango Plus. They both have similar ingredients and similar feedback, so you can’t go wrong either way.

What do you think? Does Pure African Mango work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Pure African Mango Really Work?

  1. Actually supplements do work, but they work WITH a healthy lifestyle. You can’t take a pill and expect it to do it all. I went online asking about a supplement and if anyone saw weight loss and every “expert” jumped out accusing me of thinking any pill alone could be a miracle. Everyone wants to the health guru and tell you how pills or supplements are hoaxes. It’s like damn! Can I ask a question without judgement? I’ve worked out for 20 years, have done stacks and dated a couple of personal trainers for a few years each. I’m no guru but I know enough to know that no one thing works. You can work out twice a day for two hours each and eat like crap and guess what, you’ll have muscle mass AND a gut. Eat clean always and don’t work out, you’ll be what I call a skinny fat person. Just a smaller version of yourself with no muscle tone or just skinny. Only take supplements and waste your money. I have done stacks like I’ve said and know that herbal supplements work…if they’re pure and if you add diet and exercise to it. I’ve tried cissus with green tea and cayenne (and couple of other things) with diet and exercise and instead of losing a pound a week, I lost one and a half per week. It won’t be dramatic weight loss and if it is you just lost lots of muscle with the water and fat. I try for fat loss while retaining muscle and I’m a 49 y/o woman. Supplements work when taken right and with lifestyle changes. They’re an added help and when you do everything you can for a better healthier lifestyle it all works in a synergistic way.

  2. I wonder if there will ever be a time when there are not people out there who will try and get away with robbery…
    The results are dubious even when it comes to the effectiveness of multi-vitamins, let alone any one of the new, fashionable, plant extract, natures own wonder pills that seems to come out every few months. For $37 a tub ($37!!!) you are essentially buying a bunch of dried mango. Granted, dried mango is quite expensive, and raw mango is a little tricky to eat, but the claims these companies make regarding the benefits arising from these pills is ludicrous. But any amount of protestation on my part is pointless. People will always be attracted to a quick solution. Even when they know its a scam.

  3. Its a pill girl….Pinch your nose and bottoms up…lol
    Here’s the thing about these tactics Ive found (41 wm, 6’1″ 225). For instance the “Readdose weight loss formula” I took some over the past summer\fall while coaching football. I followed instructions, cut back on certain things added extra running\walking with my lab nightly after being on the field 3 hrs and dropped 25 lbs in about 5 weeks. I have since lately started again and havnt done any extra’s but have gained 12 lbs (and I do not go eat crazy on sweets and such)…. I thought the stuff was the bomb on Rnd 1, but in reality it most likely was my commitment to a lifestyle change and “moderate” exercise NOT the supplement, bc Rnd 2 didnt work at all w\o that same commitment to moderate exercise and diet…..Sooooo, my bet is its the commitment to the life style change and not any supplement(s) claiming to work miracles.
    Find a walk\run partner to do 4 nights a week eat sensible (watch the carb intake and quantity in ONE sitting… 5 times small, not 1-2 times big and bad) and watch the pnds fall…..AND weight yourself daily at the sametime (right when you get up preferably) that way you can steer yourself for the day with encouragement to not eat this or that…… Good luck all!!! It’s not easy thats for sure.

  4. My friend’s using one of these african mango pills and she tells me all the time how much she loves it. I was going to buy one as well until I smelled her bottle and it smelled terrible. That’s why I’m looking for a different brand but there are so many to choose from. I gotta start out with something so hopefully I’ll get lucky on my first try. I don’t get why they can’t make pills made from delicious mango smell good.

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